Why Donald Trump is actually the Ultimate "Globalist"

So Donald Trump goes to Davos and the whole media in America is like, "whoa, he's hanging out with the globalists, how can he do that?"

Donald Trump has a Trump Tower in Manila in the Philippines. Donald Trump has a Trump International Golf Course in Dubai. Donald Trump has a golf course in Aberdeen, Scotland. Donald Trump makes his junk that he sells in China. His daughter makes the junk that she sells in China. This guy is the epitome of a globalist.

And not only that, he just passed a $5 trillion ten-year tax break that at least three-quarters of a trillion dollars is going to go to people outside the United States. Not to mention all the multinational corporations - Apple, Google, Goldman Sachs - who are all sitting in that room in Davos. I'll bet half the people in that room, given that probably all of them are multimillionaires to billionaires, got a tax break from Donald Trump. And our media is like, "oh gee, how unusual."

They're perpetuating this story - and it's just a story. It was a story to get elected, but it's just a story that Donald Trump promoted when he was running for the Republican primary and then ultimately running for president, that he is somehow not an internationalist, not a globalist, that he disagrees with making things overseas and disagrees with companies making profits overseas.

Somehow everything should be America first except when it comes to Trump businesses, except when it comes to his daughter's businesses, except when it comes to his son in law's businesses, except when it comes to his two boys' businesses. They go to Africa and shoot some elephants because the old Dick Cheney thing of going to Wyoming and shooting quail is just too quaint for the Trumps because they're international billionaires.

And the American media is playing it like, "wow, can you imagine this guy who's just a down-home fellow who just loves America first, he went off to Davos and he told them what for?" Come on. Trump himself in his speech perpetuated this myth of Donald Trump. This is crazy. Donald Trump is the original globalist.

He's getting funding for his hotel properties out of weird little islands and from Russian mob bosses. He's hooking up with corrupt dictators or whatever you want to call Duterte in the Philippines and the people who run Dubai. It is the essence of globalism and internationalism, the Trump business.

But somehow we forget that.

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