Is Bernie Sanders the only person who can stop Donald Trump from getting reelected?

If Democrats want to stop Donald Trump from getting re-elected, they have to start feeling the Bern.

Bernie Sanders is the Democrats' best hope of stopping Donald Trump from getting re-elected.

A new poll has found that Bernie would beat Trump by 13 percentage points -- 51 to 38 -- in a hypothetical 2020 matchup.

Bernie's margin of victory over Trump is better than that of any other potential 2020 Democratic candidate covered by the poll - including Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker.

If Democrats don't embrace FDR-style New Deal progressivism, are they doomed?

Doesn't Bernie's continued popularity show that America is fundamentally a progressive nation?


chuckle8's picture
chuckle8 6 years 42 weeks ago

In that PPP poll how can Joe Biden be so close to Bernie? Doesn't everybody know that Joe voted against bankruptcy protection for student loans and Puerto Rico?

Legend 6 years 42 weeks ago

I would definitely support him again. He will be 78 next election which puts him up there. Joe Biden is 1 year younger. Elizabeth Warren is younger (currently 68). I would add to your list Al Fraken (currently 66), he is great. John Hickenlooper (Gov CO) is my personnal favorite, but he will probably run for Senate. Do not want Hillary or Debbie Wasserman Schultz to run.

I will bet that Trump gets primaried, So it may not be Trump that we are up against.

Btravelen's picture
Btravelen 6 years 42 weeks ago

I cannot believe the Democrats who believe that Bernie caused Trump to be elected.. lots of hate directed towards him.. they can't accept that Hillary, though highly qualified and would have been a great President, was also highly flawed and ran a terrible campaign..

goducks's picture
goducks 6 years 42 weeks ago

As much as I'm a big Bernie fan I don't think He's the right messenger. I'd like to see a younger more cutting edge candidate. And I think a women would fair well against Trump. Not a fan of any of those names. Too old school. Dems need a fresh face.

We need to show that we are the party of change, not just a party that changes candidates, but change in ideas. We need fresh thinking and not the same ole stale ideas. Yes Bernie has those some good ideas but he's too old IMO.

Howard Laverne Stewart's picture
Howard Laverne ... 6 years 42 weeks ago

We should test poll to see who would be the best vice presidential running mate for Bernie.

In my opinion Bernie would be Vice President right now if Hillary had chosen Bernie as her vice president.

Jenny Harrison's picture
Jenny Harrison 6 years 42 weeks ago

Hillary cannot run again. She has too much baggage. Much as I like Bernie and Joe, I think there needs to be new (and younger) blood. Females have difficulty anywhere they run in the world no matter how good they are. I really like Jason Kander. He is only 36. Is that TOO young? He reminds me of Obama. He's very wise and I think he sounds like Obama when he speaks. Maybe someone like that could help the Democrats and the country and the world recover. It will take someone really strong to do that.

ScottFromOz 6 years 42 weeks ago

"I don't care who does the electing, so long as I get to do the nominating." William M Tweed.

As long as we have the fiction of corporate personhood and the fanciful notion that money is free speech, our candidate choices will be limited to those who are acceptable to the oligarchs. That is why we had Hillary rather than Bernie and it will remain thus until the disastrous Citizens United decision is neutered and the money is removed from politics.

In the CU decision the (Conservative dominated) SCOTUS decided by a 1 vote majority that "money is free speech". That means that those with the most money have the loudest voices and the biggest megaphones. That goes completely against the "for the people, by the people" principle.

How to fix it? Support Move to Amend and write to your member of Congress.

Jenny Harrison's picture
Jenny Harrison 6 years 42 weeks ago

If that is true, that means the Dems will never get back in again. What a terrifying thought.'s picture
randolphgarriso... 6 years 42 weeks ago

The democrats have a tendency to run several candidates at the same time thus splitting the votes and insuring they will lose.

