April 2022

  • Thursday 31 March '22 show notes

    • Biden To Mark Transgender Day Of Visibility With New Actions
    • How Can We Clean Up the Media to Avoid More "Nick Mulvaney" Disasters?
    • Tunisia: The Only Democracy in the Arab World Bit the Dust Yesterday... and, GULP... Marine Le Pen May Be Closing in on Macron in France - Can We Stop the Weakening of Democracy Around the World...?
    • Beware: The Human Vulnerability to "Patriotic Propaganda" - We made the same mistake average Russians are making right now. Repeatedly. It's all about human nature being exploited by ruthless politicians
    • Unprotected, Cannon Fodder, Unknowingly Suicidal, Russian Soldiers Not Only Didn't Know What Chernobyl Was But Drove Through & Disturbed Radioactive Dust
    • Crazy Alert! Surprise! Anti-Worming Horse Pills Found at Farm Stores Don't Work for Covid - Will the Far Right Stop Using? Hmm....
    • Inflation: CEO's Can't Stop Bragging About their Earnings As They Jacked Up Prices - Does Anyone Care?
    • Bernie Sanders Calls Hearing on Healthcare as a Right...Will it Make an Impact?

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