The comparison with Bruce Wayne is more apt than Trump likely realizes

Hovering above the Iowa State Fair in a Sikorsky S-76B private helicopter over the weekend, Donald Trump, entrepreneur, provocateur and frontrunner for the Republican nomination for president of the United States, was asked a poignant question by the son of a supporter, 9-year-old William: "Mr. Trump, are you Batman?" "I am Batman," replied Trump, his voice…

Photo attribute:
Batman George Clooney" by Carlos Gabriel Morales Toro
Trump by Michael Vadon via Wikimedia Commons


montegoodyk's picture
montegoodyk 7 years 30 weeks ago

Go ahead and show the video so everybody can see it...

old lady's picture
old lady 7 years 30 weeks ago

King ID will never be a Batman! He doesn't even come close! Then again? He does seem like a fictional character or simply put, unreal.

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