Can Democracy Survive Trump's Lies?

How can democracy survive when the President endlessly lies while attacking anyone who pursues the truth?

Last week the media got hold of a transcript of Donald Trump's phone call with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto.

While the transcripts provided a troubling glimpse into how Trump is dealing with other world leaders, it also raised a number of questions, such as: why is Mexico's president even humoring the idea of a wall?

Mexico's former president Vicente Fox put it crudely and bluntly on CNN Friday morning.

"You can use my words: we'll never pay for that f--ing wall. With that full f-- wall. That makes it more clear."

But Trump doesn't want people to read those transcripts.

Instead, he wants us to remember the great phone calls he's made - like the one he took from Peña Nieto congratulating Trump on his border efforts, or the one he took from the Boy Scouts congratulating him on giving the best speech they've ever heard.

Neither of which actually happened!

Which brings us to the real question: can we have a functioning democracy when the President of the United States is constantly lying about what he's said or done?

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