The Republican Quest To Repeal Obamacare Is Dead. Is The Republican Party A Serious Political Party?

Thanks to an outpouring of activism and some last minute defections, the 7 year long Republican quest to repeal Obamacare is dead - maybe even for good.

And with it should die the idea that the modern Republican Party was ever a serious political party.

Are Republicans even capable at this point of governing the country?

Thanks to some high profile defections from Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins and John McCain, the Senate rejected a so-called "skinny repeal" of Obamacare 51 to 49 in the early hours of Friday morning.

That bill would have done away with Obamacare's individual mandate, repealed its employer mandate, and defunded Planned Parenthood.

It would also have eliminated a tax on medical device manufacturers that lobbyists have been all over the GOP about.

According to the CBO, the so-called skinny repeal bill would have resulted in 16 million people losing their health insurance right away, and caused premiums to rise 20 percent next year.

So shouldn't this permanently kill the idea of the Republican Party as a serious political party?

They've been hijacked by the Koch brothers and the oligarchs and it's rendered them incapable of governing the country.


rlthrockmorton 50 weeks 1 day ago

I sincerely doubt that the part that gave us Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and GWB among others has exhausted its ability and desire to harm the country and the average citizen.

stephensolomita's picture
stephensolomita 50 weeks 1 day ago

The Republican Party doesn't make its way on policy. It runs on anger and hatred. Their fate was sealed way back in 1964 when, having invented the Southern Strategy, they fanned the flames of racial resentment at a time when the country was most in need of racial healing. Hate Bill Clinton, hate Barack Obama, hate Hillary Clinton. What Mitch, Paul and the boys do best is character assasination. Villification as a political strategy. And it works.

Outback 50 weeks 1 day ago

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“So shouldn't this permanently kill the idea of the Republican Party as a serious political party?

They've been hijacked by the Koch brothers and the oligarchs and it's rendered them incapable of governing the country.”

Yes! And I would argue that the same applies to the Democratic Party!

I'm no Republican, and it's been a long time since I've been comfortable with a Democratic Party that's moved so far to the right that Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski would be regarded as “center left” by the Democratic Establishment. At least the Republicans are up front with their pro-corporate agenda. The Democratic Establishment are hypocrites. They claim to champion the working class, but they are slurping the same corporate swill as the Republicans.

Take Obamacare as a prime example. Obama campaigned on Single Payer, but what we got was a givaway to the corporate swine of the health insurance racket and big pharma. In return for waiving pre-existing conditions and a few other yards of red flannel, they got millions of conscripted new customers, plus billions of tax dollars in corporate wellfare, which can only be seen as a bribe, to engage in this dance.

On another front, both Obama and Hillary Clinton were pro TPP, which makes the debacle of NAFTA pale into insignificance.

We DESPERATELY need a third, progressive party. If they go on the ballot as a “Socialist Party”, sign me up! I'll say it again: You cannot slide one, slim, well worn dime between the actual actions of either of our two major political parties. They both work for THE MAN.

changeX's picture
changeX 50 weeks 1 day ago

Instead of the Republican Party insisting people pull themselves up by their bootstraps, with the Republicons in control of everything; everyone will now need to put on - not their bootstraps - but hip boots since it we are all knee deep in the Republican Party BS.'s picture
randolphgarriso... 50 weeks 1 day ago

True the Koch Brothers and the Rich own the Republicans and most of the Democrats also. Their head on attack of the ACA is most likely over, however they will continue chipping away at it's funding and articles that make it work bit by bit. Marco Rubio is now center stage to continuing stealing the funding until it finally collapses / implodes.

The GOP has not governed for a long time now. The control methods to run a corporation at the whims of na owner are much different from running a country of many corporations and different civilian views. Our country has been driven into the dirt in preparation for the Fascist takeover. The only way we will get it back is another bloody revolution. P.S. tell trump that once the Fascist take over his pardoning will not be allowed.

r4house's picture
r4house 50 weeks 1 day ago

No doubt about the slime pervading the US Senate! perhaps only eclipsed by the US House of Representives. The key for me is the way both chambers have used Trump and are being used by Trump (even as disfunctional, ignorant and solipsistic as he is). Venality at a modern extreme.

