A Deal with the Dems

After Tuesday's shocking debt ceiling deal with the Democrats, is Donald Trump finished with the Republican Party?

It's been more than 24 hours, but Washington pundits are still puzzling over Donald Trump's deal with Democrats to extend the debt ceiling for three months - and hand out billions in Hurricane aid - all in one fell swoop.

This deal gave Democrats literally everything they wanted - and it passed the Senate yesterday and the House today.

Reflecting on the deal yesterday at the White House, the president made it sound like the beginning of a fruitful working relationship:

"You look at North Korea, you look at the hurricanes, you look at what's going on in the Middle East. And I said, frankly it's time that we walk out and shake hands and have a deal. And they agreed. And I will tell you. It was - there was a lot of spirit in that room, a lot of good spirit."

When it comes down to it, Trump has no ideological center other than himself.

Will he now start saying screw you to Republicans and start making deals with Democrats?

And if so, where are the areas of agreement?

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