Russia could open new air force bases in neighboring countries

Russia could open new air force bases in neighboring countries, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev told reporters Wednesday at the meeting of the heads of Eurasian Economic Union governments. Opening the new bases in countries belonging to the Collective Security Treaty Organization -- a group of Moscow-influenced nations -- would allow Russia's military greater reach into…


tom kauser 8 years 40 weeks ago

how long until a new NATO sub base appears back at SITE ONE (SCOTLAND)? Sign said "got to have a membership card to get inside" ! Germany took in millions of east germans 20 something years ago and now look at its progress kicking and screaming all the way? the country that welcomes this mass of humanity into their country will be alot better for its act of kindness? many generations to come. these people are deeply distressed and not skill or clueless? America broke this and are now cherry picking refugees for 10k nazi rocket scientists coming out of MENA to fix it?

Steven.PBarrett 8 years 40 weeks ago

So long as they're stationed in Belarus and other nations that used to be part of their (Red) empire, and positioned for defensive purposes only, it's not a big deal. On the other hand, if they start basing long range bombers in Syria, then we'll have REAL BIG HUGE PROBLEMS. Putin and Medvedev are far too bright to be that reckless. Obama couldn't ignore this red line drawn by the Red Air Force. (Russia still retains the "Red" nickname for for identification and tradition's sake.)

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