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deepspace's picture
deepspace 33 weeks 5 days ago

FREE COUPON good for one mental health intervention awarded to aka Age3:

SUMMARY: You keep circling back in downward spirals of utter nonsense to the same hackneyed talking points, which you've obviously gleaned from the right-wing bubble-sphere and which have no basis in reality. All those stale word-salads over the years with no calories and "dressing" contaminated with fascists' feces (explained below) and flesh-eating bacteria have infected your gray matter quite extensively.

RECOMMENDED TREATMENT: I'm sorry to report that your condition is acute, and from this point forward, your number one goal in life should be to ...gimme a sec ...lemme look at your chart ...holy sh*t! Go seek some really, really serious help, man, right efing NOW! Fast! Give yourself up before they track you down with dogs! The shrinks will undoubtedly have to prescribe several bouts of high-voltage shock treatments and long-term deprogramming therapy in the cellar​ of some loony bin hidden deep in grizzly bear country, far, far away from Limbaugh, Hannity, Fux News, Drudge, white supremacists, or who-efing-ever, but especially from Trump tweets! Meanwhile, lock yourself in a dark room and call 911 immediately.

DIAGNOSIS: Your mishmash of, ah, "facts" are what Kellyanne Conway calls "alternative facts," what Giuliani means in "truth isn't truth," and what Joseph Goebbels called "half truths and lies." Virtually every one of your posts are just fragments of disconnected, factually incorrect thoughts and off-the-shelf, mindlessly repetitive, only slightly varied sentences strung together around the same programed, focus-group-filtered, market-tested talking points from Bizarro World, updated daily and loudly broadcast throughout the Bubble Kingdom.

Whatever disgusting dreck is flushed into the sewers of the billionaires' "stink tanks" is shoveled directly into the hungry maws of sh*theads who lap it up. The corporate-sponsored daily news cycle across the spectrum covers every platform on the internet, radio, and TV, from morning tweets and emails to daytime talk shows, news feeds, and podcasts to evening prime-time news to every other possible nook and cranny of humankind's communication network.

From sunup to sundown, your so-called "minions" are in reality zombie armies of little right-wing dung beetles rolling up endless little balls of sh*t for the easy consumption of vacant media pundits, who then regurgitate everything into even easier to consume servings of splashy soundbites, which in turn become fodder for viral email and aggregated news dumps -- so that the wild-eyed Trumpies in the tribe, such as yourself, can slurp it up and puke it up yet again -- so that family and friends may enjoy recycled billionaire bile too. (Fun "fact" from Bizarro World: right-wing dung beetles can only fly in circles in the same direction. Duh!)

...And on it goes, polishing the same turds day after day, and each morning expecting a different flavor -- Einstein's definition of insanity, slightly paraphrased.

CONCLUSION: Quit gobbling up and spewing out right-wing sh*t and seek help. Or rub bacon grease on your hiking boots and make a grizzly happy. It would be a much more humane and fruitful passing (and a relief for those around you) than slowly wasting away with Trump mind-rot.

Coalage3 33 weeks 5 days ago

And the facist democrats march on (or should I say goose step):

From Rod Dreher:


I am hearing from conservatives who can’t stand Trump (people like, well, myself), who are standing with Kavanaugh, not because we have any regard for Trump, but because what liberals are doing here is so transparently vicious and unjust. Beinart is correct that we look at what’s being done to Kavanaugh and fear, but it’s very much not because we want to see a sexual assailant elevated to the Court. I can see why liberals tell themselves that, but it’s not true. We fear because Kavanaugh is being publicly destroyed on the basis of flimsy accusations made at politically opportune times. We fear because #MeToo has created a climate in which mere accusation is tantamount to an imposition of guilt.

Honestly, Trump deserves much of the scorn and loathing he routinely inspires on the Left. He invites it. Kavanaugh, though? Conservatives look at Kavanaugh and see an ordinary, bland Republican man who is not getting a fair shake, who is being vilified primarily for being a conservative male who is believed to be against abortion (though I don’t know why they think that).

Kavanaugh might actually be guilty of these terrible things. But that has yet to be demonstrated. The Democrats have created an environment in which the truth scarcely matters. What is true is what serves the Party.

Coalage3 33 weeks 5 days ago

He said/she said. Professor Ford might be the most sympathetic witness ever to appear before Congress. Okay, but where is the proof to backup her allegation? As far as I can determine, there still isn't any. Its interesting that her memory of the event overall is shaky at best. As I have said earlier, an accusation is not evidence.

The dems (perhaps with one or two exceptions) were not going to vote for Kavanaugh under any circumstance. Trump was absolutely right when he remarked that the democrats would not vote for George Washington if he nominated him. Trump could renominate the ghost of Thurgood Marshall and the dems would find a reason to not vote for him.

This whole arranged and orchestrated debacle about alleged "attacks" was intended to try and put pressure on Collins and Murkowski to vote no because they are women. Its not about the facts because there are none. At least not any that can be verified.

We all know how this will play. If the vote is held within the next few days, and Kavanaugh is confirmed, then the demcrats and their liberal media allies will lie and portray it as an attack on women instead of telling the truth and saying that there was no evidence to support the claims of the accuser. If the vote is delayed for whatever reason, the liberal media and democrats will still lie and say the republicans hate women anyway. So what do the republicans have to lose?

deepspace's picture
deepspace 33 weeks 5 days ago

Again, Age3, answer the damn question! Why are you even on this blog, when all you ever do is double down on gross ignorance, and in a public forum no less for all to witness?

So what is your "Republican agenda" and ulterior motive anyway, or are you really just as stupid as you appear? Clearly, you do not even understand what fascism is, as it has evolved in America and around the world, nor do you realize your own pathetic role as a follower. Yet, here you are, pontificating and enlightening the rest of us. Sad.

A right-wing despicable liar who quotes another right-wing despicable liar (#2 above) doesn't prove anything except that authoritarian followers like yourself can't think for themselves and must turn to a supposed outside authority to lend a veneer of supposed acceptability with a supposed scholarly rebuttal that hopefully won't sound as idiotic as your own, that might make delusion seem like reality. Sorry, it didn't work (confirmed in #3 above).

So where is the evidence that "the Democrats" (meaning who exactly?) are involved in any secret conspiracy whatsoever to destroy Kavanaugh's nomination? It looks like he's accomplishing that amazing feat all on his own due to his own (alleged) past behavior. Karma's a bitch. If you don't believe the veracity of the accusations, then, by all means, call your Senator and demand an FBI investigation to clear the judge's good name -- before the full Senate votes!

Occam's razor would indicate that this whole sad spectacle is nohing more, nothing less than exactly what it appears to be: sexual assault survivors bravely coming forward on their own at this time because they are appalled and disgusted that their most feared and hated monster is about to be elevated to a most exalted status -- totally undeserved -- by a political party that could care less about women's issues and their greatest concerns. And these victims-cum-activists think the rest of us should damn-well know about it!

But logical explanations and appeals to intellectual honesty based on outside reality simply don't compute in the atrophied brain of a Trump knob-jobber. One cannot reason with fervent, overzealous, brainwashed, far-right Republican lunatics; one can only vote them out of power. And don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out in November.

Seek help. (Preferably somewhere else.)

