November 2022

  • Tuesday 29 November '22 show notes

    • Beware of Those Who Believe They Were Sent By God
    • Why are gas prices being down not being treated as a political story?
    • In defense of being alone...
    • Will Georgia go blue?
    • Franklin Grahams ugly new lie about same-sex marriage exposed
    • The real reason why China is still having severe lockdowns?
    • Can the GOP harm Ukraine? Also, the war is in a dangerous new phase...
  • Monday 28 November '22 show notes

    • Is The Greatest Threat to Humanity Something Called an Algorithm?
    • Don't Be Fooled. This Is What Elon Musk Is Really Up to With Twitter
    • Why is MTG embracing Nazis while controlling Kevin McCarthy?
    • Did you know SCOTUS is hearing arguments on expanding the definition of lobbying & bribery?
    • Looks like the GOP's biggest funder has funneled $20 mil to the election denier network
    • Was Russia waiting for a red wave?
    • Beware of Medicare Advantage scams - Alex Lawson, Executive Director - Social Security Works / Strengthen Social Security
    • Will the GOP give in to Trump?
    • Geeky Science! A brain expert says there is 1 think that sets "super agers" apart from those with weak memories....
  • Wednesday 23 November '22 show notes

    • Time to Call Mass Shooters - and Those Who Inspire Them - Terrorists
    • Will you disagree at the dinner table this Thanksgiving or get along?
    • Here goes the right-wing on victim blaming on climate change again & ignoring the impact of policy...
    • The Impact of the Coming Housing Crisis - Economist Dr. Richard Wolff, Co-founder, Democracy At Work / Author of numerous books - his latest is The Sickness is the System & Host - Economic Update with Richard D. Wolff on Free Speech TV
    • Geeky Science! Will the world need to dim the sun to save the planet? And - will it work?
    • Are we surprised? Big business was giving big bucks to election deniers in the mid terms
    • Pompeo: This is what he really meant when he attacked the head of the teachers union
  • Tuesday 22 November '22 show notes

    • Progressive Town Hall - Representative Ro Khanna (D-CA, 17th District) / Author of 2 books, his latest Dignity In A Digital Age: Making Tech Work For All Of Us
    • The "Freedom" Billionaires & the GOP Are Selling Americans Is Deadly
    • Walker promotes hate attacking transgender people right after the shooting - how do we handle the deplorables?
    • Looks like the GOP is Facing "Sophie's choice" - Trump either runs as the top GOP or runs independently - What should they do?
    • Geeky Science!
  • Monday 21 November '22 show notes

    • Is Jack Smith a Total Bad Ass?
    • If You Want To Die Young - Take the Red Pill
    • Did the GOP Only Take Back the House Due to Court-Backed Gerrymandering?
    • What we learned from the midterms & what we can do about it… - David Daley, Senior Fellow & Communications Director - FairVote & former editor-in-chief-Salon / Author of the new book, Unrigged: How Americans Are Battling Back to Save Democracy
    • Why Is AARP Boosting Medicare Privatization?
    • AZ Official Has to Go Into Hiding Over Death Threats
    • Is Disney showing how comfortable business is with fascism?
  • Friday 18 November '22 show notes

    • In for Thom today, Jefferson Smith, Host - Democracy Nerd podcast...
    • Anything Goes Friday...What's On Your Mind? Jeff takes your calls...
    • Mind Blowing Brain Facts - Anthony Alvarado, Radio host - XRAY.FM, Author - DIY Magic: A Whimsical Guide To Creativity & DIY Resistance: 36 Ways to Fight Back!
  • Thursday 17 November '22 show notes

    • In for Thom today, Jefferson Smith, Host - Democracy Nerd podcast...
    • It's Thank You Thursday...what are you thankful for?
    • Progressives need to seize the momentum & keep going!! - Justin Krebs, Campaign Director -
    • Building communities where everyone can thrive - Derenda Schubert, Executive Director - Bridge Meadows
    • Humans are wired to do we fight against privatization and for the common good? - Donald Cohen, Executive Director, In the Public Interest / Co-author, The Privatization of Everything: How the Plunder of Public Goods Transformed America and How We Can Fight Back
  • Wednesday 16 November '22 show notes

    • In for Thom today, Jefferson Smith, Host - Democracy Nerd podcast...
    • Polling shows 2022 voters supported Democratic Ideals... - Grace Adcox, MA, Polling Analyst, Data for Progress
    • Should elections be won or lost on the popular vote? Jeff takes your calls...
  • Tuesday 15 November '22 show notes

    • In for Thom today, Jefferson Smith, Host - Democracy Nerd, is taking your calls...
    • Donald Trump has lost 3 elections in a row - 2018, 2020 and now 2022...will the GOP finally dump Trump?
    • What Should Congress DO In the Lame Duck Session?
    • How did 1 million mail-in ballots disappear in Georgia - Greg Palast, Investigative Reporter / Author & Filmmaker - latest film is "Vigilante: Georgia's Vote Suppression Hitman"
    • How Do We Keep Young Voters...Particulary, Young Female Voters...Engaged With the Issues?
  • Monday 14 November '22 show notes

    • In for Thom, Jefferson Smith (Democracy Nerd podcast)...
    • Debriefing the Midterms - Dems hold the Senate
    • Meanwhile, some House races are still too close to call as the vote count continues...
    • Senate...check, House? Still counting... - Adam Green, Co-founder, Progressive Change Campaign Committee
    • Making Twitter Pay up - Shannon Liss-Riordan, J.D. from Harvard Law School / co-founder of the firm, Lichten & Liss-Riordan, P.C & is widely recognized as one of the nation's top plaintiffs' class action employment lawyers

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