Republicans are trying to send the American version ISIS to the Senate

Is Roy Moore - the gun-toting, Muslim hating, same-sex marriage opposing Alabama Senate Candidate - the American version of ISIS?

Republicans are obsessed with fighting what they call "Radical Islamic Terrorism".

So why are they trying to send the American version ISIS to the Senate?

Judge Roy Moore is officially the Republican candidate for Senate in Alabama.

This week he beat out sitting Senator Luther Strange in a special runoff election to choose the GOP nominee for Jeff Sessions' old seat.

Every American who's not a straight white Christian man should take this news very, very seriously.

"Conservative" doesn't even begin to describe Moore political views.

A better term would probably be "American ISIS".

Among other things - Moore has said that homosexuality should be illegal, blamed 9/11 on abortion, and once argued in an op-ed that Keith Ellison shouldn't be allowed to serve in Congress because he's Muslim.

Moore was also removed or suspended - not once but TWICE - from Alabama's Supreme Court -- once because he refused to remove a statue of the Ten Commandment's from the court's grounds, and a second time because he ordered judges to defy the Supreme Court ruling that legalized same sex marriage.

In order to enhance power of plutocrat class, are republicans willing to let the American version of ISIS take power in the Senate?

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