Why the GOP Sides With the Klan and the Nazis

Why is it that the president and the vast majority of Republican elected officials are refusing to refer to the white Christian neo-nazis who committed mayhem and murder and, yes, terrorism, as exactly what they are? Why the false equivalence suggesting that antifascists and peace protesters are the same as Nazis and Klan members?

As Holly Yan of CNN summarizes on their website, ISIS has a long history of using vehicles as weapons for terror attacks. London, Stockholm, Nice, Berlin, Jerusalem, and, in North America, St.-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec and Columbus, Ohio.

All these terrorists intentionally used cars or trucks to kill people and inflict maximum terror. All were condemned by Republicans and "conservative" media as "radical Islamic terrorism," and any number of Republicans, including Trump, milked them for all they were worth.

Yet on August 12, members of the oldest terrorist organization in the United States - the Klan - along with devotees of one of Europe's most terrible terrorist cults - Nazis - showed up in Charlottesville, Virginia, to reprise the Nazi and Klan traditions of torchlight nighttime parades specifically to create terror. And when asked about it, Trump waffled.

He'll threaten North Korea with nukes, but won't even name the terrorists who showed up in Virginia.

And it's very, very hard to find an elected Republican (who isn't a presidential wannabe) who will call this what it is: White Christian Racial Terrorism.


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jmstarry's picture
jmstarry 5 years 32 weeks ago

The advantage Obama had was that his compromising liberal leadership was refreshing after the massive failures of the George W. Bush style of strong leadership.

Conservatives aren’t well-equipped for the less black-and-white situations as we now face where the terrorist enemy is hard to determine and even harder to find. This is why conservatives need to scream for self-identifying actions like starting wars. Just find a bad guy like North Korea or Iran and conservatives fall in love with themselves trying to start a war.

So, rather than starting an unnecessary war by voting conservative, I would rather support liberals who can use intelligence agencies to find foreign and domestic trouble makers and deal with them by inviting conservatives to focus on real problem solving rather than inventing wars.

stephensolomita's picture
stephensolomita 5 years 32 weeks ago

I personally prefer Christian Fundamentalist Terrorism. As for why the Republicans are keeping their mouths shut... well, not all ofthem have. But the elephant in the Republican closet is tax cuts, the payoff for all those super-rich families who contribute hundreds of millions of dollars to Republican campaigns. Their aim is exactly what it's been since Reagan took power. They want to shift another trillion bucks or so away from the poor and middle-class, and up the ladder.

2950-10K's picture
2950-10K 5 years 32 weeks ago

Crooked Donny is far more terrified about what the Russian investigation is about to expose than the public exposure of his racist views.

In fact he's using the recent domestic terror incident to distract media attention away from his criminal involvment with Putin's mafia. Trump certainly won't go to jail for being a racist but could end up serving time for the election collusion and Russian money laundering schemes. Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up! LMAO

bollivar 5 years 32 weeks ago

As a Christian, I find the phrase, White Christian Racial Terrorism as to use the word Christian in the phrase offensive. There is nothing Christian in hating... period. Hating is for those who follow the Dark Angle, Satan. It is not a normal state of mind for humans. Neither is greed, jealousy, envie..well you get the picture. If one hates and calls himself a Christian, he will be judged accordingly. Lets try White Racial Terrorism and leave those who are true Christians out of it. Or White Pseudo-Christian Racial Terrorism? I am not a blind faith follwer of anything. I believe in what I have seen and have experienced.

