What To Do About The Right Wing Media?

The Republicans have the power to out-message Democrats almost every time.

You find a majority of the people who show up on television are Republicans, the majority of the pundits who are on television are Republican-leaning or conservative, even on MSNBC.

The airwaves of this country are almost exclusively right-wing. You've got Fox so-called News.

You've got a huge Internet infrastructure and you've got Drudge and all these things.

The New York Times a couple days ago, they turned their entire editorial page over to pro-Trump letters. I don't remember them ever doing that for Obama.

So the Democrats are fighting against the institutions of this country that have been captured by the billionaire class and that's going to be a challenge. It's always going to be a challenge.

And so what they're having to do is pick their fights.

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