HotCoffee's picture
HotCoffee 33 weeks 5 days ago

How did Blasey's attys just happen to not tell her that she could have been questioned in California?

Why the lie she doesn't fly, when she seems fine with flying?

Why didn't her attys go to the Safeway she said would help with time & dates regarding time frame her witness worked there? They have employment records as does Social Security Dept.

Blasey may believe what she says but the Dems & attys did no follow through to prove her testimony. I believe the Dems decieved Blasey and the American people.

So far no witnessess or supporting evidence.

Dems asking no real questions just posturing their political BS.

HotCoffee's picture
HotCoffee 33 weeks 5 days ago


Don't let DS tell you where or when you may post! Every American has a right to their opinion and where they want to post it. Rights do not just belong to the deep left.

If only the left posted here DS would be speaking only to himself.

OK, the real circus is about to start!

deepspace's picture
deepspace 33 weeks 4 days ago


You are falsely insinuating (lying) that I am not honoring the principle of free speech, e.g., "the right of every American to their opinion," as it applies here. Where's the evidence of that, pray tell? I continually state as clearly as possible that anyone and everyone, even despicable liars, have the right to come here and say whatever the hell they want, within the law, right or wrong. It sure ain't my call, since I'm not the monitor, thank god.

AND, on the flip side, the right of anyone else to push back, contest, protest, or ridicule as loudly as they wish, within the law, is just as sacrosanct, probably more so. Anyone, even with the mental age of a three-year old, of course has the right to post their opinion, as worthless as it is, anywhere their little black heart so desires. Freedom of speech, however, is a double-edged sword, which means that anyone else also has the right to slap them down (metaphorically) and tell them to shut the f*ck up and get the f*ck away -- you know, like being accosted on the sidewalk by a religious whackjob with a bullhorn. "Praise the lord ...and gimme some money goddamn it!" -- Alex Jones being a more extreme case in point as a well-earned victim of free-speech backlash in the private sector.

Do I think people should be forced to shut up and sit down? Not unless they go beyond the pale with the whole hate and anger and violence thing, which Alex Jones did in spades. Do I wish lying, brainwashed little trolls scurrying about underfoot every-goddamn-where would just crawl back into their fever swamp and make this a better blog, like it use to be way back when? Absolutely! Any sane person would. But that's just my frank opinion, as worthless as it is to you.

Or does the "right of every American to their opinion" only apply to you, or someone even further along the lunatic fringe of the right-wing spectrum? Seriously, I'm not kidding that Age3 should seek intervention for the sake of his own sanity. Subconsciously trying to verify or justify one's far-right, dangerous-to-democracy delusions on a progressive site is a poor replacement for professional counseling, especially if you see an ornery horse glaring down at you.

True patriotism is the right to dissent, and boy do I ever dissent from the forces of big-money fascism! Apologies, me lady, for offending your delicate sensibilities, but In a purported working democracy of, by, and for the people, it is the sacred duty of all citizens to get off their big dumb asses and fight back against fascist flying monkeys swooping down from the undemocratic heights of their corporate castles to spread falsehoods across social media and everywhere else human minds intermingle.

Suppressing the vote and suffocating free speech -- attacking the heart of organic democracy -- with lies and half-truths is just what Republican politicians and the corporatist class of billionaires do. It's in their DNA, like shifting the tax burden downward and the tax benefits upward, socializing profits for the rich and capitalizing loses for the poor by cutting their already meager benefits. The rich man economy may be doing great, but the middle class is deep in debt with stagnate wages that don't even come close to keeping up with inflation, while the ranks of poor folk in need of basic assistance are swelling because their low wages are way below the level of subsistence for this jungle economy. And that's just one of the ways, albeit huge, that hard-working taxpayers are subsidizing the billionaire class. There are many other ways. (Hint: that's why they're billionaires and you're not.)

The Republican massive disinformation campaigns are carefully and constantly scrubbed through focus-groups and engineered by right-wing propagandists (who are greatly more effective than their Russian counterpart wannabes). These masters of deception operate out of opposition research departments squirreled away in their laughably misnamed "think tanks" and/or counterintelligence units, where the political stances, religious prejudices, and personal biases of American oligarchs are widely disseminated and planted into the susceptible minds of the politically naive.

Everyone can and does have their honest opinions, and Thom's Blog used to be a great place for airing things out. One could always find thoughtful insight, a wide variety of viewpoints, and a lively, free-wheeling discussion of important topics and issues, which were usually pinned to hard reality more than to just abstract political ideologies based on absurdities, poorly sourced bullsh*t, or wandering, scatter-brain deflections from the main topic(s) at hand. Legend has elaborated on this much better than I.

Let it be remembered, children, that once upon a time this dusty ghost town was a vibrant place to share the real news and to discuss its true significance. It was a rare safe harbor from the cacophony of ear-splitting ignorance and ubiquitous lies overwhelming every analogue or digital platform that people use nowadays to reach out and touch the world.

Alas, we have entered the Trump epoch when "truth isn't truth," and shameless, straight-up lying is the coin of the realm. Check the archives: one by one, as Trump trolls gradually clogged up the threads with right-wing garbage, the progressive/liberal/moderate/Democratic voices, searching for some kind of sanity outside the chaos of the nonstop media circus, began to drop away. Then, Sue Nethercott had to deal with health issues and quit monitoring. Hell, even Thom, undoubtedly with a million other things to do, eventually got fed up (presumably) with the infestation of trolls and quit contributing to his own blog, which was becoming a waste of his precious time.

Roger that! Now, it's like a scene out of the Aliens movie with drooling trolls slinking around dark, empty corridors. I only came back temporarily (aren't you glad) for some easy target practice and to sharpen my teeth a bit, and perhaps to scrape a little guano off the floor. Sorry, there's just too much of that now. Even heavy sledge hammers (long posts) can't bust it up. "Truth isn't truth." Not anymore.

Buried somewhere in the previous lingering thread that drug out for several months, a dead-ender troll was sarcastically lamenting that they had chased away (with blunt-force stupidity and lies no doubt) most of the liberal and progressive voices (you know, normal people) who had regularly posted here. Another troll clinging to the carcass (Was it you perhaps?) gleefully exclaimed. "Good, we won!"

Won what exactly? A mostly empty echo chamber of screeching, hooting, inbred flying monkeys crapping in their own nest? Yo, HotCakes, don't burn your buns in all the excitement ...or rather, all the excrement, especially the huuuge pile of horse turds I just added to the menu for your everlasting enjoyment and sustenance.

You're welcome, madam.


Coalage3 33 weeks 4 days ago

DS is emblematic of the problem with the facist democratic party in this country. He reminds me of the must assimilate. If you dissent from the facist democratic party line then you must be destroyed. Sounds just like the Germany of Hitler, doesn't it?

Thank God for Sen. Graham. He is definitely not my favorite senator because he has never met a military action that he doesn't like. But his remarks at the hearing were a thing of beauty. Finally, a senator who had the guts to speak out against the deplorable tactics of the democrats.

I don't know what has happened to the democratic party in this country. They have gone from supporting the working men and women in this country to siding with the elitist 1%.

Anybody heard anything from the democrats lately about any economic policy for the middle and lower classes? No. Heard anything about foreign policy from the democrats? No. Heard anything from the democrats other than hate and division? That would be a resounding NO.

