The "Better Deal" Platform

Democrats like Chuck Schumer say they're serious about putting the interests of working people first.

They say their new Better Deal Agenda puts the interests of working Americans first.

But are they doing enough to help out America's labor unions?

Why doesn't the new Better Deal Agenda say anything about helping the labor movement?

With income inequality in the United States now at the highest levels in the developed world, Democrats think they have a plan to make our work economy for working people again - as it did from the FDR days to the Reagan Revolution.

They're calling it "A Better Deal" and it includes some legitimately good stuff - like, for example, a plan to break up big monopolies that are putting downward pressure on wages and small business alike.

But does the Democrats' new plan go far enough to fix an economy that is still fundamentally the same economy that crashed back in 2008?

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