Dr. Michael Mann on Historic Climate Deal

Dr. Michael Mann, Penn State University / The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars joins Thom Hartmann. Republicans are already threatening to gut the EPA as soon as they officially take over control of the Senate in January. When did the Republican Party become the party of Big Polluters? Just how important is this deal? What are the specifics of it?

George W. Bush Killed Tomas Young

An Iraq War veteran and anti-war activist passed away yesterday - but he didn't just die...he was murdered.

Full Show 11/12/14: George Bush is Responsible for the Death of Tomas Young

Tonight’s “Lone Liberal Rumble” talks FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s thoughts on Obama’s net neutrality plan, the Republican push to gut the EPA and Gov. Scott Walker’s plan to drug test welfare and food stamp recipients. Thom discusses the historic climate change deal reached between the U.S. and China with Climatologist Michael Mann and in tonight’s “Daily Take” Thom discusses the latest murder by the Bush administration.

Veterans...We're Sorry For How Our Country Treated You

If you turned on the television today - chances are you saw an ad thanking veterans for their service and sacrifices. But should we really be thanking them - or apologizing to them?

The Good - The Bad - and the Very Very Matelassely Ugly

Very Very Ugly - Robert Jennings! “Women report rape when men don’t give them what they want” Wow!

Why Being Locked Up Doesn't Work

Maya Schenwar, Locked Down, Locked Out: Why Prison Doesn't Work and How We Can Do Better / Truthout joins Thom. While many Americans were paying attention to the national races on Election Day - voters in California were busy passing a ballot initiative that reforms that state's criminal justice system. America's criminal justice system is broken. So - how did it get this bad - and what can be done to fix it?

The $9 Billion Witness

Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone Magazine / The Divide: American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap joins Thom Hartmann. More than 6 years after the financial crisis - Wall Street executives like Jamie Dimon still walk around without any fear of going to jail. Why is that - and what can we do to change it?

Politics Panel - Impeachment is Now on the Table

Marc Harrold, Observations of White Noise & Nate Sweet, Progressive Commentator & Hughey Newsome, Project 21 / Move-On-Up all join Thom Hartmann.

Politics Panel - Do You Want Gov or Corps Regulating the Web?

Marc Harrold, Observations of White Noise & Nate Sweet, Progressive Commentator & Hughey Newsome, Project 21 / Move-On-Up all join Thom Hartmann. Almost immediately after the President came out in favor of regulating the internet like a public utility - conservatives started freaking out - and I mean really freaking out.

Full Show 11/11/14: Matt Taibbi on JPMorgan’s $9 Billion Cover-Up

Thom discusses how JPMorgan Chase helped wreck the economy with “Rolling Stone’s” Matt Taibbi and America’s out of control prison problem with Truthout’s Maya Schenwar. Tonight’s “Politics Panel” discusses Obama’s support of net neutrality, the Republicans plan to block the nomination of Loretta Lynch for Attorney General and whether the Supreme Court will gut Obamacare. In tonight's “Daily Take” Thom discusses why we should start apologizing to our nation’s veterans.

Should the Internet Be Reclassified as a Utility?

Craig Aaron, Free Press, joins Thom Hartmann. In a surprising move - President Obama has come out in favor of real net neutrality. But with Republicans set to take over the Senate in January - could it be too little - too late?

The Electronic Voting Madness The MSM Didn’t Report On

Brad Freidman, The Brad Blog, joins Thom Hartmann. New reports suggest that there were widespread voting irregularities on election day. So - isn't it time for us to say goodbye to this electronic voting madness once and for all?

Argh! Obama Wants to Approve TPP - The Job-Killing So-Called Free Trade Deal

John Nichols, The Nation Magazine joins Thom Hartmann. Unfortunately - because the TPP is being negotiated almost entirely in secret - we don’t know a lot about it. What we do know about it - though - comes almost entirely from leaks - and those leaks paint a pretty scary picture. Check this out.

Would Conservatives Nail Jesus To a Cross Today?

Frank Schaeffer, Why I am An Atheist Who Believes In God, joins Thom Hartmann. Go to just about any church service in America - and chances are you'll hear Jesus cited a lot. But - times have changed since Jesus' days - and religious teachings have continuely changed and evolved. As result - we've reached a point today where many church teachings and core beliefs are no longer accurately reflecting those of Jesus. So - if you think that Jesus could make it as a pastor in many of today's biggest churches - then everything you know is wrong.

The Good - The Bad - and the Very Very Ensiformly Ugly

The Very Very Ugly - George W. Bush! During an interview on CBS’ Face the Nation Sunday - Dubya said he has “no regrets” about the Iraq War. Seriously - If that doesn’t get your blood boiling - I don’t know what does If that doesn’t get your blood boiling - I don’t know what does.

Can We Trust Gorsuch On Women's Rights?

Yesterday Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer signaled that Senate Democrats would try to filibuster Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.

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