Why Republicans Ignore the Interests of Voters!

Having a scientist who worked for the chemical industry now shaping policy on hazardous chemicals at the EPA I think is a huge big deal.

But it's also emblematic of a much larger big deal which is that the interests and needs of average Americans are by and large ignored by this administration and by the Republican Party as a whole, because the Republican Party in this administration are the wholly owned shills of some very dirty industries: the chemical industry, the fossil fuel industry, the banking industry, on and on it goes.

And they're not gonna get called out by the media industry, because the media industry has a symbiotic relationship with the Republican Party.

For example, the whole NFL thing.

Colin Kaepernick first sat for the national anthem a year ago, and then he met with a group of veterans and they suggested that it would be respectful to take a knee during the national anthem whereas sitting was considered disrespectful, so he did that - he changed it to taking a knee.

But the most shocking thing to me when I started learning about this story a year ago was that up until 2008 NFL players were never on the field during the national anthem at all - they were back in the in the locker room, and only after the national anthem had played did they come out onto the field and everybody would cheer and all this kind of stuff and a game start.

And the reason that they started going on field for the national anthem was because the Pentagon started giving the NFL team owners money.

I mean, everything is corrupted by money in this country.

We have become a country that only looks at money, first, center and last.

And in my opinion that is a culture, a society that is corrupted, is collapsing, is - rotten to the core sounds like an exaggeration, but you get what I'm saying.

This is the old biblical saying that "the love of money is the root of all evil". It's not money itself, it's the love of money.

And that was the greed is good thing. This was Reagan's shtick, right? This was the shtick of the entire Reagan administration. Michael Douglas summarized it really well in "Wall Street", in the movie: "Greed Is Good".

Well no, greed is not good. Greed is one of the seven deadly sins. Greed destroys people. It destroys countries. It destroys businesses.

Yes, wanting more or wanting enough, that's a reasonable thing. You know, wanting to have a good paycheck, wanting to get a raise, I mean those are those are all good things.

But greed, greed is a whole different thing and greed is virtually the definition of not only Donald Trump's life but of this administration.

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