EarthQuaker's picture
EarthQuaker 6 years 42 weeks ago

I'm sure I said this before but.... When, and not 'if', T Rump is nailed for "doing business with the Russians", I don't want Pence in his chair. I don't want three and a half more years of the same billionaire cabinet members with their "smash & grab" agendas. If the election was dirtier than usual with the Russians' help, I want it thrown out and we have a 'redo'. They have emergency elections for congressmen who leave. Why not for a president. Let it up to the House Reps to pick who runs for their party so the primary votes can't be tampered with again. Then we all vote with paper ballots that can't be hacked and the popular vote wins. None of that old horse & buggy stuff. Voter fraud is real and far worse than T Rump made it seem. Not by millions of individuals, which is absurd, but by millions of votes being changed by THEIR hackers, which is mere childsplay for them.

Willie W's picture
Willie W 6 years 42 weeks ago

Bernie would have won this time if the Dems had let him run. In 2020, the driven message will be that he's too old. But, his message remains refreshing. If the 2020 Democratic nominee embraces it ​without hedging, and with strong Democratic backing, he or she could win.

Scotty11 6 years 42 weeks ago

I'd go for a Sanders/Warren ticket with Bernie only President for 1 term...sets up Warren to take his place with plenty of experence.

Perhaps Warren could get Kander or Merkley as the VP at that point.

Lot of work to do to get to that point.

I'm all for a 'revote'...a word that's not far off from a 'revolt'.

Tonisongbird's picture
Tonisongbird 6 years 42 weeks ago

First Der Furor must go now before he destroys every good thing done for our country. What are you all waiting for? He's bankrupting us! I'd love to see a Warren/Bernie ticket

Kenoncoast's picture
Kenoncoast 6 years 42 weeks ago

Bernie would beet Trump even if Bernie runs as an independent, and that's exactly what Bernie should do.

2950-10K's picture
2950-10K 6 years 42 weeks ago

First of all it will be about beating Pence, not Crooked Donny in 2020. Trump will be forced to resign before the year is out. ...maybe sooner depending on the market crash timing. Another important point, Clinton won the election by a landslide if you take into consideration swing state election fraud. This means that Pence is no more valid than the current Numbnut in Chief.

A new election must be held...there is a first time for everything, just like the 1787 convention. Why is it thought that this is impossible? A hostile foreign power helped install Trump and Pence. I'm sorry , but that's grounds for an invalid election declaration.

Bernie should be President right now, and certainly could win in 2020...I registered as a Democrat for him and won't give up hope for economic, social, and environmental justice.

Legend 6 years 42 weeks ago

What about the Republicans 17 candidates? Dems had 4 at most.

wmleidy's picture
wmleidy 6 years 42 weeks ago

the enormous wealth transfer that has occurred in america over the last three decades is a result of the irs tax code. bernie sanders has found the vital issue, taxes on the rich, and articulated the necessity to educate the public and reverse the tide of reaganomics. if the dems don't get serious on this, they will deserve the result, and america will continue to suffer as we move down the road to feudalism.

EarthQuaker's picture
EarthQuaker 6 years 42 weeks ago

YES! YES! I would have used that word but the NSA is watching... Did you ever see the political cartoon were the watchdog was peering in his owner's window?

chuckle8's picture
chuckle8 6 years 42 weeks ago

reply to Legend -- I wonder what Thom's increase was? With such a smaller number of viewers his percentage increase might be very large.

chuckle8's picture
chuckle8 6 years 42 weeks ago

Sometimes, it seems that the most effective tool we have is to ask our representatives to read Article 3, Section 2 of the US Constitution. I think if we do it once a week for ever it might bother them enough to actually read it. The line item veto of the voting rights act by SCOTUS seems to be causing more damage than Citizens United. I say that in spite of the fact CU is a total horror story. The line item veto enabled the closing of all those DMV's in GA and AL with the accompanying laws.

