The GOP’s Phony Choice on Healthcare

Congressional Republicans might not realize it, but as they try to sell their tax cut for the rich disguised as a healthcare plan, they're accidentally making the case for single-payer healthcare.

Republicans say they want to give Americans choice when it comes to healthcare.

So why don't they support single-payer?

With support for Trumpcare hovering around 12 percent, Republicans are trying out a new, poll-tested Frank Luntz-type talking point.

"We're not taking away your healthcare", they're saying, "we're giving you the choice to drop it or to pay extra to keep it!" It's all about freedom of choice!

The latest example of this came on Thursday, when Texas Senator Jon Cornyn responded to a reporter on Twitter who accused him of forcing 22 million people to lose their health insurance by saying "not lose, choose".

"Not lose, choose. Apparently you believe freedom is optional"

If the issue is choice, isn't that actually an argument for single payer?

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