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Friedman's Brad Blog covers voting rights and election integrity issues in the USA and a number of other subjects related to media reform and political corruption from a progressive standpoint.

Brad Friedman's appearances with Thom Hartmann

7 Mar 15 The Thom Hartmann Program Is it time to give up the caucus?
28 Oct 14 The Thom Hartmann Program So how common is vote-flipping?
30 Sept 14 The Big Picture Wow! GOP Operative Threatens Brad Friedman
26 Sept 14 The Thom Hartmann Program GOP Operative Threatens Brad Blog
6 Nov 13 The Thom Hartmann Program Voting Machine Irregularities
26 Aug 13 The Thom Hartmann Program Holder gets tough on voting rights
2 Oct 13 The Big Picture EXCLUSIVE: Siegelman Brings 'The Hammer' Down
16 Jul 13 The Thom Hartmann Program What REALLY Happened in the 2012 Election!
19 Feb 13 The Big Picture Rigging elections - The GOPers are the Energizer Bunny!
28 Aug 12 The Big Picture Inside the GOP Voter Suppression Machine
1 Feb 12 The Big Picture Did the Gingrich Campaign Commit Election Fraud?
3 Jan 12 The Thom Hartmann Program Brad Friedman - Newt: "My 'voter fraud' is just a mistake

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Hello All

Today, we are closing Thom's blog in this space and moving to a new home.

Please follow us across to - this will be the only place going forward to read Thom's blog posts and articles.

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"Once again, Thom Hartmann hits the bull’s eye with a much needed exposé of the so-called ‘free market.’ Anyone concerned about the future of our nation needs to read Screwed now."
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