Is Bernie Sanders the only person who can stop Donald Trump from getting reelected?

If Democrats want to stop Donald Trump from getting re-elected, they have to start feeling the Bern.

Bernie Sanders is the Democrats' best hope of stopping Donald Trump from getting re-elected.

A new poll has found that Bernie would beat Trump by 13 percentage points -- 51 to 38 -- in a hypothetical 2020 matchup.

Bernie's margin of victory over Trump is better than that of any other potential 2020 Democratic candidate covered by the poll - including Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker.

If Democrats don't embrace FDR-style New Deal progressivism, are they doomed?

Doesn't Bernie's continued popularity show that America is fundamentally a progressive nation?

Time To Expel Rep Steve King From the House?

Thom plus logo Congressman Steve King, in a new Internet meme, says that red state America has 8 trillion bullets and blue state America is still debating who can use which bathroom.