ErinRose's picture
ErinRose 5 years 32 weeks ago

To answer your question as to why (R) and other Right-leaners won't call this what it is; White Christian Racial Terrorism because:

1) The Republicans have a long history of cherry picking whatever is convenient and serves their instant arguments, and have no loyalties to anything but their ideologies;

2) Because WE have an aversion to reality and the reality is that the (R) and Right-leaning ARE White Christian Racist Terrorists themselves, and like Obama, they know if they fly their true colors they will be rejected, so they dress in nice suits and play to the audience and try to look respectable and innocuous so they can continue with their agendas; in other words, more political theater;

3) The (R) and Right-leaning don't subscribe to, "follow the truth wherever that may take us, and then problem solve from there; once accepting the truth." What we are dealing with are "businessmen" who have no loyalties other then to themselves and closing the deal and their operating standard is, "the ends justifies the means". And the deal that is on the table is putting the NWO in place which will permanently position businessmen and corportations as our government. You know that over half of all the workers in our government are not public sector workers; they are private sector workers, and so they owe their jobs and their allegiances to their corporate employers.

4) We, on the Left, forget that those on the Right DO NOT think like us. We constantly forget this and try to reason with them, and make sense to them, and to view them as rational beings, when the truth is they are propagandized all the way down the line from the Jesus Camps, to their churches, to the schools they attend (like Liberty U,,) to the Mass Media (which only confirms the junk they have been taught is accurate and the truth,) to the places where they choose to live (with others like themselves), etc.. All of this comes together to mold a very specific personality. Plus, they are taught NOT to listen to anyone other than their own handlers. I still remember watching a church pastor preaching from the stage, "do not trust anyone with a college education." Since then, they have infiltrated all of the bastions of higher learning and now places like Harvard, and the like, are conveyor belts for mass producing people with a very corporate friendly zeitgeist;

4) And because most of what we are dealing with; and surely the leaders, are English. The English only marry other English, and perpetuate English culture that has a very specific caste structure which they all recognize innately, if not consciously. I live in Florida in the most conservative county in the state. The people who live around me are all English and they all subscribe to certain cultural tenets no matter their education or position in life. They all subscribe to the notion that anyone in a position of authority is there because they possess the qualities of class, knowledge, blessings of god and all the powers that be to have that position. They are taught not to question authority, not to confront their "betters", not to create trouble, not to lift up the corner of the rug, not to stand up to authority, not to step out of their class, etc., and to "mind your tones"; you are NOT to raise your voice or use angry tones, otherwise, they shut you off with no recourse.

5) These people are racists because Whites settled this country and Blacks were brought here as slaves. Not valuing Black African culture, and needing cheap and/or unpaid labor to run their businesses, they cast themselves as the "betters" and any color or nationality after that is decidedly "less than". This is why English only marry English; just like the Ptolemies only married other Ptolemies. Same thinking. But this filters all the way down: I had a very close friend; we went to community college together. She told me she didn't want to get married; she wanted to go on to university and maybe get a job in journalism. She could have easily; she was a top student, had a fabulous personality, was oh-so smart, and could have taken the world by storm. But her English mother didn't want this. Community college was considered just a place for her to achieve a certain age while giving her something constructive to do to keep her from getting into trouble. Her mother then proceeded to select her husband (English) and insisted she get married. I was welcome through the marriage (as maid of honor.) Then, the mother had her daughter's whole life planned out and wanted her to get pregnant right away, so ALL of the daughter's friends were given their walking papers; we were never allowed to see her again. She told me she didn't want this; that she didn't feel ready. Soon, she was a mother with her mother managing the raising of two boys. And years later, when her father died, her mother moved in with her to continue directing traffic and make the decisions; my friend was offered no other options than to be a dutiful daughter and do what she was told. And this is how many English homes go. Fast forward two decades and I saw the same thing play out with my veterinarian; she graduated from vet school, her mother stepped in and insisted she get married to someone (English) she had selected and then get pregnant at least twice in a row; heir and spare. This is a very familiar scenario. They are all programmed with this and if you don't run true to form like them, then you are shunned as being a bad apple. But all of this flies under the radar, and the average person never does connect the dots or see any pattern to how these people operate.

