Does Donald Trump Only Believe Stuff He Gets From Right-wing Email Chains?

Does Donald Trump only believe stuff he gets from right-wing email chains?

It's starting to seem like it.

A terrorist drove a van down a busy pedestrian street in Barcelona, Spain yesterday, killing at least 13 people and injuring as many as 80.

Donald Trump has responded to this tragedy by resurrecting a fake news story from the campaign trail about how a US General stopped terrorism in the Philippines by shooting captured Muslim insurgents with bullets dipped in pig's blood.

"Study what General Pershing of the United States did to terrorists", Trump tweeted, "There was no more Radical Islamic Terror for 35 years!"

This Pershing story is literally fake news. It never happened.

Politifact gave it a "pants on fire" lie rating when Trump first mentioned it at a South Carolina campaign stop last year.

So why is the president still talking about it, especially at a moment like this?


deastman 5 years 31 weeks ago

gee glad you asked...

and it didn't come clear to me until recently...with all these going ons and seeing trump's reaction...

now, first of all, let me get this out of the way...i believe elections are rigged. that there is no democracy in that country and never was, truth be told...

presidents are business representatives, plain and simple...and it's VERY easy to see who they're working global warming and free reign to oil companies...hmmm...oil's well that earns well'? pardon my poetic liberties...if not my brazenness...(is that a word?) case noone's noticed, may i bring to your attention that, despite what i read to be popular dissent a is that euphimistic enough for genocidal invasions for profit? look're putting yourself up as an intelligent, insightful man...and what? you're scared to speak about what you know? b/c, seriously...if you don't know the work of zinn, blum...chomsky...why am i even adDRESsing you or anyone who thinks you know what you're talking about...

but here's the punch line...AND the best part IS...that whoever is reading this before deleting it(it'll NEVER make it to the site. i knew that before i started writing). YOU the person reading it, deciding...will have seen this...and remember this, what i said...

here's what i figured out...

why on EARTH did 'the powers that be'/bankers, rich 1$/the companies they own/are associated know...the ones that dictate policy to their reps, the politicians? why did they install trump? noone WINS an election...there's ALways a way to jimmy the results...sometimes they almost get caught, would figure that Bush's people(jr) couldn't even get THAT right...but hey...they got away with 9/11, right? despite the organizations of riDICulously credible people from around the world with contradictory evidence that you all seem so ok with...i do NOT MIGHT seem that way...but that is VERY much part of the story...

what that govt will even do to its own people to control them...

there everywhere now, internetwise...cameras...drones...cellphones...i'm not worried...i've got nothing to hide...and we know i'm not paranoid...but that was what a lot of 9/11 would seem to've been about...that and a 'reason'(without any apparent logic) to invade iraq...and afghanistan. again. i'd go into how amazing it was that it took, what? like 10 yrs to find that guy, right? between the most sophisticated tech in the world...or at LEAST access to...AND the mossad. AND the millions in reward money...gee. i wonder what that might mean to some poor village person...'the chance to live a new life in america as a millionaire, many times over...relocation and protection, 24/7(not that they have a good track record on following up on their promises/treaties, etc, once they get what they want...

despite all took that long to find this guy? that bin laden guy...

and then, OOPS...there goes his body in the

or maybe i'm just a paranoid fool...

so here's what i came up with...i'm watching a president foment a civil war(i made the long story short, since there was SUCH a verbose intro. hope you don't mind)...i know someone put him up to it...but to what purpose...

here's a theory...THE ideal of a totalitarian type regime is complete control...but shit...that's aMERica...not some POElice state, right? ; - ) but if there's an exCUSE to impose martial let's say, a civil war?

it's not problem for THEM...they've been militarizing the police in major cities for years now...anyone who's been paying ANY attention should understand everything i've said matter how flippant...

and as you sit there shaking your head at the impossibility of what i just said...please tell me this...who killed kennedy, malcolm x, kennedy, the reverend martin luther king and countless others in countries around the world...? to install whatever regime/control they wished to be there...?

i don't live there anymore...haven't for years...i got tired of being amongst a people that didn't know what to do about, other than mostly ignore, hunger and homelessness. you given the word 'civilized' a bad haven't a CLUE as to what humane means... and it comes as no surprise to me that you would do the same with other countries(weapons of mass destruction? do you have any iDEa of what iraq looks like NOW? and it's only one of MANY countries that the US has, through mostly covert means, raped and pillaged...legitimized, modern day pirates...wearing the white hat and continually reminding us who saved the world from speaking Nazi for the last 70 yrs, while they were busy killing a lowball count of 20 million innocents by burning them like bbq(napalm), blowing their bodies to pieces, leaving them to be found by surviving family and friends...this is your government in action AND your tax dollars at work... consider this the cheapest education you'll EVER have...and if you don't keep your eyes WIDE open, it'll catch you as off guard as the jews in europe...and trust me...your neighboring countries will be no kinder to you than countries like the US...or Britain were to the jews on the boats trying to escape THEN...they turned them away...and ignorance will be no a mexican who you taunted with a wall and racial you are native to that land...karma's a bitch thom...that country was founded on the blood of nations that the govt had made treaties with. 100, more or less. not one was kept. not. one. that same insensitivity is what you all are experiencing now...and the govt's just POISED to push buttons and clean up the mess...remember where you heard this's the ONLY explanation i can come up with that makes ANY sense about 'why TRUMP? ' and why is he doing what he's doing, playing the racist card...? it doesn't make's not like HE's making those decisions...he's just reading the script...i expect a change soon enough that will make what i'm saying here correct or(hopefully) not. good luck, either way...i'm outta there...

