Lone Liberal Rumble - Kevin Steals Thom’s Bell!

Andrew Kloster, The Heritage Foundation & Kevin Martin, Project 21, joins Thom Hartmann.

The Republican Caucus Room Conspiracy vs. Ebola

As the Ebola outbreak continues to grow - Republican lawmakers are saying that America isn't prepared to fight the deadly virus. But that's exactly how they want it...

The Ayn Rand Self-Obsessed Cult Has Run Amok!

Lynn Stuart Parramore, Alternet, joins Thom Hartmann. It seems like everytime you turn on the TV - you hear another story about an A-List celebrity or Wall Street billionaire spending millions on themselves while doing nothing for the greater society. This selfishness plays out in Washington too - where Conservative lawmakers would rather create policies that help the wealthy elite hoard their wealth - than help millions and millions of struggling Americans. But while selfishness might feel good to the individual - it's doing untold and lasting damage to our society and way of life. So - if you think that we can be a productive society while selfishness and narcissism run amok - then everything you know is wrong!

The Good - The Bad - And the Very Very Manxomely Ugly

The Good - The Bad - And the Very Very Manxomely Ugly

The Fear Machine Goes After Ebola

Marianne Williamson, The Law of Divine Compensation, joins Thom Hartmann. So - what's behind the media's rush to terrorize Americans over Ebola - and how could our country be handling the the age of an Ebola outbreak better?

Bryan Fischer Says He’s a Homo-Realist not a Homophobe...

Bryan Fischer, American Family Association / Focal Point-AFR Talk, joins Thom Hartmann. Gay marriage had a huge - and somewhat surprising - day at the Supreme Court. Earlier this morning - the Court said that it wouldn't hear appeals from five states challenging federal court rulings that struck down their same-sex marriage bans. Without getting too much into the weeds - this means that gay marriage is now legal in all five of those states - Indiana - Oklahoma - Utah - Virginia and Wisconsin. In the spirit of Jesus, shouldn't conservatives embrace gay marriage? Marriage is a conservative idea and same-sex marriage is all about preserving the family and empowering people to create families.

UK Journalist Tom Grundy - Activists in Hong Kong have Agreed to Formal Talks

Tom Grundy, Independent Journalist /Advocate, joins Thom Hartmann. After weeks of massive protests - activists in Hong Kong have agreed to formal talks with that city's government. Could real democracy be in the cards for the Peal of the East or is a major crackdown still possible?

Is it time to declare the culture wars over?

Jasmyn Richardson, Advancement Project, joins Thom Hartmann. It was a big day for same-sex marriage at the Supreme Court - as the nine justices effectively made the practice legal in most of America. So - is it time to declare the culture wars over once and for all?

Full Show 10/6/14: Will Hong Kong’s Umbrella Revolution Succeed?

Thom discusses the GOP’s continued war on voting in the lead up to the midterm elections with the Advancement Project’s Jasmyn Richardson, the latest from the Hong Kong protests with Independent Journalist Tom Grundy and the right-wing fear mongering over Ebola with Author & Activist Marianne Williamson. Thom debates the Supreme Court’s refusal to rule on same-sex marriage with the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer and in tonight's “Daily Take” Thom discusses how, thanks to Republicans, America is without its top doctor (U.S. Surgeon General) while a deadly virus continues to grow and spread.

Full Show 10/3/14: Jon Stewart Slams the GOP

Tonight’s “Big Picture Rumble” discusses Jon Stewart’s rant on how the GOP is all about saving Americans from ISIS & Ebola, but not things that are actually killing Americans, the GOP’s continued war on voting in the lead up to the midterm elections, and the ACLU lawsuit against Alabama over their extremely radical anti-abortion law. In tonight's “Conversations with Great Minds" Thom talks to legendary Trial Attorney Fred Levin, who’s profiled in the new book “And Give Up Showbiz?: How Fred Levin Beat Big Tobacco, Avoided Two Murder Prosecutions, Became Chief of Ghana, Earned Boxing Manager of the Year, and Transformed American Law.”

How Privatizing Medical Records Will Harm You

Thanks to privatization - millions of Americans are finding it harder and harder to get the healthcare treatment they need. Why have our medical records been sold to the highest bidder - and isn't time to stop the privatization insanity? So - isn't it time to restore control of the commons to We the People?

Could 700 million Be Under Water Sooner Than You Think?

New research suggests that when it comes to sea ice - conditions today are becoming eerily similar to those some 14,000 years ago - when melting sea ice near Antarctica caused a 3-4 meter rise in global sea levels.

Ferguson Cops Are Still Keeping Secrets

Rev. Osagyefo Sekou, Fellowship of Reconciliation, joins Thom Hartmann. The protests in Ferguson - Missouri over the summer introduced a generation of young people to the power of activism. So where do we go from here to keep on building a modern day movement for civil rights?

Why Texas Is the Worst Place for Ebola to Strike First

Wendell Potter, Deadly Spin, joins Thom Hartmann. Of all the places for Ebola to strike first in America - Texas has got to be the worst. That's because the Lone Star State is a case study in everything that goes wrong when Republicans get to make decisions about public health. For starters - it's got the highest uninsured rate in the nation. Roughly one quarter of its adult population has zero - I repeat, zero - health insurance. And to make matters worse - that number probably isn't going to change anytime soon because Texas Governor Rick Perry has refused to expand Medicaid under Obamacare - trapping thousands in what's called the Red State donut hole. Texas also has no paid sick leave law - which means that if the guy cooking your burger just happens to come into contact with a deadly disease like - I don't know - Ebola - he can't take time off to go see the doctor without having to worry about losing his job. Whatever way you look at it - Texas is a public health disaster. So will it be able to handle Ebola?

Politically Corrected - Steve Doocy Caught Not Telling the Truth

Politically Corrected - Steve Doocy Caught Not Telling the Truth

Conservatives supposedly hate freeloading. So why are they trying to legalize it?

Conservatives supposedly hate freeloaders.

So why do they support right to work laws - which literally legalize freeloading?

Our nation's nine unelected monarchs on the Supreme Court are poised to deal yet another blow to organized labor.

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