The election of Trump, plus the fact that Congress and most of the state legislatures are controlled by republicans, just proves how far away the democrats have drifted. To quote Metallica..."sad but true".

HotCoffee's picture
HotCoffee 33 weeks 4 days ago

All anyone needs to do is look at the cities run by democrates over the last 20 years or so to see exactly how the well the middle and lower income folks have done under democrat rule. All the income the people have gained, how the the homeless have been helped....right? Oh I forgot thats Trumps fault that our counry has slid into a sh*thole country. He turned SF into sh*t and feces, Illinois into the shooting capitol of the country, LA into one large homeless incampment et al.

As I'm typing this the Dems are outside the hearing having a temper tantrum because they didn't get their way. That is what they have become, a bitch*n whinning mass temper tantrum that Maxine has led into a harassing, hateful, violent group of stalkers.

No one has been run off from Thoms blog except maybe people that can't stand an opposing opinion. I don't see in this blog any speech more hateful than DS, be that as it may, no one suggests that it would be better for him not to post. It's very sad to watch Dems tear the country apart, hatefully turning against their own families, and also against the middle of the country that grows the food on their tables. The hateful talk about old white men by old white women who must not ever look in the mirror. Very sad.

Tell me if this country is as bad as Dems say why do so many people want to come here?

HotCoffee's picture
HotCoffee 33 weeks 3 days ago

Now that there will possibly be more FBI investigations lets investigate this too.

Enough aleady.

Someone is doxxing GOP senators on a computer from the House of Representatives, began shortly after the Graham speech. I'm not going to retweet the account where this is posted.

— Burgess Everett (@burgessev) September 27, 2018

THAT is a violation of at least 3 Federal Statutes, not to mention being a threat against sitting members of Congress. The FBI needs to get on that system NOW and find out who did it so they can be fired and charged.

— COLORADO HAOLE (@ColoradoScubaFr) September 27, 2018

HotCoffee's picture
HotCoffee 33 weeks 3 days ago

WOW I caught a Dem doin there job!

H.R.6929 - To improve the retirement security of American families by strengthening Social Security.Sponsor:Rep. Sanchez, Linda T. [D-CA-38] (Introduced 09/27/2018)Committees:House - Ways and Means; Education and the WorkforceLatest Action:House - 09/27/2018 Referred to the Committee on Ways and Means, and in addition to the Committee on Education and the Workforce, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned. (All Actions)

deepspace's picture
deepspace 33 weeks 3 days ago

HotCakes the HillaryHater:

So, do you hate Hillary?

But what you call "hateful," as applied to "Dems" in general and to me specifically, is actually more accurately described as outrage, disgust, and resolve -- strong feelings the majority of the electorate will be expressing in November and again in 2020. No worries though; it'll be a good thing for you ...and everyone else on the planet.

All the daily, over-the-top lies and outrageous hypocrisy of Trump's immoral and likely criminal behavior ...

All Trump's divisive, highly partisan, hate-filled, racist, misogynistic, homophobic, xenophobic, nonstop, campaign-style rhetoric that falsely blames the Democratic Party for his own destructive words and actions ...

All the tales of ineptitude and lack of ability to govern responsibly in a lowbrow, overly dramatic, back-stabbing, endlessly chaotic, reality-show, White House atmosphere ...

All the innocent children yanked from their mothers' arms, kidnaped, and thrown in cages ...

All the inaction on gun violence after offering insincere and hypocritical "thoughts and prayers" ...

All the pollution and poison we'll be eating, drinking, and breathing because of mindless, profit-driven deregulation, and all the horrific effects of ACD (anthropogenic climate disruption) that future generations will suffer because ours didn't taking it seriously when we had a chance to slow it down and possibly reverse it ...

All the shame and ridicule around the world heaped on the United States for violating key agreements, alienating allies, emboldening enemies, and for overall buffoonery in conducting a disjointed, ineffective, incoherent, and dangerous foreign "policy," or lack thereof ...

All the taxpayer sweat and blood squandered in endless, pointless warfare that only subsidizes and enriches billionaires in the "defense" and oil industries ...

All the ignominious displays of subservience and cowardice by a billionaire-owned Republican congress that has dropped all pretense of decorum, tradition, and fairness in constantly trying to ram through fascistic policies that primarily benefit the plutocrats at the expense of ordinary people. Let's say that again: The only two "accomplishments" Republicans can brag on will only end up hurting you and me and the kids:

1) Big Whoopee Tax Cut: Screws over American workers, taxpayers, and families by exploding the deficit, forcing regular taxpayers to pay for what can only be described as history's single biggest, most naked transference of wealth from the bottom 90% to the top 10%, with the lion's share going to the top 1%. The other main way the Liars on the Hill plan on paying for this shameless redistribution of wealth is to take it out of the hide of the needy and defenseless by cutting funding for public education, public infrastructure and transportation, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, food stamps, housing, or any other such nonsense that smacks of sympathy and empathy for the less fortunate.

2) FAR far-right Judges: Installing as many corporate friendly, anti-labor hacks as possible as quickly as possible only dims the prospects for American workers and their families for the indefinite future. The single biggest litmus test they face besides being against Roe v. Wade is a proven track record of heavily tilted decisions in favor of corporate power and against the concerns of the luckless victims of that ungodly power.

... All of these things are just some of the things that have outraged and disgusted Americans enough to motivate large numbers to register and vote, especially women, minorities, the young, and the poor.

It's not just me -- most everyone just about everywhere, besides immoderate Republicans, have figured out by now that what you euphemistically (nice try) refer to as "opposing opinions" are really nothing but outright lies that require some serious pushback. It's the lies, not the opinions that are the issue. Always has been, always will be.

So quit deflecting and admit it: the R-E-P-U-B-L-I-C-A-N Party, NOT the Democratic Party is the one in power pulling the strings and the one embroiled in huge scandal after huge scandal of their own making (sorry, no Democratic conspiracy) that have become everyday occurrences dangerously normalized.

You and Age3 have it all upside down, backwards, and inside out -- two lost souls deep in a cave with a dying candle and a soggy match.

"And it's hard to hold a candle in the cold November rain" --Guns N' Roses

HotCoffee's picture
HotCoffee 33 weeks 3 days ago

So just how did so many Dems become saving their pennies since childhood? Gov Brown has allowed plenty of oil wells in Ca. but then that's his family business, Do you happen to wear a patch over one of your eyes? Obviously the democratic one?

Do you mean putting children in Obamas cages? I guess ripping them out of the womb is so much better.

Where is your outrage over the women clinton raped and molested?

Funny that the most gun violence is in Dem cities, but it's the Repubs fault as usual.

I could go on and on but the hypocracy is obvious.

Many things you say are correct except for the one sidedness of it. We do need a fair wage and fairness for the people yet somehow I don't think you'll get it with temper tantrums, or from Tom Styner.

At least I can point out when a dem does something good see post above. It's called looking at individual acts not lumping people into catagories.

When dems grow up maybe the real problems can be worked out, the problems were created by both sides and it will take both sides to fix them.

Hillary's little FISA game just might bring down the whole house of cards.

