Will The "Pay Trump Bribes Here" Lawsuit Succeed?

The Attorneys General of Washington, DC and Maryland are suing Donald Trump for violating the constitution's anti-corruption provisions.

They announced the case at a joint press conference yesterday - with DC Attorney General Karl Racine explaining exactly what's at stake:

"President Trump's businesses and his dealings violate the Constitution's anti-corruption provisions known as the Emoluments Clauses. The framers included these two anti-corruption provisions to prevent foreign and domestic entities from seeking to influence the President by bestowing money or other things of value on to him."

Will this ultimately lead to Trump's impeachment?

Or are Congressional Republicans so craven that they'll accept any number of constitutional violations by this president just so they can guarantee a tax cut for the oligarchs that back them?


tim1234 40 weeks 1 day ago

Doubtful. But the New York and D.C. Clintonistas who are all in on the "Get Trump" Corleone vendetta are barking up the wrong tree. The white working class living in trailor parks instead of red brick houses just don't care. Focus on economics, jobs and forget about Trump and tone down the diversity stuff. The Democrats have already become a black party in most of the South. An egalitarian society where no one is excluded is fundamental to the Party of the People, but relentless focus on bathrooms instead of trade, whether or not white men are mysogynists who cost Clinton the election instead of raising the minimum wage and not fighting for union rights is another electorial massacre in the making. Unfortuanately not all people are educated, sensitive and informed. Many are racsist, mysoginist and don't like Muslims for emotional reasons, i.e. gut response to the terror. But the Democrats still want their vote, this is what you are forgetting. The unions were filled with people who were not perfect but they still pulled the blue lever because their leaders said these are the guys who are on your side economically. Don't make this election about culture wars, to devisive. Simply state that all people should be treated equally. Native Americans need education and jobs, etc. All people support this. When Bill Mayer and his Hollywood friends have a great time putting down the rubes in the midwest it costs votes. Time to stop hating the white work class. Also on your program a guest revealed that falling down in class is a great stress. As a Dr. I can tell you stress does things to the brain. Cut some slack to the victims of NAFTA and Obama, the endless wars and the regressive taxes. How do think a guy feels when he comes home and looks around and sees his kids can't go to the good schools, he can't afford to stop for a beer with his buddies and his red brick home is now a double wide? He feels like crap and is angry. Anger is not rational.

Outback 40 weeks 1 day ago


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Say what?

Let's take this: “Simply state that all people should be treated equally. Native Americans need education and jobs, etc. All people support this.” Absolutely untrue and even naïve!

There's a great article that recently appeared in “The Nation” Anyone interested in the nature of the real Trump base can read that article here: https://www.thenation.com/article/trumpism-its-coming-from-the-suburbs/ It isn't Joe Sixpack that put Trump over the top. It's the “petit bourgoise”, the guy with a small business who has been doing just fine. Someone who's had enough success that he views himself as a “millionaire in waiting”, identifies with the GOSG, Trump, and detests the “welfare state”. Read the article.

bollivar 40 weeks 1 day ago

Well I sure hope it leads to tRump's impeachment. If electing tRump is the best this country can do for a president that buys this seat, like all presidents do from Big Money, Wall Street, and all money interest, we need to dismantle the presidents seat altogether. I know there are those who disagree as for eons this country has built it's so called democratic form of government around a president. I suggest a commision instead of a president. Members elected by the We the People, not billionairs who run everything. Oh what a wonderful world this would be.......No more Citzens United.

chuckle8's picture
chuckle8 40 weeks 18 hours ago

bolivar -- The commission you describe is what we have. That commission is the Congress. The constitution gives them the ultimate power. What we need is the congress to use their power for us, and not the billionaires.

randolphgarrison1@gmail.com's picture
randolphgarriso... 39 weeks 6 days ago

The real question is do we really want it to work? Do we want to replace an idiot with someone who knows what he is doing?

My point of view would want the 2016 election nullified! Removing trump, pence, all their appointment, department heads, edicts, and wrongful action in one action at one time. Place all involved in a prison, and include the 30 state attorney generals and any assistants that enacted the voter suppression and illegally placed non elected republicans in offices in local, state, and federal seats. Or initiate a full bloody French revolution complete with guillotine to remove the corruption completely from the government!

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