How Can Conservatives Claim to be Pro Life and Still Oppose DACA?

I don't think that you can argue that a two-year-old decided to take a risk to come to this country with their parents, any more than you can argue that the African Americans decided to come over to the United States.

If they are illegal immigrants, that is a problem with the law because they were not illegal immigrants until Donald Trump pulled DACA. They had legal status in the United States until Donald Trump changed the law. Donald Trump blew up Barack Obama's executive order that created the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals" (DACA).

Conservatives don't seem to give a rat's ass about people once they're born, especially if they happen to be brought to this country by their parents. That seems to me like an insanely hypocritical position. Why the outrage?

Forty million Americans were born outside the United States; people who are American citizens. That's a good thing for our country.

The process that President Obama put into place was to say if you were a child when your parents brought you to this country and you had no say in that matter, you are not to blame, you are not at fault. And that's a core human value that anybody who values the right to life would value.

I don't understand why Conservatives would want to take a kid who came to the United States from say El Salvador at the age of two or three or four and who does not speak Spanish, does not know El Salvador, does not know where the bad gangs are and the awful people are. And they want to take that person and fly them down to El Salvador, just push them out of an airplane, virtually guaranteeing that their life is going to be ruined and they may well end up dead.

That sounds morally criminal to me, just horrific.

How can anyone who wants to do that claim that they support life?

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