Do Republicans Fundamentally Not Understand the Point of Healthcare?

Republicans have found a way to make Trumpcare even worse - and the sickest Americans are going to pay the price.

Now that they've unveiled the latest version of Trumpcare, there is no longer any doubt: Republicans fundamentally don't understand the point of healthcare.

The Commonwealth Fund has already ranked the American healthcare system dead last in the developed world - and if Republicans get their way, it's about to get a whole lot worse.

With a few exceptions, the new version of Trumpcare they revealed yesterday is the same disastrous bill they put forward a few weeks ago.

In one way, however, it's significantly worse than its predecessor.

Thanks to Ted Cruz, it includes an amendment that would allow insurance companies to sell plans that don't include Obamacare's protections and guaranteed benefits - things like paying for hospitalization, for emergency rooms, and for drugs.

Not only does this amendment break the GOP's promises to protect people with pre-existing conditions, it will also - according to many experts and to Blue Cross/Blue Shield - send the insurance industry into a death spiral.

This bill really does keep getting worse and more unworkable the more we go on.

Isn't the fundamental problem for Republicans the fact that they're trying to conform their policies to the lies they've spread over the past 7 years about Obamacare?

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