What Does Trump Believe About Climate Change?

Did Donald Trump pull the US out of the Paris Climate Deal because the French President was mean to him, or because he thinks global warming is one big hoax?

The American people deserve an answer.

Speaking at the White House Friday about President Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate deal, EPA administrator Scott Pruitt refused to say whether the president believes climate change is a hoax:

Mary Bruce: "I was hoping you can clear this up once and for all. Yes or no, does the president believe that the climate change is real and a threat to the United States?"

Scott Pruitt: "What's interesting about all the discussions we had through the last several weeks have been focused on one singular issue: is Paris good or not for this country? That's the discussions I have had with the president. His decision was no. And that was the extent of our discussion."

Seriously, don't we deserve to know whether our president - the most powerful person in the world - believes the most serious threat our planet has ever faced is real?

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