States Rolling Back Solar Incentives As the Planet Heats Up

As the Koch brothers wage war on solar power, is it time to strip the profit out of the utility business once and for all?

As the New York Times reports, the slight decline in home solar installations over the past year is in large part due to a wave of legislation aimed at crushing net metering.

Net-metering allows people with solar panels on their home to sell the extra power those panels generate back to the grid in exchange for credit.

Most of the anti-net metering laws currently making their way through state houses across the country are based on model legislation crafted by ALEC - the right wing group responsible for stand your ground laws, right to work for less laws, and voter suppression ID laws.

Isn't this a perfect example of why we need to decentralize and localize utility companies - and ban monopoly utilities from lobbying and other political activity?

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