Young People in Hard Right's Crosshairs

The war against young people is continuing.

The old hard right, the ossified and billionaire hard right has now put not just progressive talk radio but young people in their crosshairs. I mentioned David Hogg in my last blog - his father's a retired FBI agent and this guy with Gateway Pundit, Wintrich, also uses an edited YouTube video of Hogg having some difficulty answering questions for a taped interview as evidence that Hogg is "heavily coached" on lines and is merely reciting his script. Of course, there's no evidence to support that claim.

And then he writes...

"Why would the child of an FBI agent be used as a pawn for anti-Trump rhetoric and anti-gun legislation?"

Wait a minute, right-wing so-called news site, are you saying that when a young person speaks out about politics that they're being manipulated? Really? My recollection is that my generation back in the 60s and early 70s literally ended the Vietnam War which killed over 56,000 Americans, about as many people as in the United States are killed in just two years by guns.

Maybe these kids can be the generation that ends this war on America, the NRA's war on America, the gun manufacturers' war on America, the Republicans' war on America. This from Think Progress...

"The article is also being promoted by Bradley Blakeman, a member of the George W. Bush administration, lobbyist and frequent television pundit."

He says...

"This kid is a shill. He bragged about the number of interviews he is doing and is playing to the camera."

Yeah, like you don't. It's amazing. And then they're going after Emma González and Delaney Tarr and Cameron Kasky. The entire article attacks these students for smiling in the photo. The article's entitled "Student School Massacre Survivors and CBS Reporter Party Like Rock Stars" but there's no evidence of any partying. That's incredible, it's just incredible. How despicable.


stopgap's picture
stopgap 5 years 13 weeks ago

Hey Coalage, Since you take your cues from the lying, oxycontin drug-addled dope fiend stack of shit and Dominican Republic viagra sex junketeer known as Rush Limbaugh, why the fuck do you think that we would give serious consideration to anything that you propose?

When are the right-wingers going to abandon their racist voter suppression tactics, their discriminatory voter ID laws, their extreme unconstitutional gerrymandering?

Coalage3 5 years 13 weeks ago

I didn't really expect a reasoned answer because progressives don't have one. If you did, you would have given it. Everyone knows that calling the unborn a fetus just makes your guilty conscience feel better. No one really believes that a fetus is not a living being. You can try and make that argument but most people don't buy it.

Most people, including myself, believe that abortion is reasonable in some situations (health of the mother, rape, incest, etc). It's the pregoressive/democratic mantra of "anytime, anywhere, for any reason" that doesn't hold water.

Killing the young or the unborn, whether by gun violence or by some doctors hand, still ends up with a dead person. Now, try and explain the difference why the left is in an outrage over killing in one instance, but supports killing with no questions asked in the other case. And please, don't try to raise "womens health" as the reason. Most of the dead unborn are female. What about their health?

Coalage3 5 years 13 weeks ago

And as to Limbaugh's solution for immigration, what is your problem? He may be a dope fiend, oxycontin abuser, but he's a whole lot smarter than you are.

Don't you care about the poor illegal immigrants? You obviously only support them because they willl most likely vote democratic. You could say that not getting to vote for some number of years is their penance for living here illegally. You trade immediate citzenship for the right to vote for some number of years.

Legend 5 years 13 weeks ago

I find it interesting that CPAC was a gun free zone. They gave a rifle out as a prize and could not even bring it out on stage.

Out west here gun ranges have become popular. Some are Gun Clubs similar to Golf Country Clubs where they have restaurants and even serve liquor. Nice places for Republicans to gather and socialize. I am sure that Democrats could go also. Yesterday I happen to be at an auto dealer next to one. The Main Range etc was in one building and in a separate building was the Administration office. On the door to the administration office was a sign that said "Absolutely No Guns Allowed Inside".

stopgap's picture
stopgap 5 years 13 weeks ago

Maybe I'm not as smart as the toxic pus-ball, Rush Limbaugh. But I'm not dumb enough to fall for his rightwing, oligarch think-tank generated, nazi/fascist bullshit propaganda either. Many years ago, I knew nothing about Rush Limbaugh, but after listening to him for less than fifteen minutes, I knew everything that I ever needed to know about him. Everything was built on half-truths, innuendo, hearsay ("some people say…"), false context and lies by omission.

But, like Rush and Fox News, I'm smart enough to know that their audience does not come to them for enlightenment, facts or truth - In fact you are more likely to get fired from Fox for telling the truth, than for lying. Their audience comes to them for validation of their racism, greed and anti government tendencies. Anti enlightened American tendencies that they were compelled to suppress until Rush and Fox came along encouraging them to be proud and open about their selfishness and presumed racial superiority.

And yes Coalage, you are still creating your own definitions to prop up your argument, "everybody knows that calling the unborn a fetus…" when it is actually the other way around: you are calling a fetus the unborn.

Then you try to make a blanket statement that Democrats are fine with abortions "anytime, anyplace, anywhere." Bullshit!!! You are just making shit up to so that you won't feel guilty about harassing and bullying women that are making, what is likely, the most painful decision they will ever have to make and one that they will have to live with for the rest of their lives.

But of course compassion and empathy from the right is only reserved for the "unborn." "Once you're born…you're on your on!" "Don't come crying to me for help…I've got this big fucking wall to build on the Mexican border to keep the born out." "I've gotta go stock-up on some more ammo."

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Hephaestus 5 years 13 weeks ago

#50 - The rich have not got this

If there is no economic activity and there is no middle class and there is no one that spends money they will become extinct

The rely very heavily on the value of fiat money

Coalage3 5 years 13 weeks ago

So Stopgap, I can surmise from your comments that you have no compassion or empathy for the unborn. Why is that? I thought progressives/democrats were all about defending the defenseless. I guess not so much in this case. The right to have sex with no consequences "trumps" the right to life. Got it...

D-Raye's picture
D-Raye 5 years 13 weeks ago

You and Rush do understand that there's a difference between being granted legal immigration status and becoming a U.S. citizen right? After becoming a legal immigrant one has to live in the U.S. for 5 consecutive years without any long spans outside of the country before they can even apply for citizenship. Then it can take several more years after that to become a citizen. Then they can vote. Rush is not nearly as smart as some think,

Coalage3 5 years 13 weeks ago

I think what Rush proposed was to grant the illegal immigrants citzenship status immediately, except for the right to vote for some period of years (15?). Not just legal immigrant status. His reasoning was that his proposal should satisfy both republicans and democrats if the arguments they are putting forth about immigration are genuine.

Not a chance though that politicians are genuine.

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