There now seems to be a correction, caused by actions in the streets and town halls, letters, phone calls, tweets to our representatives from across the country. People are rising up.

I have hope, perhaps premature, that the sense of true public service will emerge.

Scotty11 50 weeks 1 day ago

The Republican Party delivers a message that resonates...the Dems haven't figured out how to do that...Bernie comes closest and he's not a Dem.

There is a need to go into the zone...the zone of Non-college educated folk who voted Trump into the Presidency and determine why they feel so disaffected. Would they have voted for Bernie if he had been an option...if not, why not?

Questions to be asked...why do folks who desperately need Health Care want to kill Obamacare?...why did you vote for Trump when it's not in your best interest?...what is it about the Republican message(s) that's resonating?

I'm of average intelligence, education, income and I haven't a clue as to how to change the status quo...except perhaps the bottom/up theory that Dems are finally waking up to.

deastman 50 weeks 1 day ago

what outback said...and what EYE said in a very recent response to some other hartmann, democrat...same thing. and that means americans aren't really voting for anything except who gets to be shunting the kickbacks to their personal real democracy there. maybe with a third party. i moved to a 'socialist' country almost 2 decades ago...

what i'm REALly wondering, though, is this...hartmann's a smart guy. access to lots of the same sources of info that i have...why is he touting democrats(since he's 'against republicans' in this article, right? and there IS no other party if we're going to pretend they're not both the same...and that's the point. i SHOULDn't know more than this guy...but america is a pretend democracy...MANY of the people going along with the pretense...of being 'the good guys that saved the world from the nazis' in WWII. and not invading gods know how many countries since...leaving millions behind in their wake. dead... pretending that their armies are not invaders. but that makes sense...for many, many human reasons...

but the guy who's writing these articles...he's supposed to give us the 'behind the scenes' reports...and yet...

what's killing me, writing this, is that i've(by proxy, but just recently subscribed) been following his articles for YEARS now..and it was great that there was 'this voice' speaking about matters of high importance, imo...and yet...

so how does this relate to this particular article on obamacare? i'm sure 'the powers that be' had SOMEthing in mind...i have no idea if obamacare is 'adequate health care'. if not, wouldn't it be a great tactic to make people think, after grumbling about its inadequacy(if this IS the case...i don't know, truthfully) that they were going to lose it? and THEN 'give it back'? presto. no more grumbling. for about 15 minutes...but hey, that's what prob got so many companies to 'take their business elsewhere'. cuz from where EYE stand it looked like the unions had gotten as corrupt/greedy as the businesses they were 'protecting the workers' from...and, maybe only from principle(but i doubt it... ; - ), the owners finally get fed up with more and more seems that that's the case with, at LEAST, some of the companies...

so i'm thinking that it may STILL be a 'the people' are placated. maybe a bit more controlable and open to the next atrocity the govt might commit...

i know this sounds a bit distrustful, if not out and out paranoid...but i'm talking about the govt that's invaded around 40 countries, worldwide, since WWII...and STILL tries to pretend they're 'the good guys'...the guys in the white hate, etc apocalyptum...

so what's up with this 'republicans and democrats are actually different' bullshit, thom?

wmleidy's picture
wmleidy 50 weeks 1 day ago

at this point in time i am far more concerned whether the democratic party is a serious political party, or if it is quietly waiting in the wings, ready to serve the needs of oligarchy just as the republicans are.

Kend's picture
Kend 50 weeks 1 day ago

I think this was the Republicans plan all along. Obamacare is going to fail. The middle class can not afford to subsidize the less fortunate. They are barely getting by as it is. The cost to middle class is simply unsustainable so it will soon come crashing down. It will all fall on the Democrats and the Republicans will look like heros when they bring in something less taxing on the middle class which is the biggest voting block.

stephensolomita's picture
stephensolomita 50 weeks 23 hours ago

I can't dispute the claim that Dems are also beholden to the hands that feed them. But I also can't ignore the fact that the ACA had provided 13 million formerly-uninsured people with health care. For those suffering with illnesses ranging from diabetes to pancreatic cancer, the ACA has made a measurable diffference. The percentage of uninsured Americans had dropped from 18.2% to 10.5%. That has to count for something.