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Teach Your Children

changeX's picture
changeX 33 weeks 3 days ago

Alas, another item can be added to The List of Things to do with Used Tea Bags.

deepspace's picture
deepspace 33 weeks 3 days ago

@#13: Bam, right out of the gate -- another subtle misrepresentation, then another and another. It's hard to keep up with you, HotMama.

When have I ever said that I favor Democratic billionaires over Republican billionaires? In my humble opinion, we shouldn't have any billionaires at all. Period. Nobody should monopolize that level of personal wealth in an essentially zero-sum economy that expands and contracts. Guess who keeps wealth mostly intact during a contraction and who doesn't.

Billionaire wealth would be much more fruitful left in the economy in the form of higher wages, higher education, healthcare, infrastructure, and welfare for our crippled, aged, or otherwise challenged fellow citizens who are incapable of earning a living but who nonetheless deserve the respect and security accorded any human being, and not to be left homeless on the streets. Plus, all that idle wealth locked away in a sterile digital wasteland could instead help finance a number of other essential domestic infrastructure projects, potentially creating millions of high-paying jobs that would last a long time, which in turn would add revenue to the Treasury and reduce the deficit and debt. What's not to like, unless you're a cranky billionaire?

Our own history proves, as do those of other vibrant democracies with large middle classes, that more investments that stabilize civilian society -- instead of going toward more ships, jets, bombs, and war -- increases middle and lower class wealth in leaps and bounds, invariably leading to a more robust economy and, consequently, to a happier, healthier, more productive population with less poverty, sickness, drug addiction, crime, domestic violence, and divorce.

Ah, but wouldn't that directly challenge the wealth and power and exalted status of the plutocrats? YES! It's called revolution! But at the ballot box instead of the ammo box. Naturally, white-supremacists, fundamentalists, militia types, and aging tough guys dressed in camo with bellies hanging over gun belts (mostly all Republican/Libertarian) would have us choose the ammo box and fight da guvmunt. No! Stupid! (Go back to drinking beers, Bubba. We'll call you when dinner's ready.)

A healthy economy is one based on solid wealth, fairness, and peace, rather than astronomical debt, extreme wealth disparity, and endless, endless warfare. But here we are -- stuck with the by-god real thing: power-mongering plutocrats literally stealing our democracy and economy out from under us, no matter what stripe we happen to wear. Still, hands down, one helluva a lot more billionaires buy Republicans than Democrats. Why?

Haha ...and now, we're back to playing patty-cake, kid games: I'm rubber; you're glue. What you say bounces off me and sticks to you. Speaking of "one-sidedness," check the archives: your periodic renouncements of partisanship appear somewhat feigned, since most of your political commentary is heavily weighted toward pro-Trump/Republican and anti-Democrat/liberal programed talking points that one hears just about everywhere.

See how that works -- the reversal of roles, the one-sidedness? For a once-upon-a-time Democrat, albeit disillusioned, you seem to have contracted a bad case of unconscious bias projection somewhere along your path of evolution, which appears over-generalized when projected onto Democrats, and without solid justification. Anecdotal evidence from your past experiences in California with Feinstein, Governor Moonbeam, or whoever and whatever, doesn't indicate a larger trend nationwide. Time marches on; the world changes.

FYI: I'm more truth v. lie than red/blue, con/lib, Rep/Dem. But it can't be helped that the objective truth about outside events, and the real world beyond one's abstract ideation and unconscious biases, are largely in line with traditional Democratic/progressive/liberal worldviews and platform issues rather than those promoted by modern-day, so-called "conservative" corporatists. Not always of course.

I'm open, but no Republican or Democrat in a primary will ever get my vote, unless: they take anthropogenic climate disruption seriously; they quit advocating for more and more spending for war and less and less for domestic needs; they quit trying to dismantle regulations that are designed to keep the population and environment healthy and economically stable; they quit working for their billionaire donors and start working for you and me and Bobby McGee; they quit trying to suppress the vote; they quit governing as if this was a Christian fundamentalist theocracy based on wackadoodle pseudoscience; they advocate for Medicare for all and for removing the insurance industry choke hold (or at least strengthen Obamacare and rein in the greed of the insurance companies); they advocate for subsidized college, higher taxes on the rich, reduced military spending, higher wages, stronger unions, sane gun laws, and most importantly, for publicly funded political campaigns, banning all other outside money from influencing our political process.

That's for starters, but you get the idea. By the way, those are just some of the issues that long-term polling averages show, depending on which issue, 60-80% of people agree with -- when the questions are framed as generic and don't allude to party affiliation. So, most issues mischaracterized as "left" by corporate media or "far left" by right-wing pundits are actually, it turns out, about as mainstream, mom, and apple pie as they can possibly be. It's the right-wing corporate agenda -- classic fascism -- that's truly on the far right and way out of step with average Americans.

It's pointless going around in aimless circles with you again while the coffee gets cold, as you seem to have a knee-jerk propensity to deflect from key subject matter, to ignore it altogether, or to misrepresent the intent and meaning of opposing viewpoints. I don't know if it's unconscious or not. That's fine, though; long posts delving into issues are hard to absorb. Guess my "dump truck" is just bigger than yours. ;-)

However, for the record, you are ascribing to me, then holding responsible, your own off-topic, cherry-picked issues and biases that you harbor against the "dems," the Clintons, and Obama. This is just a transparent deflection from the present-day reality of a pathological liar and sexual predator, who ain't too bright and is presently lurching around the warrens of the White House breaking things and scaring people. And now this immoral oaf just nominated another demonstrable liar and alleged sexual predator to sit on the Supreme Court for life.

BUT, we're all suppose to travel down dead-end paths with HotCakes as a way to deflect from what's going on right in front of our eyes with today's power players deciding the world's fate, as we speak. Additionally, the whole Obama cage thing, whatever, is debunked and misguided on many fronts, sinking nowhere near the depth of depravity of Trump's border policy -- a travesty of justice that the UN, the Pope, as well as most of humanity, have condemned as criminally immoral. But let's face it, the primary problem of immigration is that Republicans don't know how to rule and can't come up with a comprehensive immigration-reform bill that would be agreeable to both legislative bodies and the White House. Meanwhile, we have a dysfunctional, xenophobic bigot with a delusional border-wall fetish trying to kick start what would become the biggest boondoggle in American history ...and that's saying a lot!

BTW, I've condemned Bill Clinton repeatedly back in the day for his sexual transgressions and patronizing behavior toward women and unwanted touching, exposing himself, lying, etc.. (Nonconsensual rape was never proven, however.) He's certainly not my guy to defend. But you know what? It's been adjudicated ad nauseam; it's over; the Clintons and the Obama's are no longer on the stage. There's nothing more that anybody can add or subtract, say or do, to change a damn thing. It's past the time to move on and up to present-day realities, which are becoming more and more dire each passing moment.

Now, if you don't follow HotCakes' pet peeves and go down her random rabbit holes, suddenly you're a hypocrite. How dare thou hypocrite not anticipate which hole to go down before daring to opine about the main topic. If you follow such "logic" a little further, however, that would mean one would have to write several paragraphs of Democrat/Clinton/Obama back history, complete with explanations and qualifications and footnotes of this that and everything, before daring to point out any of Trump's repulsive behavior or the abrogation of principles by the current Republican circus of clowns.

