Bloomberg said on Monday the pound had sustained its biggest fall against the dollar in 11 months

The pound has fallen dramatically against the dollar as traders around the world suffer from a dose of the Brexit jitters. After London Mayor Boris Johnson announced on Sunday he would be campaigning for Britain to leave the EU in a forthcoming referendum, Asian traders reacted fast with a selloff. Bloomberg said on Monday the pound…


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I know this is old news, but I must say it comes as no surprise to me...

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The real question is; faced with potential copy cat exits, will Europe ostracize the UK now to teach other potential ship jumpers that there will be no reward or "free trade" with traitors?

It is perfectly understandable why Britain opted to get out and retrieve their own autonomy...but do the British know what that means in the post combined ramifications to both the EU and England?

The smart course for the Union is to turn their backs on the UK, restricting trade, commerce and tourism until England is on its knees begging forhiveness..but that "stiff upper lip" is notoriously stubborn..if jobs an opportunities were in short supply IN the EU, they be scarce as hens teeth in the near future.

Britain's failure to understand their own gambit was made clear when the UK assumed all the benefits of EU membership would still be theirs but all of the burdens would fall just to member countries.

It will be interesting to see just how big a stick Brussels plans to wield and where on England's backside they plan to strike first..or maybe England just needs a time out?

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