Can America step back from the ledge of oligarchy?

In an oligarchy, loyalty is more important than science or even reality. And, with the Trump administration, it appears that America has finally slipped into full-blown oligarchy. The question is whether we will recover from it and return to democracy, or whether the Trump oligarchy will cause America to descend into tyranny.

The latest example of Trump's oligarchic governance is his firing the man responsible for developing a coronavirus vaccine here in the United States because he wouldn't help Trump and Fox News promote chloroquine as a phony cure for COVID-19. Trump fired Dr. Bright at the same time that Germany is starting clinical trials on their own vaccine.

Meanwhile, Betsy DeVos is pushing "micro grants" for education, which is the new word for "vouchers." The EPA continues to loosen regulations that protect us from cancer-causing chemicals, the Interior Department continues to sell off American land for pennies on the dollar to big mining and drillingoperations, and the Fed, in violation of the law, is continuing to buy corporate bonds and stocks, artificially supporting the stock market. At almost every level of the federal government now we are seeing grifters and hustlers doing everything they can to support the Trump oligarchy, while physicians like Dr. Birx and Dr. Fauci are having to humiliate themselves in public by bowing and scraping before Trump.

Will this national nightmare continue for another 4 1/2 years? Have we passed the point of no return? Or can America recover from the Trump oligarchy?


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