Screw that; it's easier to be a hypocrite! And aren't my submissions long enough without qualifying them with a load of Clinton and Obama crap that doesn't pertain to current events, just because you hate them and think they make a good fallback counterargument for, well, just about any political topic? Okay, okay, we all get it!

"I could go on and on but the hypocracy [sic] is obvious."


Kend's picture
Kend 33 weeks 3 days ago

Help me understand. The economy is booming, unemployment is basically at zero, wages are going up as taxes are going down. You still have your precious Obamacare. Why are all the liberal left so upset. Enjoy your prosperity well it lasts.

HotCoffee's picture
HotCoffee 33 weeks 2 days ago

1. I would agree with John Perkins ( economic hitman ) 100%.

2. Google will confirm the clintons and obamas ae very much still on stage.

3. current events....immigration

Violent crime in Sweden is soaring. When will politicians act? | The Spectator sponsored of couse! I don't think John Perkins is supportive of globalisum.Shall we bring the whole world here? 4. this week in California I support the wall. You might to when IEDS arive in your neighborhood. 5.
more chaos per the globalist IMF & UN 6. I completly wish we could get rid of oil, we are not in that position YET! However many people working on it including my family for the last 40 +years starting during the gas lines in 1972. Just recieved info from the European Fuel Cell Symposium before typing this. The president Ulf Bossel spent a week at my home several years ago. Unfortunatly fuel cells have turned out to be polluting too. Look what's happening to Tesla. Wind and solar are awsome but can't do it alone. Several new technologies are in peocess. Until then we will go down without oil. for your reading pleasure. Sorry no time to clean up the spacing ....on Thoms especially cumbersome idea of a blog site.

deepspace's picture
deepspace 33 weeks 2 days ago

Do your own homework and dive into the real numbers, Kend, instead of just swallowing the pablum being fed to you by corporate media. There are two economies: for the rich; for everyone else.

Salaries, bonuses, dividends, stock values, shadow-banking investments, high-end real estate, reduced taxes for billionaires -- hey, that economy is doing fantastic! The top ten percent, or so, are partying like there's no tomorrow. Bully for them.

No so much for the bottom ninety percent smothered in staggering debt, especially the bottom half or more. Their economy suffers stagnant wages (adjusted for inflation, stuck at 1970s levels). Even if the working poor are slaving away at two or more jobs, they still can't afford restaurants, vacations, newer cars, decent housing, adequate healthcare, college, retirement, emergencies, daycare, home and vehicle maintenance, etc., etc., etc.

The much ballyhooed tax cuts are primarily for the exclusive rich. The few bones thrown to the unwashed masses are buried by higher insurance premiums, deductibles, and co-pays. Plus, higher inflation on all consumer goods and services is on the rise, which will only get worse if the orange clown keeps waging a fruitless and destructive trade war with China, Europe, Canada, and pretty much the whole world, using caveman, blunt-force trauma rather than an intelligent and well-thought-out approach. Why is that not surprising?

And who will eventually pay for the billionaire tax giveaway that just exploded the deficit yet again? Well, you can bet your ass it won't be them. It'll be everyone else and their kids. So tighten your belts, peasants -- if you have any notches left.

By the way, what you call the "liberal left" is actually the vast majority of the population sitting right smack dab in the middle of the political spectrum, when they're polled strictly on the issues without any political connotations attached. Whereas the Republican agenda, which is always about deregulation of giant monopolies and tax cuts for the obscenely wealthy who own them, is way to the right of mainstream thought. That's what the average polling numbers have consistently demonstrated year after year, so it's a real phenomenon and not just a statistical fluke.

Quotes popularized by Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain): "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies, and statistics." Or another way to look at it: "Figures don't lie, but liars do figure."

You're being lied to, Kend. That's why you continually ask the same questions and never get closer to the understanding you seek. For starters, turn off Fux News, hate radio, and quit reading viral emails and right-wing conspiracy theories on the internet. Then expand your horizons.

"The truth is out there. But so are lies." -- Dana Scully, The X-files.

deepspace's picture
deepspace 33 weeks 2 days ago

HC: Gimmie a break! PUH-lease! Google will confirm any damn thing you want it to, if you spend enough time digging around. A search engine is not an arbiter of truth; it's only a tool that connects you to everything ever written, true or not. It's what you are searching for and where you are searching that's the challenge. Garbage in, garbage out.

Clarification: The Clintons and Obamas are out of office and are no longer at the helm of power, deciding the fate of the planet -- that's what I meant when stating that they are no longer "on the stage." They're just on the "speaking circuit" now, the grave yard where old politicos go to die -- and get paid boocoo bucks! (Am I using too many words or too few to get across my meaning?)

Expand your horizons. "The Truth Is out there. But so are lies."

Kend's picture
Kend 33 weeks 2 days ago

Deep I know you will correct if I am wrong but it looks like Trump tax cut is about 3% for everyone with a minimum tax rate of 10%. With a maximum of about 40%. Not sure what the big fuss is. As to tax fairness, the top 1% pay 27% the top 5% - 46% and the top 10% pay about -60% of the taxes. This seems more than fair. If you don't agree what should those numbers be in your opinion?

The corporate rate went from 35% to 21%. Which I think is smart. Americans where investing in other countries that have much better tax rates. This will help bring investors back to the states. Again if you don't agree give me a number. What should corporations pay?

Dianereynolds's picture
Dianereynolds 33 weeks 2 days ago

HotCoffee, living in California I would like to have you check something out for me.

I am pretty sure I heard it on CNN's Rachel Madcow's show but you know how our minds can forget the exact details,

Is it true Caitlyn Jenner is accusing Bruce Jenner of abusing her sexually for decades?

Thanks for any help you can give in uncovering this travesty.

HotCoffee's picture
HotCoffee 33 weeks 2 days ago

Hi Diane,

She is not a subject that I have followed so Google would be my resource and with a quick glance the only reference I notice refers to her book. I've never paid much attention to Hollywoods contrived BS.

Sorry. Always willing to help where I can though :)

HotCoffee's picture
HotCoffee 33 weeks 2 days ago


Your ability to bypass the truth is amazing. Perhaps if a couple of live IEDs were rolling through your neighborhood you would take it a little more seriously. I also doubt that the EU alters their countries newspapers and news sites just to disagree with you. But deflect if you must. Facts are, once stable countries with great social benifits are being torn apart socially and financially as immigrants decline to work or assimilate while creating their own getthos and introducing never before experienced violence. Not just in one or two countries but in all the EU countries they have entered.

You yourself in prior posts once brought up John Perkins which I read when it came out. I wouldn't consider him a defender of the UN, WTO or the IMF would you? This new found love of the UN on the left didn't start until Trump took them on, prior to that every one from Chompsky to Chris Hedges was opposed.

Yes there is Google garbage but thats not what I posted and if you read it we both know that.

HotCoffee's picture
HotCoffee 33 weeks 2 days ago


I have spent 22 years in the Hardware Store business and this is what I have observed.

As store manager I did the ordering for the entire store. In the begining products were labled as to what country they were made in. Most electrical items were made in Mexico, plumbing in USA etc. as time went on electrical moved to Vietnam where it was even cheaper to make. That hurt Mexico. Then items starting shifting countries where items were made so quickly that ordering sheets claimed country of origin may vary. After that most came from China. Now when you look around your home almost everything comes from China. Two points....1. When items such as your washing machine was made in USA it lasted a lifetime, now 3 or 4 years, yet with the cheap labor & matierals the price stays the same or higher. Another example would be Nike shoes.

