June 2021

  • Tuesday 29 June '21 show notes

    • Trickle-Down Economics Isn't Even a New Con
    • Right Wingers Support beating Cops with a Flag, But are Outraged When Someone Turns Their Back to the "Anthem," About Racism?
    • Why Aren't We talking About Vaccine Passports That Protect People and the Economy...For Real?
    • How Deregulation Has Harmed Condominiums
    • How Can We Stop the Morbidly Rich From Tanking Democracy? - Chuck Collins, Senior Scholar at the Institute for Policy Studies, Director of the Institute for Policy Studies' Program on Inequality and the Common Good and the Co-Editor of Inequality.org / Author of the new book, The Wealth Hoarders: How Billionaires Pay Millions to Hide Trillions
  • Monday 28 June '21 show notes

    • Media: Why Are We Watching Disaster Porn Instead of Hearing About Climate Change?
    • Democrats: Defy Trust-Fund Baby Tucker Carlson & the GOP
    • Healthcare Insurance Has a New Way to Say No! to Healthcare - Andrew Perez, Journalist / Senior Editor - The Daily Poster
    • How Do Democrats Win? - Rachel Bitecofer, Founder - Strike Pac / Contributor - The Cycle - On Substack & Pod Host - The Election Whisperer
    • Has Trump Organized Anger & Rage? Is It a Trump Shared Psychotic Disorder? - Psychoanalyst Dr. Justin Frank MD, Psychoanalyst & Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Science - George Washington University / Author - Trump on the Couch (Previous books include Bush on the Couch & Obama on the Couch)
  • Friday 25 June '21 show notes

    • Dear Democrats: Don't Negotiate With Terrorists-Lovers
    • Anything Goes Friday
    • Progressive Town Hall - Representative Ro Khanna (D-CA, 17th District)
    • Atlantic Ocean: Subtle Shifts Hint At Dramatic Dangers... - Dr. Michael Mann, Distinguished Professor of Meteorology & Director, Earth System Science Center-Penn State University / Member-National Academy of Sciences / author of several books including including his latest just out, The New Climate War / (previously, The Madhouse Effect: How Climate Change Denial Is Threatening Our Planet, Destroying Our Politics, and Driving Us Crazy) / Recipient of the Tyler Prize
  • Thursday 24 June '21 show notes

    • Delta & Delta Plus Covid Variants...the "Greatest Threat" (as Dr. Fauci Says) To Ending the Pandemic? - Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding, Epidemiologist & Health Economist / Adjunct Senior Fellow - Federation of American Scientists
    • Vaccine Passports Could Save Us From Trump's Final Massacre
    • Is There An Infrastructure Deal & Does It Work? - Senator Bernie Sanders, U.S. Senator (I-VT) / 2 time U.S. Presidential Candidate / Chair of the Senate Budget Committee
    • Are Republicans Setting the Economy Up Next Month for Disaster to Harm Biden? - Economist Dr. Richard Wolff, Democracy At Work / Author of numerous books - his latest is The Sickness is the System
    • How America Fractured Into Four Parts - George Packer, journalist - The Atlantic / The New Yorker / New York Times / Author of numerous books, his latest Last Best Hope: An Essay On the Revival of America
  • Wednesday 23 June '21 show notes

    • Time to Say "You're Fired" to Merrick Garland?
    • Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Is Requiring Students to Register Political Views With the State to Promote "Intellectual Diversity"...
    • The Metamorphosis of Kyrsten Sineman - Tim Murphy, Senior Reporter - Mother Jones
    • When Did SCOTUS Become Okay With Child Trafficking & Slavery? - Rick Herz, Senior Litigation Attorney, Earth Rights International
    • All They Have Left is Hate...What Do You Do About Pure Hate?
  • Tuesday 22 June '21 show notes

    • How Does America Solve Its "Fake News" Crisis?
    • Georgia's New Mass Voter Challenge - Greg Palast, The Guardian / Investigative Journalist/Author/Filmmaker, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy / His new book, How Trump Stole 2020: The Hunt For America's Vanished Voters
    • Who Are the Secret Trump "Dark Money" Funding Sources Behind the Illegal Anti-Democratic Audit?
    • Can the "Rights of Nature" Save America's Waterways? - Thomas Linzey. Senior Counsel - Center for Democratic and Environmental Rights (CDER)
    • Dictators Playbook - Trump Wanted DOJ to Go After SNL
  • Monday 21 June '21 show notes

    • Biden Should Withhold What's Most Sacred to Rightwing Churches...Money
    • Crazy Alert! - Is Ted Cruz the Chief Dido Cop? You can have all the guns you want - but - no dildos or you will be arrested!
    • How Far Will the GOP Go To Steal the 2022 Election?
    • How Does the Democratic Caucus Co-Exist With Members Who are Openly Sold Out to Big Money? - Lee Fang, Investigative Journalist - The Intercept
    • How Will America Deal with the "Butcher of Tehran." - Jamal Abdi, President - National Iranian American Council (NIAC)
  • Friday 18 June '21 show notes

    • Happy Juneteenth / Anything Goes Friday
    • How the Demise of Local Entrepreneurialism Is the Death of the American Dream...
    • The FBI is Calling January 6th Terrorism...Why Isn't Everyone Else?
  • Thursday 17 June '21 show notes

    • Are Red-State Covid Deaths about to Skyrocket? - Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding, Epidemiologist & Health Economist / Adjunct Senior Fellow - Federation of American Scientists
    • Why Is America the Only Developed Nation With No Right To Healthcare?
    • Could Money Market Funds Collapse? - Economist Dr. Richard Wolff, Democracy At Work / Author of numerous books - his latest is The Sickness is the System
    • Choose: Voting Rights or The US Chamber - Karl Frisch, Senior Adviser - AccountableUS
    • Can the Poor Beat the Lust for Profits? - Lori Wallach, Public Citizen's Trade Watch
  • Wednesday 16 June '21 show notes

    • National Progressive Townhall Meeting - Representative Mark Pocan (D-WI, 2nd District)
    • One of Them Has To Go...the GOP or America As We Know It...
    • Trump Attempted a Coup and Now We Have Proof! And, It's Still Going On...
    • As a Purely Political Move, is Making, Hate, Racism and Misogyny Acceptable Again...
    • 20% of Asymptomatic Covid Develop Long Covid...

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