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StpPo0 1 year 17 weeks ago

It would be helpful on Facebook if you advise your PAYING members like me, when The Thom Hartmann Program is a RERUN and NOT live! And How are we supposed to communicate this to someone when "This person isn't available right now."?

And there is NOWHERE I can find on any of the THP sites telling us that a given days' program is a RERUN. The WCPT radio stream was there Friday 5/24/19 but I had to listen for a short while before thinking that MAYBE I've heard this before. Notification of this would be very helpful to others, not just me, the guy that's been faithfully listening for over 10 years.

Thanks, Steve Pond - Montana

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SueN 1 year 5 weeks ago

The newsletter, and this stack, usually say so in the coming up section.

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