August 2022

  • Tuesday 30 August '21 show notes

    • Is The GOP Now Promoting the Business of Tracking Women?
    • Are You Surprised? The Law & Order GOP is Embracing Lawlessness...
    • The Horrific Consequences of the GOP Merging Church & State Are Here
    • Geeky Science! Sleep Better With CBD
    • Crazy Alex Jones Insists Dems are Staging Mass Shootings & Poisonings - Even Crazier? People Believe Him!
    • Crazy Alert Part 2! How Far Can You Push Religious Logic Before It Destroys You?
    • On Christian Nationalism - the Religion of White Supremacy - Ben Dixon, Host - The Benjamin Dixon Morning Show
    • Crisis Level Flooding Is Closer Than You Think & Still rarely hear the word climate change in news....
  • Monday 29 August '22 show notes

    • Does Biden Now Have a Narrative To Take to the American People?
    • What if Trump's Conspiracy was Way Bigger than We Know?
    • How Big Tech Is Making Big Money from Spying on Students and Teachers - Nolan Higdon, National Judge for Project Censored / Author-Anatomy of Fake News / Lecturer at Merrill College and the Education Department at University of California, Santa Cruz.
    • Did Trump Trade In the Mob for the Russians in the 90s? Or Did the Mob Dump Deadbeat Trump so He Went to the Russians?
    • How College Broke the American Dream and Blew Up Our Politics - Will Bunch, National Opinion Columnist - Philadelphia Inquirer / Author of several books including, Tear Down This Myth: The Right-Wing Distortion of the Reagan and now his latest, After the Ivory Tower Falls
    • Geeky Science! Are Artificial Sweeteners Dangerous?
  • Friday 26 August '22 show notes

    • Hot Democracy Summer - Jefferson Smith is in for Thom taking your calls on Anything Goes Friday...
    • Anthony Alvarado is back with more "mind blowing facts about the mind" - Galactic Brain, part deux... - Anthony Alvarado, Radio host - XRAY.FM, Author - DIY Magic: A Whimsical Guide To Creativity & DIY Resistance: 36 Ways to Fight Back!
    • Bishop/Rev,/Dr. William J. Barber II, Breach Repairers/Poor Peoples Campaign/Moral Mondays - Why VOTING is the moral thing to do... - Rev. William Barber, President & Senior Lecturer - Repairers of the Breach / Co-Chair, Poor People's Campaign / Pastor-Greenleaf Christian Church in NC, and the architect of the Forward Together Moral Movement
  • Thursday 25 August '22 show notes

    • Hot Democracy Summer w/Jefferson Smith in for Thom... Thankful Thursday
    • Biden Admin's student debt forgiveness it enough or too little? Callers' stories and views
    • How does student loan debt impact the economy? - Sam Rosenthal, RootsAction's Political Director who is co-leading student debt activism (personal experience w/student loans: his wife owes nearly $100k in law school debt!) / Previously served as Political Director for Our Revolution (progressive organization started by Bernie Sanders)
    • How are you managing your student debt?
    • Student debt is evil & a crime against our nation - Thom Hartmann joins Jeff w/an update plus a conversation on student debt... and ADHD - Thom Hartmann, Host-Thom Hartmann Program / Author of numerous books Thom Hartmann is the host of the internationally syndicated talkshow The Thom Hartmann Program on the Free Speech TV network. Award-winning New York Times bestselling author of 24 books, including: "ADHD: A Hunter in a Farmer's World" and The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight"
  • Wednesday 24 August '22 show notes

    • Hot Democracy Summer - Jefferson Smith is in for Thom... Election news & your calls...
    • Why a $1.6 BILLION dark money donation is a HUGE threat to democracy as we know it... - Brendan Fischer, Deputy Executive Director - Documented
    • Why is GA Gov Brian Kemp playing hide & seek with the Grand Jury investigating Trump for possible election tampering??? - Greg Palast, Investigative Reporter / Author of several books including The Best Democracy Money Can Buy / Filmmaker-his latest, Vigilante: Georgia's Vote Suppression Hitman, produced by Martin Sheen, to be released soon.
  • Tuesday 23 August '21 show notes

    • Hot Democracy Summer...Jefferson Smith is in for Thom...
    • Did You Hear About the 1.6 Billion Dollar Dark Money Donation to the Ultra Cons on the Right...Which of Our Freedoms Will they Target Next?
    • How Do We Close the Digital Divide? - Dhanaraj Thakur, Research Director - Center for Democracy & Technology
    • What Does it Mean to Be An American Today - Malia Lazu, CEO / Founder - The Lazu Group / The Urban Labs
    • Abortion Trigger Laws - Leila Abolfazli, director of Federal Reproductive Rights - National Women's Law Center
  • Monday 22 August '22 show notes

    • Hot Democracy Summer - Jefferson Smith is in for Thom today...
    • White Supremacy & Censorship Explained - Professor David Pepper, University of Cincinnati College of Law / former Chair-Ohio Democratic Party / Author - Laboratories of Autocracy
    • Fresh Start Monday with your calls...
    • Republic or Democracy...? Plus, rehashing history or learning from it?
  • Friday 19 August '22 show notes

    • Anything Goes! Hot Democracy Summer w/Jefferson Smith in for Thom today taking your calls...
    • "Debunking Dumb Stuff"
    • "Galactic Brain: mind blowing facts about the mind!" - Anthony Alvarado, Radio host - XRAY.FM, Author - DIY Magic: A Whimsical Guide To Creativity & DIY Resistance: 36 Ways to Fight Back!
  • Thursday 18 August '22 show notes

    • Jefferson Smith hosts for Thom today - Hot Democracy Summer & Thank you Thursday...What are you thankful for?
    • Jeff takes your calls and has an interesting exchange about truth & lies with a Trump supporter...
    • Dr. Oz and the infamous "Crudités"...seriously?!
  • Wednesday 17 August '22 show notes

    • Is America Re-fighting the Revolutionary War?
    • Will Liz Cheney Be the One Who Takes Down Trump?
    • What is the Impact of the Current Unionization & Why It's Important - Economist Dr. Richard Wolff, Co-founder, Democracy At Work / Author of numerous books - his latest is The Sickness is the System & Host - Economic Update with Richard D. Wolff on Free Speech TV
    • Is There a Right-wing War Against Children?
    • Does Oregon Need to Panic About the Governor's Race? / What Every Democratic Voter Should Know.. - Rachel Bitecofer, Ph.D., Elections Analyst / Read her articles on Substack at The Cycle & check out her podcast, The Election Whisperer
    • Entire Texas County Election Staff Resigns After Threats and Stalking

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