2. The products have become inferior to what we make with the exception of Germanys.

My question is what country that can make it's own necessities (concrete, steel, etc.) would shut them down and turn that security over to another country? and then except an inferior product while losing money do to tariffs?

From my perspective many people didn't vote for Trump because he was Repb or Dem He has been both, but because much of what he wanted to do made sense.

Coalage3 33 weeks 1 day ago

DS is right...facism does work great for the 1% elite as now represented by the democratic facist pary of the US. Just ask Feinstein how its been working for her. Or Obama, or Clinton, or Soros. Its a shame that the democrats have now ceded support for the middle and lower classes to the republicans. And what is even worse is that the rulers of the democratic party don't care. They now like being the party of 1% elite. The modern day dems have now become exactly what they used to despise. Ironic, isn't it?

What has happened to the democratic party in this country?

Charles West's picture
Charles West 33 weeks 1 day ago

My brother said Pres Lincoln was our worst President and Pres Barack Obama is a degenerate. My brother In Law is an average Christian conservative Republican. That tells me a lot about Republicans, they act like Hitler had the right idea and the South was in the Right in The Civil War and Pres Lincoln was the worst President.

What I say to that is Hitler didn’t kill anyone, Hitler supporters did the killing and the average German help killed millions.

Trump is not the problem he is Pus, the pus that comes from an infection, that infection is the Republican Party.

The problem in America is, a vote for any Republicans is a Voter for tutoring and Killing innocent people, separating families into internment camps, For-Profit-Prison camps and Stand-your-ground laws legalized murder, all things Republicans have done and are doing just like the Nazi’s.

Nazi’s are here and The South has Risen again.

Coalage3 33 weeks 1 day ago

As usual, you got it backwards. The only goosesteppers in this country are progressives/liberals. Who will do anything and everything as long is it benefits the party? Liberals/progressives. Who doesn't care about the rule of law and due process as long as it benefits the party? Liberals/progressives. Who tries their best to stifle dissent and limit free speech they don't agree with? Liberals/progressives.

As for killing innocents, we already know who leads in that category? Liberals/progressives.

Kend's picture
Kend 33 weeks 19 hours ago

Charles what do you mean Hitler didn't kill anyone. If you didn't kill the ones Hitler wanted dead he had you killed. His hand was not on the trigger but he made the order. No due process. You where guilty without any proof, All it took was one of his followers to claim a crime was comitted and you where guilty. . Sound familar. Truth is he only cared about his and his elite freinds getting power. Hitler would have made a great modern day Democrat.

Coalage3 33 weeks 6 hours ago

As to the Kavanaugh debacle...for the life of me I cannot believe that the dems are not calling for impeachment.

That is, the impeachment of Elena Kagan from the SC. After all, she hired Kavanaugh to teach at Harvard so she is obviously complicit in furthering his career. She must even like and respect him. Oh the humanity. As per the facist democratic party standards, she is guilty by association because she supported this obviously mysoginistic pig. She must be destroyed. The party cannot tolerate any dissent.

Sorry Elena...we hardly got to know ya'!

Coalage3 32 weeks 6 days ago

How about it DS or Charles West, or even Thom or Louise? I will keep asking this question. Tell all of the posters and readers of this forum how the Trump presidency has personally harmed you. Unless you are an illegal immigrant, I think you will have great difficulty coming up with a response. We all know Trump runs his mouth and says some stupid things. But that's not really harming anyone. You know, the old stick and stones thing. What has he done that is causing you problems?

Come on, please tell everyone how Trump has caused you harm since he took office. Are you making less money now because of the Trump economic policies? Has the value of your property decreased for some reason? Have the Trump tariffs caused you to lose your job? Have you or your family members gone to fight in some Trump war somewhere in the world? Did the Trump secret police come in the middle of the night and raid your home? Oh wait, never mind. I confused him with Mueller.

This should be an easy softball question for everyone considering that Trump is the worst president ever. Right?

Coalage3 32 weeks 6 days ago

And now the NYT says that Trump was part of some financial scheme to get out of paying taxes. And this is supposed to be news? Every taxpayer in the US tries to get out of paying taxes.

Does anyone know how many times Trump has been audited by the IRS? I'm not sure but I bet its more than once. But the NYT thinks they know more than the IRS. I seriously doubt it.

And now Trump is catching flack for supposedly "mocking" Ford. Isn't this what Matt Damon and SNL did to Kavanaugh this weekend? What's the difference? What standard of decency says that Kavanaugh can be treated like dirt, but she is untouchable? If Ford did not want to be in the public eye, then she should have testified behind closed doors. But that would not have served the purposes of the facist democrats on the judicial committee. And why doesn't the NYT investigate who leaked her letter to the press?

Sen. Booker's new battle cry should be..."I am McCarthy". "I am McCarthy". The rest of the committee democrats could join in with him. "We are McCarthy".

Has a nice ring of truth to it , doesn't it?

Jazzyjim's picture
Jazzyjim 32 weeks 5 days ago

Thom, Please use your platform to promote the only thing Democrats can do to stop Kavanaugh and our decent into authoritarianism, All Democrats need to boycott all Senate and Congressional proceedings, bringing the government to a halt, until a thorough investigation charges of perjury and sexual assault of Kavanaugh are completed and made available. Non-participation and cooperation by united Democrats will be supported by a large majority of Americans and the press. This is the only way to win against thes Republican bullies who are willing to go outside the system to prevent Obama's nominee and to put in heads of our institutions who's goal is to destroy those agencies. They must stand up and fight and the only way now is to disrupt the system, which is corrupt but much more so under the Republicans. What the Republicans are doing is outrageous and only an outrageous response will do. It is the only way to defeat Kavanaugh and begin to stop our rapid decline into fascism.

Coalage3 32 weeks 5 days ago

Kavanaugh's judicial record is already well known and is not controversial. There have already been 6 previous FBI investigations and background checks.

That right...lets keep investigating. The next thing we will find out is that he pulled a little girl's pigtails in the second grade.

This is obviously just delaying tactics on the part of desperate democrats. Its time to confirm him as the next SC justice.

Now, lets have all the good democrats/progressives line up and repeat their new battle cry as led by Sen. Booker...."We are McCarthy"..."We are McCarthy"..."We are McCarthy".

Coalage3 32 weeks 5 days ago

As to Jazz, your calls for a more thorough investigation are nonsensical. Why? Because the dems on the committee have already said they believe the professor. Womans groups around the country have been proclaiming her sincerity and her alleged bravery.

If you already believe the woman, they why have anymore investigations? Its just a waste of time and money. But of course, wasting time is the point for the McCarthy democrats. After reading the latest report, along with all of the other thousands of pages of documents already submitted on Kavanaugh, do you believe any democrat is going to change their mind? Or any republican for that matter? Of course not.

I wish these democrats would stop urinating all over the american people, and then try to say its just raining outside.

Coalage3 32 weeks 4 days ago

I keep thinking the democrats will finally come to their senses and return to their roots. But they just keep jumping into a deep dark facist hole, and then they want to keep digging.

