It's a possibility, Donald Trump told a crowd in New Hampshire, according to a report by NBC News

TRENTON -- Trump/Christie in 2016? It's a possibility, Donald Trump told a crowd in New Hampshire on Wednesday, according to a report by NBC News. As Trump made an appearance at a political speaker series in Manchester, a man in the crowd asked the billionaire businessman and Republican presidential candidate if he'd given any thought to…


Steven.PBarrett 8 years 31 weeks ago

TAs far as speculation, even for off-season inside baseball "what if..." talk goes, this is a stretch. There's no way the American public will go for two of the biggest representative public figures in the GOP who just also happen to be the faces of New York City (not upstate) and New Jersey. I'm a Yankee fan, but I know how hated they are outside the greater Tri-State population base. And when the KC Royals beat the Mets, few people were reaching for their tissue boxes across most of the country.

This would be Claire McCaskill's ideal GOP ticket for her fav Hillary Clinton to face, notwithstanding the fact that the Democrats have long been The Northeastern Liberal party for decades. But Hillary Clinton does have midwestern roots and served as First Lady in Arkansas for 12 years.

A Trump/Christie or Christie/Trump ticket would be more problematical for Bernie Sanders because if the voters are so sick of the Republicans and see "nawtheast" in both of their top guys, that'll hurt voter turnout and the Democrats need a solid tuirnout, period. Especially if the GOP manages to get the public to overlook the regional disparity in a GOP ticket favoring an aleady well-off quarter of the country so many other Americans living outside of it have long been resentful of all the attention it gets. It matters not a whit that it's the oldest part, the most urbanized, the most powerful in terms of media power ... the simple fact that our nation's population as a whole has long shifted westward for decades ... that alone should send enough warning lights for any GOP ticket balancing pollster to drop the idea as if it was radioactive. Politically speaking, it is.

Even more so for the Democrats since Hillary Clinton is now a New Yorker and represented the state in the Senate for 8 years. And Bernie Sanders has built his entire political career in Vermont, in addition to being a Brooklyn native. How New York can you get besides Manhattan's Trump?

True, Bill Clinton picked his neighbor Al Gore from TN to be his running mate for both terms, but a look at the map provides Bubba some cover: Just look at the swath of mileage of turf where their constituents lived in at the time and how centrally located both Arkansas and Tennessee are for geographical and demographical reasons. You're really talking about Middle America with Branson in Arkansas and Nashville in Tennessee.

Geographical ticket balancing might seem as old hat to a lot of our more bean-counting oriented and poll-taking politicos in this insta-media impacted time ... but never underestimate the regional esteem and pride of voters across the land. And one more thing ... personalities. Even if the voters like the positions of the team, two very brash representatives of the same region will be overkill. Even if some Democrats get a similarly "bright idea" of proposing a Hillary/Bernie or Bernie/Hillary ticket ... it'd still be seen as a lopsided NY-favored deal since both Clinton and Sanders are from neighboring states ... even if Vermont and Upstate NY seem as far as Mars from Manhattan compared to the Guv from Joisy and the Big Mouth of Manhattan.

One last thing, Vermonters would just as soon slit their wrists than see Bernie have to settle for second place on a ticket headed by a New Yorker, no matter who it was. This would be as bad or insulting as having to settle for second place to a New Hampshire-ite, no matter how progressive. They might tolerate a Bay Stater to their south like Jim McGovern, but McGovern's district, covering parts of western Massachusetts, remains too close for the rest of the nation's usual desire to see more distance between their President and Veep's home turf.

Wow, I'd just hate to see the wrangling and political eye-poking and finger pointing that'd go on if THE BRIDGE was ever shut down during the final week of the campaign if any of these possible "too close for comfort tickets" was just able to catch the other party's pair, especially if it, too, was just another nawthustern pay-uh.

I've been a native New Englander all my life. But I've lived elsewhere as a military dependent and college student in Miami-Dade ... and all I can say is ... The more I thought about all the negatives by the time it came to close out ... I hope to hell the Republicans are dumb enough to do it!

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