Outback 50 weeks 22 hours ago

Yes, stephensolomita, but relative to what? Could have been Medicare for all, with Obama's majority in both houses in his first two years. The mood in the country would have certainly supported it. Instead, he chose to keep feeding the beast. This is what I'm talking about, this "incrementalism" that the D party has devolved to.

Scotty11 50 weeks 21 hours ago

I have 2 comments...

The first regarding the ACA/Obamacare...being old enough to qualify for Medicare...and required to accept it over any private plan (I believe), I was unaware and surprised how many people I've talked to that are 'required' to have Obamacare and still can't afford Health Care. One is a single parent who gets tears in their eyes at every paycheck...seeing the 'required' payment being deducted...when they can't use the program because the Copays and Deductables make it impossible to access.

My second comment deals with the two major parties...and that's pretty much it...2 parties...Democrat and Republican. Unless the 'pubs' get another Eisenhower, I don't see being able to turn it into a party of the people.

The Democratic party is a different beast. It has an infrastructure for the taking...aka...Bernie style. In other words, it's the many people in the upper echelon that have to go...thus the 'bottom up' concept, until a point is reached that candidates by the people and for the people take up enough power positions to change it's direction. I believe this will happen with Charismatic leaders, such as Sanders, Warren, Merkley developing a following that care less for what the party currently stands for, and more what the right people in place can do for positive change.

2950-10K's picture
2950-10K 50 weeks 21 hours ago

In response to a couple of the above posts: I'm on board with a progressive third party if and when the Kochs and their Teabaggers form a Fascist third party. Otherwise the only alternative is to infiltrate the Democratic Party.

2950-10K's picture
2950-10K 50 weeks 20 hours ago

Washington is imposing sanctions on Venezuela for a "sham election", which it was. But nobody imposes sanctions on us for our sham elections....huh, I'll be damn.

In my opinion, the Teapublican Party has evolved from a right-wing conservative origin, which represented at best the top one percent, to an extreme alt-right Fascist Party representing two hundred individuals tops.

So I fully concur, they are incapable of governing a country.

Outback 50 weeks 20 hours ago

2950: By what logic do you conclude that? First off, a Fascist third party mentality already permeates both of the two main parties. Constant war. Glorification of the USA as the "essential nation". A trillion dollar "defense" budget. Lip service to the needs of the great unwashed, but no real action that would cut into the corporate bottom line. What on earth makes you think "we" can "infiltrate" the Democratic Party? You might as well try to reason with a couple of piranha fighting over the corpse of some unfortunate cow that stumbled into their feeding ground. Neither of these parties gives a shit. And furthermore, they are really in "cahoots". It's a Kabuki dance, and it ain't being staged for our entertainment.

rickyluck 50 weeks 12 hours ago

"Repeal and Replace Obama Care" Has actually been a Hate Crime propaganda message. Starting with Chuck Grassley during passage it was poisened - tactic of GOP Put a pig in a dirty pen so they can call it a filthy anmial. They also lied that it was colapsing. Main Villians: Koch bros, Dick Army and 100s more - belong in prison for de frauding the people And Hate Speech and maybe Treason.

stephensolomita's picture
stephensolomita 50 weeks 12 hours ago

My own politics are far to the left of mainstream Dems (not to mention Dems like the odious Ben Nelson). The distinction I'm making is only relative. At the moment, like it or not (and I don't), we have to choose between Republicans who would deprive 20 million people of healthcare and Democrats who... Lemme put it this way. With both parties, it's throw your poor doggie a bone. Although well-gnawed, the Democratic bone has a bit of meat and gristle still attached. The Republican bone has been picked clean, with even the marrow sucked out. Maybe down the line, buoyed by the success of Bernie Sanders, a truly progressive alternative will emerge, but for right now, the Democrats are all the people have.

Dianereynolds's picture
Dianereynolds 50 weeks 11 hours ago

To all you leftie/socialist zombies who blindly follow the democrat party, you got a great example as to how "caring and considerate" they operate their dirty machine during the third quarter of 2016. The talking bobble head radio and television buffoons immediately shifted their full support to the Clinton crime family and not one of them had the balls to even help pull the knife out of Sanders back.

