Would You Rather Have Healthcare Or A New F-35?

If what conservatives say is true and we're too broke to afford universal healthcare - why are we still spending trillions on useless weapons programs?

The priciest weapons program in American history is about to get even pricier.

According to Bloomberg, ".... acquisition costs for Lockheed Martin Corp.'s [F-35] may rise about 7 percent to $406.5 billion... That's a reversal after several years of estimates that had declined to $379 billion recently from a previous high of $398.5 billion in early 2014."

Think that's bad?

When you add in maintenance and operations costs, the TOTAL cost of the F-35 -- which is still indefinitely grounded -- is now estimated to be around $1.1 trillion.

According to University of Massachusetts Economist Gerald Friedman, a single-payer healthcare system would cost about $1.5 trillion every year. That is not a lot of money in the Federal budget.

So we can spend millions on this useless weapons program that soldiers don't even like, but can't "afford" single-payer healthcare? I don't get it.


Legend 49 weeks 1 day ago
ChristopehrCurrie's picture
ChristopehrCurrie 49 weeks 1 day ago

Citizens of countries like Canada and most European countries that have single-payer universal healthcare systems get at least 100 percent more value for their taxes than US citizens!

changeX's picture
changeX 49 weeks 9 hours ago

#49 since you mention comparing Nazis and the current administration in your post, keep calm, move to which ever way the wind blowing today.

Guess who: Political party: Republican (1987–99, 2009–11, 2012–present); Independent (2011–12); Democratic (until 1987, 2001–09); Reform (1999–2001).

LouisMartin's picture
LouisMartin 37 weeks 2 days ago

@ Legend- I agree that the neighbouring Mexico should have first grabs on SNAP and Planned Parenthood Funds among many others! About how the government is choosing to rally in numb games with their ‘fr-enemies’ over providing healthcare benefits, I do not see this to be surprising at all- If Trump wanted to play the ‘good nurse’ he’d join the United Nations and not the US Government. If he were to actually do something that were to benefit the people directly, I guess he wouldn’t enjoy his job as much anymore. Who else thinks he gets a kick out of picking a new fight every quarter?


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