6) I went to grammar school with kids who had names like Sears (& Roebuck), Peabody (Energy, and Peabody, Mass., Peabody Museum; in Salem, Mass.,) Scott (Scott Paper Products), Danforth (pewter, and banking), and I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that by the 5th and 6th grades these kids knew their place in society, did not associate with anyone who wasn't from their society, and were well versed in "handling" others (being manipulative). I can still remember one of them looking me up and down with contempt and disgust that I should be attending the same school as they were. These kids came from the Boston Brahmin class, and it had been hammered into them that they were rich, and the upper (controlling) class who did not fraternize with anyone who wasn't English or filthy rich. They ARE racist, in many ways; by color, class, ethnicity, and they are pointedly and intentionally taught to internalize this and are expected to tow the mark and hold the line.

6) And then they are terrorists. They keep a low profile with it, and silly us, we don't see what is right in front of our faces because we are so convinced that underneath it all they are the same as us; that they have feelings and sentiments same as us, and when they talk about love they mean the exact same things we mean... no they don't. These people come from the Victorian background and thinking of people marrying for duty; how Romantic is that? One of the Danfoth girls I went to school with told me in the 6th grade about the guy she was going to marry; it was all arranged, and I was stunned to find out decades later that she, in fact, married that designated person who was the son of a banker and became a banker; as her father was a banker. So, to think that they think like we think is REALLY screamingly naive. They have a business model built into them from birth, while blue collar, leftist kids are out playing hop-scotch and jacks. Ask yourself why the Right has bothered to get involved with education; not wanting to pay for education, and commandeering the colleges and universities, why? Because people outside of their designated own who can think are a threat to them, and they are just not going to entertain this as part of their business model for the NWO. Terrorism is just another word for using muscle to overpower others to get their way and be able to steal all resources they have no business touching in the first place.

7) And as for their being Christian.... Well, who knows what being a Christian is these days; it has all become such a bastardized meme and useful opiate tool of the controllers from the Pope to the White House (B43's Faith based initiative). The people at the top are Christian right up until the moment when they are not Christian. They regularly break the Commandments; especially six through ten, and never give it a first thought, let alone a second thought. The white collar overlords don't believe in anything but man's ability to own, control, and manipulate everything they see, while the lower classes cling to religion out of fear and desperation, so the overlords use this as a means to control the work force and the culture to their own advantage. They have more faith in AI than they do in anybody that walked the earth over two thousand years ago.

Dianereynolds's picture
Dianereynolds 5 years 32 weeks ago

Ah! Sort of reminiscent of the good old days when Obama refused to use the words "radical Islamic terrorists".

BTW Thom, for the last six months you seem to have forgotten your rule about the first fool who uses the word nazi lost the argument or, is this just an attempt to keep listeners ginned up?

Democrats removing statues of Democrats out of guilt and trying to blame conservatives. How delicliously stupid.


Hephaestus's picture
Hephaestus 5 years 32 weeks ago

#6 - Most human action aggregates into stupid that is observable... especially that from institutions... driven by ego... the mindless belief that I am the only person on earth

#1 - So well stated and observed

#2 - We are certainly dealing with fundamentalist belief systems... very many claiming some religion as a basis... (there are many religions all claiming some form of divine revelation / obligation and committing inhuman acts across many cultures)

#5 - Our real problem lies in press freedom and the obligation to relay truth... journalism is a lost medium that has become a victim of a drive for cash and therfore its associated influence... a shame

#6 - The power of belief

Dallie Godwin's picture
Dallie Godwin 5 years 31 weeks ago

White Supremacist is an old Aryan Pagan occult. I have been trying to read a book by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke. The book is title "The Occult Roots of Nazism" Secret Aryan cults and their influence on Nazi ideology. It is a heavy read. It mention a 'Dark Sun Disk'. Monday the 21st of August there is total eclipse of the sun.

When the moon darkens the sky, this represents a dark disk with fire on the edges. That is a symbol from this occult. Then there is a dark disk that the Nazi used in ritual ceremonies. I saw a flag at Charlottesville with is dark disk on it.

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