Now I read that a VP at Facebook is under progressive fire because Kavanaugh is a friend of his, and he sat behind him during part of the committee hearings. I saw clips of protestors at the capitol shouting something like..."Kavanaugh should be in jail". What? I thought progressives were making fun of Trump supporters who used to shout "lock her up" when he mentioned Hillary. And now they are doing the very same thing that they said was inappropriate behavior.

Just like true facists, standards of decency do not apply because the interests of the party come first. It is absolutely disgusting and horrifying to view what the democratic party has now become. Due process? Forget about that. Innocent until proven guilty? Nope, not anymore. Free speech and religious liberty? Ha Ha, are you trying to be funny?

Dianereynolds's picture
Dianereynolds 32 weeks 2 days ago

Hi HotCoffee: A sad day for America as the senate just voted in a way too liberal judge to become a Supreme Court Justice. Oh well, at least he likes the second amendment. Maybe Ginsburg will run out of Geritol and denture cream and we can have a re-do and get someone serious on the bench. A lady perhaps. The leftie/socialists currently seem to prefer front holers.

Stay away from the poop sweepers and black market straw dealers.

HotCoffee's picture
HotCoffee 32 weeks 2 days ago

Hey DianeR,

I'm starting to think the entire dem party is fueled by Ambien, Lyrica, and Ginsberg's faviorite wine! Maybe we need to drug test congress and senate critters?

Happy to see Soros waste so much money, Wouldn't it be shocking if Cox wins Ca. We could have our straws back! Cows would be allowed to fart again !!...LOL...not likely but fun to think about.


deepspace's picture
deepspace 32 weeks 1 day ago

Trump, the despicable liar and sexual predator with no intelligence, his party of gutless cowards with no moral fiber, and the contemptible hypocrites and wide-eyed gullible who support them will go down in history as the biggest goddamn fools of all time:

Full report:

Yeah, real fun to think about.

Coalage3 32 weeks 1 day ago

Come on DS, if Trump is that bad, than answer my question. What has he done that has caused you harm?

The democrats have just gone completely off the deep end. The looney left has now taken over. No moral fiber? I think its the other way around. Which party opposes due process? Democrats. Which party opposes the concept of innocent until proven guilty? Democrats. Which party now openly advocates violence to achieve their dubioius goals? The democrats. Which party is now the the party of death, and proud of it? The democrats.

My mother, who was a proud democrat for her entire lifetime, has to be rolling over in her grave at the sight of what the democrat party has become.

Coalage3 32 weeks 1 day ago

As to the Kavanaugh confirmation, it should now be obvious to everyone (including her so called supporters) that the testimony of Ford has a lot of suspect elements. More holes have been exposed in her testimony that a slice of good Swiss cheese.

But who cares? Facts don't matter to the facist left anyway.

What has happened to the democratic party in this country?

deepspace's picture
deepspace 32 weeks 1 day ago


November is coming. Tick, tick, tick...

Oh, but Trump IS that bad. And, yes, facts do matter to most Democrats -- just not your ridiculous, non-factual "facts," -- all those wonderful "alternative facts," in which you have pickled yourself, where "truth isn't truth," and where you "don't believe what you hear or read" ...your lying eyes. Putin and his fake-haired, orange lapdog are the big-daddies who will define "truth" for you, so that your lazy mind won't have to bother with all the pesky details and complications. Get in line! Click your heels! Zieg heil!

Well, I believe Dr. Blasey. And so does most of the nation, or anyone with a brain and a conscience (which automatically disqualifies most Trump Republicans), despite that your "very stable genius" hamstrung the FBI, ah, "investigation" by refusing to allow the investigators to investigate.

There were over forty contemporaneous witnesses to Kavanaugh's drunken prep-boy antics and criminal behavior, in both high school and college, who could have shed more light on these very serious allegations, but who were deliberately NOT interviewed. They weren't even allowed to interview the principals. What???!

This was a textbook whitewash job. So now, the people must suffer an on-the-record liar and credibly accused sexual predator on the Supreme Court as well as in the White House. A chip off the old block ...oh yeah, and a toady who will rubber-stamp in perpetuity favorable rulings for a fake president and his numerous transgressions that undoubtedly will go all the way up the ladder for the prep boy's worthless, tainted opinions.

It must be assumed that your mother would have been (and probably was) very disappointed in you. She spawned a liar and a fool. In other words, a Republican. Her own son! You can't reason with liars, you can't appeal to their sense of decency (They have none.), and you certainly can't change their brainwashed little minds. All you can do is vote them out of power.

Face it: Two thirds of the American people don't believe your bullsh*t and don't care what you think. Virtually all your half-baked thoughts, so arrogantly and shamelessly expressed in the Thom Hartmann forums, have no basis in reality, nor do they have any depth of truth. They are nothing but false talking points manufactured by the ubiquitous Republican propagandists poisoning the political discourse and by implanted in the immature and gullible minds of the politically naive, such as yourself.

Ergo: "MentalAge3".

I'm not going to waste much more internet ink responding to fringe lunacy, especially your juvenile absurdities. Go back to the beginning of this thread and start over, Grasshopper. Most if your disengenous nonsense has been adequately addressed and duly dismissed as dumb.

Seriously, dude, seek help -- outside intervention and intense deprogramming ...anywhere but here.

HotCoffee's picture
HotCoffee 32 weeks 1 day ago

To quote DS,

"HC: Gimmie a break! PUH-lease! Google will confirm any damn thing you want it to, if you spend enough time digging around." # 19.

Also true of #38 & 39? Or did the rules just change again?

HotCoffee's picture
HotCoffee 32 weeks 1 day ago

In the mainstream media, Cosko is being portrayed as a hapless overzealous intern who didn’t even have the smarts to cover up his criminal act. His former boss— Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-Texas) has denied she knew anything about Cosko’s activities. In a press conference held this week, Jackson-Lee explained that she fired Cosko and is cooperating with officials investigating the crimes. (Interestingly, cameras recorded Jackson-Lee passing an envelope to Christine Blasey Ford’s lawyer just before her testimony got underway.)

Yet, Jackson-Lee still has some explaining to do. While she claims Cosko was an “unpaid intern” in her office, the Washington Post reports that Cosko was actually a “fellow.” This was confirmed by Cosko’s lawyer, who said his client was a “fellow” in Jackson-Lee’s office and that he was being paid by an “outside institution.”

What “outside institution” paid for Cosko’s fellowship? Did that entity know about his illegal activities? What other fellowships does this “outside organization” pay for? What other House or Senate offices are hosting fellows paid by this organization?

“Intern” and “fellow” are not interchangeable because they aren’t even close to being the same thing. While internships are reserved for inexperienced college students, fellowships are usually serious policy positions and are typically filled by professionals working within other federal agencies or the private sector who are brought to a congressional office for a short stint to help a member of Congress better understand the agency or business for which that member has oversight responsibilities.

Ok, good start now let’s see some arrests for the people making death threats via internet and phone and mail to the senators on the right. One arrest is not a success. If anyone ever asks you what’s wrong with big government, point them to the Democratic Party. Nothing but a bunch of takers, money launderers, and favorites.

If this story were ever reported in detail in the opposition media, the headline would include the words “lone wolf.” Or “isolated incident.” CNN said it briefly but never mentioned his political affiliation nor what office he was working out of.

