How To Save The Internet From Trump & His Cronies

Republicans have have always said that they're the party of liberty and freedom.

So why are they now trying to make our internet more like China's?

Yesterday, tech companies and activist groups alike held a day of action to rally the public against FCC's plan to kill net neutrality -- the legal principle that bans internet service providers like Comcast from blocking websites they don't like or grabbing all your personal information from your emails to the websites you visit.

To give just one example how companies participated, Reddit greeted users who visited its homepage with a pop-up window warning them about what will happen to the internet without net neutrality.

The pop-up window also directed Reddit users to a petition page.

So, a few years ago Reddit user named Quinky created a graphic showing how without net neutrality, a fictional service provider named Telco might offer a basic service for $29.95 a month - but that will only get a user access to very, very basic websites.

Want to do a little research under Telco's plan? That'll cost you another $5 a month to use any search engines.

Want to read USA Today? That's another $5 package for US news - and if you want to read the BBC? That'll be another $5 for foreign news.

How about your favorite sports and cat videos on ESPN and YouTube - guess what? That's another $10.

Want to do some online shopping? It'll cost you $5 to even see what's in stock on Amazon or Ebay.

Is this what conservatives really want the internet to look like?

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