March 2023

  • Sue's Stack is moving

    Sue's Stack has moved. You can now find it over at Substack. See you there!

  • Monday 06 March '23 show notes

    • In for Thom today - Jefferson Smith, Host - Democracy Nerd podcast...
    • What is a conservative? Is Donald Trump still relevant to "true" conservatives?
    • Fresh Start Monday...What Do You Want to Get a Fresh Start On?
    • Is Fox News the Biggest Threat to American Democracy?
    • How Can We Do Better? PLUS, Speed Round...!
  • Friday 03 March '23 show notes

    • What Will Happen To Everyone Who is Not White, Straight, & Male If We Don't Speak Out?
    • How the Murdaugh trial shows off privilege in America
    • Pregnant refugee women are on the run in the US
    • Russia appears to have a plan to attract 7 million conservatives - Does it appear to be working?
    • Jim Crow is Alive and Well in Mississippi
    • It looks like the WI supreme court is using antisemitism to win
    • Leaked audio is showing a very ugly side of rail management
    • It's Anything Goes Friday!
  • Thursday 02 March '23 show notes

    • What Do the GOP Seditionists Offer Us Other Than Ripping America Apart & Oligarchy?
    • Republican Operatives Increasingly Say The Quiet Part Out Loud, "We Must Ban Transgenderism Entirely"
    • How do we fix the FBI? They undermined the Russia investigation and tried to block Mar-A-Lago search
    • Veteran War Correspondent Phil Ittner, on the ground in Kyiv, Ukraine - Phil Ittner, Veteran War Correspondent in Kiev, Ukraine Youtube
    • A Florida woman has to suffer with a doomed baby in her uterus because Republican politicians are all about the cruelty
    • How to achieve a Universal Healthcare plan - Kathryn Lewandowsky, BSN, RN, Whole Washington - Board Vice-Chair / One Payer States - Treasurer, about Universal Healthcare
    • Some senators are stepping up for expanding SCOTUS
    • Geeky Science! A new study shows tropical deforestation YUGELY reduces rainfall
  • Wednesday 01 March '23 show notes

    • National Progressive Townhall Meeting - Representative Mark Pocan (D-WI, 2nd District) / Member & Former Co-Chair-Congressional Progressive Caucus / (Committees: Appropriations / Also, Education & Labor)
    • In Praise of Inefficiency - Should We Serve the Economy or Should It Serve Us?
    • The wealthy with cushy desk jobs want YOU to work until you're 70
    • Crazy Alert! Georgia GOP has plan to allow affluent Atlanta neighborhood to secede from Atlanta
    • Excessive Wealth Disorder, student loan forgiveness, economic reform & taxing the wealthy - Gabriela Sandoval PhD, Executive Director, Excessive Wealth Disorder Institute (EWDi)
    • Here's one way to get to one party rule - just "cancel" the democratic party
    • A shocking new bill proposed in Texas would force internet providers to block access to any website that carries information about abortion medication or tells women how get an abortion.
    • Tweet of the Day - Hate it when that happens....
  • Tuesday 28 February '23 show notes

    • East Palestine's crisis proves Trump should have never deregulated big rail - Regulations work! - Julio Rivera, Editorial Director - Reactionary Times / Contributor - Newsmax, American Thinker &
    • Did Godless Gays Cause the Ukrainian War? Is Putin Right?
    • 6 Bombshells from new evidence in Fox News defamation suit
    • Surprised? Trump spied on the Biden campaign with help from Fox News
    • 'Stupid" Dilbert creator killed his career because of a highly flawed right-wing poll analysis
    • The impact of banning mifepristone exposed - Monifa Bandale, Senior Vice President - MomsRising
    • How big insurance is profiting massively from Medicare privatization

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