September 2013

  • Thursday 13 December '12 show notes

    • Even the GOP hates the GOP
    • Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR): Filibuster & Medicare
    • Peter Ferrara, Policy Director-Carleson Center for Public Policy / Attorney & Author "America's Ticking Bankruptcy Bomb": Exposing GOP's REAL motives for cutting social security
    • Everybody wants to be a star...
    • Geeky Science Rocks - How do we warn future earthlings?
  • Wednesday 12 December '12 show notes

    • Tom Duckworth, Union member & witness to AFP fake attack in Lansing yesterday: AFP fake attacks their own tent at right to work rally
    • Rev. Bill Keller: Who is really behind the latest Ground Zero Mosque Islamophobia?
    • Medicare...could this be a Todd Aiken moment for Obama?
  • Tuesday 11 December '12 show notes

    • Is Michigan the tipping point for Unionization?
    • James Hoffa, International Brotherhood of Teamsters: Unions under fire in Michigan...
    • Jamie Weinstein, The Daily Caller / Author-The Lizard King: Drug tests for welfare checks?
    • What happened to Lee Iacocca and Steve Jobs
  • Monday 10 December '12 show notes

    • Is an evolutionary change coming from global warming?
    • Matthew Heimbach, White Student Union: Is the white race an endangered species?
    • Is public school going the way of public housing?

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