This Could Seal Net Neutrality's Fate

While all eyes have been on the GOP trying to steal people's healthcare, Donald Trump has nominated a corporate telecom lawyer named Brendan Carr to serve as the FCC's third Republican commissioner.

And on a commission that only has 5 commissioners, that could mean the end of net neutrality as we know it.

According to Think Progress, FCC Chair Ajit Pai has welcomed Carr's nomination - claiming that "he would be "an added voice at the commission in efforts to reduce senseless regulations and install sound policymaking".

In other words - he would help Pai destroy net neutrality.

Why are conservatives so committed to making it easier for monopolists like Verizon to charge consumers more for worse services?

And really, shouldn't we be going the other way and recognize broadband access as a human right as most European countries and Canada have done?

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