Let’s not forget it was Shelia Jackson that handed Ford an envelope during her testimony. What was in that?

Either way, it’s all about momentum which the Republicans have. Everything that smells should be exposed; sunlight is the best disinfectant. If they would do this to harm someone, they will do anything.

deepspace's picture
deepspace 32 weeks 23 hours ago


Seriously, you're going to contest the IPCC report?! Good luck with that. OF COURSE you won't believe the world's climate scientists, but you're totally on board with the whole George Soros derangement syndrome on the right, which is pure garbage.

Garbage in, garbage out.

For the record, post #19 was in response to #17, which, any reasonable person must admit, was an abortion of links to your hazy, unstated main points. Sorry, HotStuff, ain't following you down your cherrypicked rabbit holes, which usually run far afield of whatever theme happens to be under discussion at any given time. Just not into scatter-brained debates with purveyors of disinformation who would make Putin proud.

Also for the record, here's the rest of that quote, which HotStuff neglected to include: "A search engine is not an arbiter of truth; it's only a tool that connects you to everything ever written, true or not. It's what you are searching for and where you are searching that's the challenge."

(FYI: Generally speaking, it might be better for readability to state your main points up front before wandering off into the internet wilderness in a confused attempt to flesh out said points -- before assuming the reader even knows what the hell you are talking about.)

Have you even read John Perkins' books, or do you just glean excerps or what others might have written about him? Can you even verbalize his principal contention in regards to American imperialism, i.e., corporate fascism?

No answer required; these are merely rhetorical questions. Given your long track record of obfuscating and repeating glaringly false Republican propaganda, it's folly to take anything you say seriously.

HotCoffee's picture
HotCoffee 32 weeks 23 hours ago


You must have a comprehension problem if you don't think I believe in climate change...just go through my posts. We just have differing opinions on why, and I suspect I've done more to try to combat climate change than you ever will.

Have you ever applied for a grant to test solutions in climate change? I have and you learn alot about scientists & politicians that way, as well as the grant process. Scientific studies are as rigged as medical studies done by big pharma and so are Grants. Thats why you possibly enjoyed your GMOs for breakfast, and can look up to your chem trailed sky today....hmmmm wonder how good those chemmies are for the planet, dead trees dead bees,...never mind just keep your eye on your eye CNN will tell you how California can clean up all that dirty air blowing in from China! Don't you want to know what's droppin on your head? I'm sure CNN will tell ya!

Oh and by the way, we're trying to force the EU to gobble up more GMO's that aren't even fit for cows as I type.

In a free market, without all the regs, the best products win. Solar is doing great, but it's not reliable on it's own, yet!

No California, you wont save the planet with your new Prius and $5.00 a gallon gasoline.

Like you said garbage in, garbage out!

HotCoffee's picture
HotCoffee 32 weeks 16 hours ago


Having a bad day are you?

deepspace's picture
deepspace 32 weeks 16 hours ago


My, my, how utterly presumptuous of you, little pissant. Don't compare me to you, and don't assume you know anything about me or what I've done.

I went through most of your painful posts, as they were written, and have come to the firm conclusion that you talk out of both sides of your mouth, notwithstanding your unwavering hatred of Hillary and all things Clinton and/or Democratic. But one doesn't need to pore over the archives to figure that out. Just compare post #46 with #43, which not-so-subtly implies that man-made climate change is a hoax by associating what was said in #38 with a partial quote in #19 about garbage in, garbage out. That's the way it reads anyway; yet, you don't even have a nominal comprehension of the implication of your own words, whether they mean what you intended or not. Most people aren't as easily confused as Trump trolls are by the meaning of their own words, twisted into pretzels.

The same is true about the rest of your self-righteous screed in #46, in which you give a brief, token nod to (human-caused) climate change and then proceed to be quite animated and lengthy in tearing down and deflecting from the long-term, widely accepted, peer-reviewed, scientific studies of the most important issue in all of human history. You regale us with a largely meaningless anecdote about the grant process and a meandering dollop of big pharma, EU, GMOs, chem trails, dead trees, dead bees, solar, CNN, and how useless it is (apparently) that "California can clean up all that dirty air blowing in from China!"

So, how much more obfuscation (garbage) can you squeeze into one post anyway? Mmm... who to believe: the world's most qualified and respected climate scientists who are in near total agreement with most of the dire warnings from their exhaustive studies, or some poser who can't seem to keep her own words straight?

Actually, China is taking anthropogenic climate disruption very seriously -- much more than the Trump (non-) Administration -- and is in the process of creating well over twenty million, high-paying jobs in green technologies. Why? Because they can't f*cking breathe!

Those jobs could be ours, if Republicans would quit denying the science and get serious about bringing good jobs to the American workers, not just low-paid service jobs. After 30-some years of fascistic transnational corporations (read billionaires) transplanting America's manufacturing base to China -- for the dual purposes of screwing over wage earners in both countries and for China's heretofore extremely lax pollution laws -- "all that dirty air blowing in" is the predictable result. So much for deregulating polluting corporations. As Kavanaugh said (in a much more sinister and vindictive context, of course), "What goes around comes around."

Speaking of garbage in, garbage out: "In a free market, without all the regs, the best products win." No, the only thing in the grossly misnamed "free market" that "wins" is the cabal of billionaires who run the world and own most of the world's wealth, while the world's peons starve and die in "unregulated" economies and corporate resource wars. The cost is human suffering on a grand scale.

Republicans in DC over the years have heaped a whole lot of regulations onto the backs of green industries and technologies at the same time they deregulated the coal, oil, gas, and defense industries. (The "defense" industry mostly just defends the interests of the super wealthy, which means primarily protecting the sea routes for oil transport and the fossil fuel operations inside undemocratic third-world countries and police states, such as Saudi Arabia.) Otherwise, solar and wind, as well as a plethora of other green technologies, would be the dominate energy sources today. Never underestimate the power of billionaires to bend the laws in favor of fossil fuels, their big fat cash cow (and, boy, can that cow ever fart!) There is no "free" in the market; the regulations are just tilted in favor of the obscenely rich at the cost of a crumbling civilization and a dying planet.

In Republican minds, regulations addressing pollution and financial misdealings are for everyone and everything else that threatens to compete with billionaires and transcontinental monopolies, their main donors. Defying common-sense regulations is how Trump and his sugar-daddy consolidated wealth throughout the eighties and nineties -- by defrauding the people of the United States in subverting construction codes, housing subsidy regulations, and tax laws. Daddy Trump was playing fast and loose with business regulations and compliant politicians as far back as the forties. Why in hell do you think bastards like these low-life reprobates were regulated in the first place?

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deepspace 32 weeks 15 hours ago

No, actually I'm having wicked fun critiquing your right-wing idiocy, which isn't really much of a challenge.

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deepspace 32 weeks 15 hours ago

But, I grow weary and will yield the floor on page four to the circle jerk of Trumpies spinning their fantastic yarns.

Imagine this scenario.....

Thom plus logo -- Congress opens impeachment hearings

Demands documents and testimony

-- Trump refuses.

-- Supreme court orders him to do it.

-- He cites Andrew Jackson and says enforce your own decision.

-- Congress demands that the witnesses show up.

-- He says, "enforce your own decision."

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