Trump's Ex-classmate Joe's picture
Trump's Ex-clas... 6 years 42 weeks ago

Sanders would have won the first time around. Americans know this.

Trump is going to try to paint Bernie as too old or even weak or soft. Sanders should challenge Trump to 3 minutes in the ring. He was a boxer. He would clobber him.

And even Trump's base would like that fight. Its never going to happen, but Dems have to learn this is not ONLY about policies - its about image any more - image sells. People want to be sold. People want a fighter. Trump knew that. Its why he won.

Sanders can easily sell Trump's base, but not with just policy.

He does have to make it seem like fun - and not socialism.

check out my blog post on Bernie fighting Trump

Trump and I went to school together at Penn. Its sort of what they taught.

But he learned his tactics on the streets and in back room deals.

share. stay vocal. contact me. we can do this

Trump's Ex-classmate Joe's picture
Trump's Ex-clas... 6 years 42 weeks ago

i have felt that way since March.

share. follow. contact me. we can do this

ErinRose's picture
ErinRose 6 years 42 weeks ago

The DNC went out of its way to scuttle Sanders for the last election, and everything that has come out of them since (even in the face of the Wasserman-Schultz resigning in disgrace,) only indicates their intentions to double-down on their disastrous course. Bottom line: The Neo Liberals in the Party don't want to disconnect from mainlining money from corporate donors and are willing to be the designated losers as long as the money flows in. They didn't support Sanders before and they will only smear and undermine him again. Given a choice between winning with Sanders or losing but keeping mega money donations flowing in, they will take the money. Sanders (says he) represents the best interest of blue collar workers (I have my doubts). but the DNC and the Democratic Party on whole vacated such representation when they started accepting large dollar funding from private sources long ago. You cannot serve two masters. The Neo Liberal Dems are clearly on the corporate dole and have absolutely no intentions of making any changes in loyalty away from their payroll donors . So, all the hoopla about Sanders is nonsense and anyone who donates to his election might as well open the window and throw the money out because Trump will go in again as sure as the Sun rises.

Dianereynolds's picture
Dianereynolds 6 years 42 weeks ago

Michael Moore Predicts Trump Will Win Re-Election in 2020

With the help of these idiots, he just might.

Berkeley Mayor: We Should Classify Antifa ‘As A Gang’

Rune Lagman's picture
Rune Lagman 6 years 42 weeks ago

Yes, Bernie should run again; even though he really is too old. But, Bernie has the name-recognition and TRUST of the American people. There are other possible canditates, but I don't believe that anyone will be able to EARN the name-recognition and trust in time for the 2020.

Elisabeth Warren is a possibility, but she lost a large amount of trust when she wouldn't support Bernie in 2016. However, if she accepted Bernie's agenda and vocalized it with sincerity and no hedging, she could get there. Unfortunately, I'm not convinced that Liz is ready to take on the establishment democrats (Liz, I really wish you'll prove me wrong).

Bernie should announce, as soon as possible, that he's running for President in 2020. The Democratic establishment will not give up the corporate money without a fight (i.e. no way they'll get behind Bernie or similar candidate). By announcing for 2020, Bernie grabs the initiative and becames the defacto spokesman for the Democratic party (i.e. impossible for the main-stream media to ignore him).

He should also announce Tina Turner, chairman of ourrevolution, as VP. She then becomes the heir apparent, with a strong possibility of taking over as President (considering Bernie's age). The establishment will attack Bernie as sexist and anti-minority (just like they did in 2016). Bernie may end up opting out of 2020, but by then Tina should have enough name-recognition and trust from touring the country as Bernie's VP for two years.

I'd love to see Bernie and Tina touring the country organizing grass-roots while stumping for Medicare-for-all, $15 minimum wage, free college tuition, minority rights, etc. Not to mention getting people excited for 2018.

changeX's picture
changeX 6 years 41 weeks ago

Lotteries are precisely accurate. What about elections?

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