Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is now an even more brutal dictator who, nonetheless, finds himself again in a somewhat politically less vulnerable place

Over the past few weeks, I have come across a whole host of articles, commentaries, and social media comments that have castigated - sometimes gently, at other times less so - US President Barack Obama. Broadly, those comments zoomed in on the fact that the US president has not acted in any resolute way over Syria…


earthie48 7 years 34 weeks ago

It is MIND BOGGLING to me, how 47% of Human Beings in America, can be this GULLIBLE, and STUCK ON STUPID!

For we have issues in ALL RACE'S, yet our MEDIA is trying to convince us, its only the BLACKS whose creating these issues!

But if you go on GOV.NET, you will learn that out of 6.2 MILLION CRIMES committed in America, WHITES commits MOST of these crimes, whereby only blacks commit, LESS THAN HALF of whites do! Yet all you see in the MEDIA are BLACK FACES!

Wealthy WHITE FOLKS, OWN and CONTROL our MEDIA, and why we see the OBSTRUCTION and the LIES we do!

WALL STREET being our POSTER CHILD, WHERE GRAND LARCENY IS COMMITTED, yet NONE of them have gone to jail, yet living high on the Savings they have STOLEN from everyday working stiffs, whereby, they've PAID OFF our REPUBLICAN CONTROLLED HOUSE and SENATE, to make their GRAND THIEFS ... LEGAL!

and YES, there are some DEM'S involved, but not on the scale whereby reTHUGS, sell out the American worker like they are taking a leak!

earthie48 7 years 34 weeks ago

The Negative Propaganda, Hillary supporter's are running against Bernie, sorry!


He disappointed us, by accepting Wall Street, when he did not need them.

We will PROVE in 2016, that IT IS PEOPLE, OVER MONEY!

BERNIE SANDER'S ... PRESIDENT for the NEXT 8 YEARS, to clean up America, to get us back where we should be .... ABOUT PEOPLE .... NOT THE 2%!

earthie48 7 years 34 weeks ago

The TRUE REASON, America can NOT come to Syria's aide, is because the BUSH ADMINISTRATION DID TOO MUCH DAMAGE to that region! and that they, the Bush Admin. wants to make the Middle East the 51st State, as they did in America, by killing and taking this land away from the Native Indians, as they did in Hawaii, and Alaska!

Whenever we observe upsets as in the Middle East, its an AGENDA, the super wealthy whites, wants to OWN and CONTROL, for these bastards, do NOT BELEIVE, any PERSON OF COLOR, should be in control, nor own anything of major wealth!

This is, SATAN, ALIVE and Well, ruining our planet; yet too many good people stand down, to PREVENT what is happening in American and around the world!

That Willie Lynch Agenda, INCLUDES ALL RACES, and as we observe, they have not missed a step, and/or Culture! It destroyed the Black Race, now observe the Middle East! How Cultures can be this STUCK ON STUPID breaks my heart, after observing what they did to the Black Race in America!

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