Republicans Are Trying To Repeal Obamacare In Secret

Mitch McConnell and company are trying to destroy Obamacare in secret -- and Senate Democrats look like they're going to roll over and let it happen.

They talk an awful lot about "Resistance" - but are Senate Democrats doing enough to stop Republicans from repealing Obamacare?

In a move that is shockingly anti-democratic even for the GOP - Senate Republicans are trying to repeal Obamacare in secret.

And I mean literally - in secret.

Right now they are working behind closed doors on a healthcare bill that they want the entire Senate to vote on as soon as July 4.

This bill could cause 23 million people to lose their health insurance - but Republicans are refusing to release it to the public - and they don't plan on holding any hearings.

Why all the secrecy?

Because Republicans know that if the American people actually got a chance to see what's in their healthcare bill - they'd bring out the pitchforks.

As one GOP aide told Axios "We aren't stupid".

Republicans spent 6 years throwing a hissy fit about how Obamacare was passed, and this is how they plan on passing a bill that could force 23 million people to lose their health insurance? And why aren't Democrats doing more to stop them?

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