Can Steve Bannon Wage War On The Institutional Republican Party?

Steve Bannon wants to go to war with the Republican Party.

But is he really as influential as he says he is?

Now that he's back at his old post at Breitbart, Steve Bannon says he's ready to declare war on the leadership of the Republican Party.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, however, doesn't seem to think much of the former White House chief strategist's influence in Washington.

Even though Bannon himself says he still talks to Donald Trump every two or three days, Sanders says their relationship is far more limited:

MS. SANDERS: "I don't think they speak, certainly not that frequently. I'm aware of like two conversations that they've had, and nothing beyond that."

Q "So it's not two to three days -- every two to three days, as far as you know?"

MS. SANDERS: "Not that I'm aware of. Again, I'm only aware of two conversations that have taken place."

So is Bannon using his former association with Trump to inflate his actual power?

Or is he really capable of waging war on the institutional Republican Party?

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