giraffe's picture
giraffe 5 years 31 weeks ago

Trump is at best a pathological narcissistic liar; at worst, an ignorant, nepotistic, racist, misogynistic, homophobic, fascistic, neo-nazi, with uncountable conflicts of interest pathological narcissistic liar He should be "locked up".

stopgap's picture
stopgap 5 years 31 weeks ago

Actually, most of the stuff he believes, he pulls right out of his ass. The man is crazy. I grew up around crazy. I know crazy when I see it. The man is crazy. No doubt about it!

So are most of his Republican buddies and supporters. But most have sense enough to keep a lid on their craziness. They understand that their crazy ideas are not as popular as Fox News would have you believe. They realize that most people actually do believe in facts, not their failed fantastic policies that are all about making the rich richer.

Their last three or four Republican presidents have failed miserably, but as a result, they think that the level of crazy ideas and policies were simply not crazy or extreme enough. Enter Donald Trump.

Trump is merely crazy Republicanism blowing up in their faces. Some Republicans when looking at Trump are asking…are we really that crazy? The answer is yes!

Max Mayhem's picture
Max Mayhem 5 years 31 weeks ago

Here is another bogus right wing fabrication about scaring the pants off of the evil Muslims. They will tell you that Thomas Jefferson ordered the Barbary Pirates, who were Muslim, to be defeated to protect trade on the high seas. True. But then they add the lie that Jefferson ordered the sailors to go to the villages where the muslim pirates lived and kill their families, burn their homes and destroy their fields. Nope, that is not true but that is what they want the current U.S, President to do.

And there are plenty who would welcome the order. When I was a youth I joined the U.S. Marine Corps. In basic training we broke formation with the same screamed out chant over and over during the day: "Sir, the Marine Corps is a hundered and eighty six years of death, hell and destruction! Kill, kill, kill!"

Scotty11 5 years 31 weeks ago

I think Trump's comments show that he's the master of ad lib. Perhaps add in a bit of dyslexia, sprinkle on some narcissism and what do you get? Trump

PhilipHenderson's picture
PhilipHenderson 5 years 31 weeks ago

Donald Trump is like a crazy uncle who comes to Thanksgiving dinner and talks about the racist, homophobic stories he sees on his favorite Internet websites. This uncle believes in conspiracy theories such as the United States government bombed the World Trade Center and that no children were killed in Sandy Hook. The difference is that this uncle is a billionaire and was elected president of the United States. He repeats such lies because he is misinformed and uninformed. He refuses to believe any stories in the mainstream media because they write stories critical of him. Anyone who is critical of him is a liar in his mind. We have elected a stupid man to lead us. He has proved that you can be rich and stupid.

2950-10K's picture
2950-10K 5 years 31 weeks ago

Trump's bar is set at the same level as the 30% who still support him, a very low mark based on a credulous mental state. I call it gullibility. If Crooked Donny hadn't been born into money, he'd be milking the disability system right now, just like many of his supporters I'm willing to bet.

It appears three out of ten people are very easy to hoodwink and Trump is certainly a member of this sad truth. Look how easily Putin has messed with him.

Trump's Ex-classmate Joe's picture
Trump's Ex-clas... 5 years 31 weeks ago

I went to Penn with Donald Trump. He paid for his homework in our class. His first act of ""firing anyone" was in 1967, when he had a freshman, Curt W., barred from his fraternity, for upstaging him at a dance. Curt could do the mashed potatoes. Everyone wa doing the twist. He got the girls to look at him that way, and Donny did not like that. That is sort of why he fired Bannon - upstaging. The man has not grown in 50 years.

i have been blogging about Donald Trump for one year now. This is a worthwhile link to my blog.

We all need to stay vocal. Karma and Domino theory will eventaully defeat him. And, like OJ, I thnk he sort of wants it. He certainly wants the fight. It;s all he knows.

stopgap's picture
stopgap 5 years 30 weeks ago

PhillipHenderson, I agree with everything you said except the point that Trump is a billionaire. Since Trump won't show us his taxes, there is no proof that Trump is a billionaire, nor is there any proof that his debts don't out weigh his assets. And until he proves that he is a billionaire, I wish the media would quit referring to him as a billionaire until he steps up an proves it by releasing his taxes.

I believe that the thing Trump most fears about the Mueller investigations is that it may well expose the fact that his is not a billionaire at all. This would be a humiliation that Trump could not stomach and is probably more important to his ego than anything relating to collusion with the Russians or any crimes or treasons that he might be guilty of.

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