The Past 5 GOP Presidents Have Used Fraud and Treason to Steer Themselves to Electoral Victory

People are wondering out loud about the parallels between today's Republican Party and organized crime, and whether "Teflon Don" Trump will remain unscathed through his many scandals, ranging from interactions with foreign oligarchs to killing tens of thousands of Americans by denying them healthcare to stepping up the destruction of our environment and public lands.

History suggests - even if treason can be demonstrated - that, as long as he holds onto the Republican Party (and Fox News), he'll survive it intact. And he won't be the first Republican president to commit high crimes to get and stay in office.

In fact, Eisenhower was the last legitimately elected Republican president we've had in this country.

Since Dwight Eisenhower left the presidency in 1961, six different Republicans have occupied the Oval Office.

And every single one of them - from Richard Nixon to Donald Trump - have been illegitimate - ascending to the highest office in the land not through small-D democratic elections - but instead through fraud and treason.

(And today's GOP-controlled Congress is arguably just as corrupt and illegitimate, acting almost entirely within the boundaries set by an organized group of billionaires.)

Let's start at the beginning with Richard Nixon.

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Riverplunge 3 weeks 2 days ago

And it only took 40 years for about half of the people to wake up and see they are thieves. They worship, and do the evil of the rich. They suppress voters. The Democrats aren't angles either, they suck up to the corporations too - to a lesser extent (to wich they will owe them favors). But they still kind of care about the voters. So you vote for the lesser evil. (The green party will not win because it still has no strength.) Can't wait for the next 40 years for the rest of the people to wake up and see they've been ripped off. Oh, wait, I'll be already dead.'s picture
randolphgarriso... 3 weeks 2 days ago

I was under the impression that this 2016 election was the first really unconstitutional election filled with everything the Corrupt Corporation Republicans could muster! Looks like I was completely in the dark on how bad they could get. I see the next election getting worse.

Legend 3 weeks 1 day ago

They are figuring out how to manipulate the 2020 census, which will largely be done on the internet.

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Ou812 3 weeks 1 day ago

Here you go washed up lefties something to brighten your day.

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Ou812 3 weeks 1 day ago


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deepspace 3 weeks 1 day ago

Any healthy democracy responsive to the people's demands would naturally use paper ballots, which can be accurately recounted, by hand if necessary, and independently verified without relying on pricey machines prone to error and manipulation.

On one hand, a system diversified into a thousand-plus local districts like ours is a good thing; on the other hand, it only works if everyone can trust the process.

Keep it local but in compliance with agreed-upon national standards, such as paper ballots, strict laws against purging eligible voters from the rolls, no laws to suppress the vote. Make it a right, maybe even mandatory as a civic duty. At the same time, pass Supreme Court-proof legislation to get big money out of politics at every level.

Damn! There goes the Republican Party ...and they know it. Same for corporate-sponsored Democrats.

Then, if everyone eligible to vote actually did so, our political landscape would naturally have a liberal center (whatever that might mean) competing fair and square for seats in local, state, and national elections against a more progressive center (whatever that might mean).

The current Republican Party of White Rich Guys will either cease to exist or morph into some tiny "other" party on the radical fringe, buzzing with nonsense on some wingnut site lIke the heir to Alex Jones or a 3am televangelist on some obscure program called "FUX" that nobody watches, except the braindead awaiting autopsy in the meat locker.

IOW, "...a more perfect union..."

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changeX 3 weeks 1 day ago

A truly outstanding Alternet article which unveils what depths the Republican party must lower itself to in order to maintain relevance in what people think is a Democracy while betraying the people of the United States of America.

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Kend 3 weeks 17 hours ago

Thom are you saying politicians are corrupt. Say it's not so. I hate to break it to you but they all are. Both sides. Google any politicians net worth before and after being in office and truth will be told. Reagan did not want to pay to have the hostages released. He believed this would in courage more hostage taking. As it turned out Canadians devised a plan to sneak them out. It is always the liberals way to just throw more tax payers money at the problem and it will go away.