Poor Bernie was left to cash in on his book deals and shop for his third home, proving capitalism works even for socialists.

jibaro01's picture
jibaro01 50 weeks 11 hours ago

I agree whole heartily but it's next to impossible to create a new party and to participate in an elections without the money to buy the press and with the nedia undermining any efforts. The US is going trough what Puerto Rico went trough. I would say that my people were used like lab rats to develop the social mechanisms that are being applied in the US today. People are so confused on the island that they don't know what to do to defend themselves from corruption and they are being milked for every penny they got. The same is being done to us. After the coming world war, there's not going to be a US. The nation will go the way of the USSR.

Legend 50 weeks 10 hours ago

At some point in time the Government will realize that you have a choice. Let millions receive no healthcare and die. Or eliminate healthcare for profit and create a healthcare plan for all.

ErinRose's picture
ErinRose 50 weeks 8 hours ago

The Republicans may be in no shape to run this country, but I can't see where the Democrats are any better off. The Democrats refuse to see the error of their ways, trying to retain their relationship with corporate donors and their allegiance to the Deep State.

I hope this means we are getting positioned for a whole new something to follow where none of the groups involved in all of the current mess will have any power, and individuals who have been shakers and movers will find themselves on the bottom of the pile with absolutley no political clout; your basic persona non grata.

We, the People, are due for a break and if this world is to continue on, it's time to bring down the curtain on the insanity that has been passing for civilized society. We need to get rid of Citizens United and Amendment #16. We need to re-establish the Constitution as a valid operating manuel with a few tweaks to update it, and we need to identify and remove the evil-doers. I hope people will be interested and concerned beyond just their own personal situations, otherwise we are in for a protracted and very rough ride.

JTA57's picture
JTA57 50 weeks 7 hours ago
  • As a disabled person who is trying to get well again I'm glad this happened. I wasn't so much for Obamacare but it has helped a lot of people and the bill that GOP had and failed was just wrong. Thankyou for the Republicans that voted down the bill. Let's get on with saving America its worth it. I just wanted to say thankyou the healthcare we have may not be the best but it is far better than anything that has been proposed.
ikeberltersen's picture
ikeberltersen 50 weeks 4 hours ago

The Republican party is no longer a credible political party. It is a collection of sociopaths who have found common cause in a strategy to realize their ultimate agenda - a plutocracy in which government exists only to serve and protect the very wealthy. The Republican party knows that there is a large segment of the population that can be manipulated by the perpetration of myths, such as 'government is evil,' 'moochers and takers,' 'Horation Alger', in which everyone is a millionaire in waiting, 'job creators,' 'trickle-down economics,' and many other myths that are used to exploit the gullible and resentful. These people have no clue that the ultimate realization of the Republican agenda will leave them impoverished and powerless. The Republican strategy is to implement their agenda slowly, with a gradual detoriation of government functions for the mass of people, then find a way to blame the dysfunction on government itself. This is not a political party, it's a bunch of self-obsessed liars hijacking the democratic process. Trump found a way to hijack the hijackers for his own ends.

PhilipHenderson's picture
PhilipHenderson 50 weeks 1 hour ago

The Republican Party (traditional, not the Trump wing) serve their masters, the corporate leaders. The Trump Wing and the Tea Party Wing have no purpose except to weaken the federal government so the States can do anything they want without federal interference. If it were up to the Republican Party they would welcome the return of slave

Riverplunge's picture
Riverplunge 49 weeks 6 days ago

The Republican party is quite capable of destroying this country and starting dangerous wars. Don't underestimate them!! They are a wrecking ball that never stops swinging.

rherman847's picture
rherman847 49 weeks 5 days ago

As long as FOX news has plenty of sponsors, the Republicans will remain a serious threat to American prosperity and security!

changeX's picture
changeX 49 weeks 2 days ago

I hope that none of the donors who donated to the GOP wishing to repeal Obamacare sue the RNC or the GOP on RICO grounds for not giving capital gains tax cuts oops i mean for not repealing Obamacare.

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