The Cancer Metastasizing Our Body Politic - Time To Cut it Out

There's one particular cancer that has attacked our body politic, and that cancer is money in politics. We tried to get that out of politics in 1973 after the Nixon scandals.

We passed some really strong laws. You can't give more than $1700 to any presidential candidate. You can't give more than $4,000 to a political party, all that stuff.

And the Supreme Court blew it up in 1976 in the Buckley v. Valeo case.

What Move to Amend is trying to do is to go around the federal politicians by going to the individual states. And if you can get 34 states to pass a resolution saying that the constitution should be amended to say that corporations are not people, money is not speech, and then you get 38 states to ratify that, it becomes an amendment to the Constitution.

That's something we've got to be doing and that's what Move to Amend is all about. That's the beginning. Once you get the money out of politics, then you don't have the forces working against you to try to stop you.

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