Legend 3 weeks 14 hours ago
changeX's picture
changeX 3 weeks 11 hours ago

#8 Kend. Corruption is a complete different discussion. I believe what Thom said was:

The Past 5 GOP Presidents Have Used Fraud and Treason to Steer Themselves to Electoral Victory.

A library could have corruption. but hopefully not fraud or treason. Corruption may or may not be illegal, but FRAUD and TREASON, I believe, are.

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stopgap 3 weeks 6 hours ago

Meet The Press, this morning, showed a clip of a conservative woman saying that " Trump was God's way of giving America a second chance." If Trump is the best that their God can come up with? Time to start looking for a new god.

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2950-10K 3 weeks 5 hours ago

Really Bachmann, after all the health insurance idiocy from your party, you brainwashed righties still have the gaul to post on this have to be truly a freaking moron.

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2950-10K 3 weeks 5 hours ago

We the People have not rebelled against election fraud.....why not? Kobach should be in jail for fraud...he will be in 2020.

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ckrob 2 weeks 6 days ago

Off topic: Regarding the possibility of a homo sapien gene to eliminate 'the other' add the willingness to terminate access to healthcare by the poor and infirm by around a third of those who identify with the political right.

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Ou812 2 weeks 6 days ago


You never did respond to the compliment I gave you for the point you made about part D medicare. That is Part D is what happens under monopolistic health care. Medicare recipients have no choice but too accept part D...there is no where else to go.

As far as posting hear,you washed up lefties scream all the time about We the people...we'll I'm one of the people, this is a democracy and I will be heard. I'm not one of the prisoners you used to guard.

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changeX 2 weeks 6 days ago

DONUT HOLE CLOSED IN 2020 (could the same be true for the corn hole?)

Once we get the cranky billionaires and their stubborn little elves out of the way from blocking progress "we the people" can actually continue to improve things - unlike when you have a corporation in control, suddenly "we the people" lose their voice and right to participate.

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)
Closing the Coverage Gap -

Medicare Prescription Drugs Are Becoming More Affordable.
The Affordable Care Act includes benefits to make your Medicare prescription drug coverage (Part D) more affordable.

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Ou812 2 weeks 6 days ago


I pay $10.00 for a 90 day supply generic prescription, $15.00 for a brand name with my union negotiated health insurance. No deductible, no spending limit. Why would I want a program that cost me more and has a deductible?

changeX's picture
changeX 2 weeks 6 days ago

You mentioned Part D is what happens under monopolistic health care and I responded with one of the improvements the PPACA made to Medicare (2020 end of donut hole), and more improvements can be implemented and we definitely could use your help seeing that you mention that you are one of We the People and that you want your voice heard.

Earlier you seemed to be praising Medicare now you seem to be praising Workers Unions Benefits. I knew that finally you would come to your senses. The info above is an exciting reminder where you can tell all your friends who rely on Medicare and are not fortunate enough as you to have been offered a Union negotiated plan. Which by the way i think you mentioned earlier that it was a Federalized Union which makes me wonder how you don't find this as a benefit of a Socialized system. I am left to wonder what happened to all of your freedom of choice and competition demands dooming socialized plans. Either way most likely your plan is still in some way subsidized by Medicare.

You said in #15 Medicare recipients have no choice but too accept part D...there is no where else to go. Ask yourself. What For Profit Corporation would sell affordable health insurance plans to folks in the 60 years and above age bracket? The reason why they have no where else to go, just like prior to Medicare was in place if you could not pay cash you ended up with the if you get sick die quickly plan. Back then, We the People got tired of seeing people getting sick and dying unnecessarily from lack of health care and eventually Medicare was implemented.

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Ou812 2 weeks 5 days ago


That's too stupid to even respond too.

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changeX 2 weeks 5 days ago


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