Why Bannon Is Out

With Steve Bannon's White House days officially over, could Trump himself soon end up on the chopping block?

Just in case you haven't heard the big news - Steve Bannon is OUT at the White House.

Depending on who you ask - the now-former White House strategist was either fired or handed in his resignation a few weeks ago, and left earlier today.

This news of Bannon's departure comes - of course - just a few days after he spoke to the American Prospect and publicly mocked the White House's North Korea strategy, bashed some of his administration colleagues and called the alt-right "losers".

So who else spent the afternoon listening to "Ding Dong the witch is dead"? Could this actually be a dangerous moment for the country? Bannon is, or was, the only person in this administration with a sensible position on North Korea, and more broadly, a war dove when it came to places like Syria and others around the world.


randolphgarrison1@gmail.com's picture
randolphgarriso... 47 weeks 1 day ago

Steve Bannon is just working from home!

ErinRose's picture
ErinRose 47 weeks 19 hours ago

Now, both Bannon and General Flynn are gone; the two non-war voices in the White House. The question is, did Trump fire them because HE had differences with them, or was Trump required to get rid of them because the Deep State wants to merrily continue making war without any detractors raining on their parade?

During Trump's campaigning days, we heard lots of rhetoric about what Trump was going to do for the people of this country. Soon after he took office, he suddenly did an about face. I read an article that said Al Gore was given 100 million dollars by the Shadow Government (industrialists) to not contest the Florida count and allow Dubya to become president; and that is why Gore backed off. (I have since seen articles claiming that Gore is part of the Illuminati set.) And this same article claimed that Trump was offered 20 billion dollars, if he would do a 180, and carry water for the Deep State, and the NWO. I have no way to verify this, but it sure would explain a lot; and it's very tempting to think there is some meat on that bone.

hankgagnon's picture
hankgagnon 47 weeks 13 hours ago

USA will never go to WAR with North Korea. For one simple reason: The top 1% who would like to control everything and THE MONEY. The American Traitor Corporations need China to continue their FRAUD on American workers. Trade with CHINA and betrayal by American Corporate Gangsters of their fellow Americans relies on China too much!

Now, a FAKE WAR in the Middle East against some new Boogey Man the Military Industrial Thugs, RepubliCONS, WALL STREET and AMERICAN BIG OIL CREATE will happen, it's only a matter of time! Even the some Treachouros Democrats are in on this Scheme to enrich BIG OIL, The TOP 1% and BIG Military Defense Contractores.

War in the Middle East is good for them (Military Industrial Thugs, RepubliCONS, WALL STREET and AMERICAN BIG OIL THUGS). ......For everyone else NOT SO GOOD!



- Middleclass and Poor Americans Die and get maimed for life going to battle to enrich these cowards who sit in cushy offices and rarely ever send their own Flesh and Blood in Harms way during War time.

- We already spend more than half our Budget on Defense. Yet the Defense Contractors, their lobbyist, and Right Wing RepubliCONS who live in Mansions out side of Washing DC make Trillions more of the American Taxpayer when we go to war in the Middle East eating up significantly more of America's Taxpayer Budget taking away from much needed Infrastructure rebuild, Social Services and other Domestic needs our country has. Also driving up the Deficit and raising Taxes at every level on Middle Class American workers. Of course the TOP 1% have plenty of loop holes, deductions, Tax Credits, and Tax Breaks that sheild them for the higher taxes, They say its legal. Of course it is theyr were the ones who bribed the RepubliCONS in Washington to pass those laws.


- War in the Middle East cause OIL, and Gasoline to skyrocket. Enriching the top 1%, BIG OIL, and Walll Street. For the Average American it is nothing more than another TAX increase. The Over priced Fossil Fuel prices we pay durinf WAR TIME goes directly to the TOP 1%, The RepubliCONS and BIG OIL. Is funneled right out of the country and into Cayman Island , and Switz Bank accounts gone forever and stolen from Americans and the Amaerican Taxpayer!

Riverplunge's picture
Riverplunge 47 weeks 4 hours ago

hankagnon has a great point! Most of the gas consumption in the world is in Wars. Those heavy vehicles suck gas like it's endless - getting rid of excess fuel reserves we have. And a bonus! The price of gas will go up! And the profits get umm.. missing - yea that's it.. uh missing... Everyone wins when you're rich!

ErinRose's picture
ErinRose 47 weeks 3 hours ago

#hankgagnon: I don't get your point about the US not going to war with N. Korea because of China? North Korea is filthy rich in minerals and other resourcerss that US industrialists would LOVE to get their hands on. China has nothing to do with it. Trump's rash and threatening rhetoric caused quite a stir; this is why the Congress has just passed laws prohibiting the POTUS from doing anything like try to initiate an attack without the consent of the Congress. And since the House controls the purse strings, the POTUS must abide. I don't see the Congress wanting to go to war with N. Korea because that is one busy bee that has a big sting; unlike so many of the poorer Middle Eastern countries who have oil in the ground but no money to extract it. The Middle Easterners are just sitting ducks, but N. Korea is manned by a lunatic. Let's hope N. Korea's governing body is able to keep Kim Jong-Un from doing anything off-the-cuff.

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