ALEC's Scary Plan for Elections

Right-wing oligarchs like the Koch Brothers don't just want to roll back a few regulations - they apparently want to repeal our democracy, too.

Republicans like to wrap themselves in slogans about liberty and freedom, but the truth is that deep down they hate our democracy - and now we have the proof.

The American Legislative Exchange Council (or ALEC) - the Koch Brothers-backed right-wing group that successfully gave us right to work for less laws, stand your ground shoot first laws, and voter suppression ID laws - has drawn up a dangerous new piece of "model legislation".

As John Nichols reports in the Nation - it calls for a repeal of the 17th Amendment - which gives the American people the right to directly elect their senators.

The proposed resolution would instead give state legislatures the power to elect senators.

As wild as this sounds, it's a popular idea among Republicans.

Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, and Jeff Flake have all said in recent years that they support repealing the 17th Amendment.

Why do Republicans hate democracy?

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