Yes! The manufactured crisis continues & the Republicans are hell bent this happen again during the 2012 Pres. campaign.
No! There is case to be made for freezing the debt ceiling.


Will_the_Piano_Guy's picture
Will_the_Piano_Guy 8 years 25 weeks ago

Of course it could..and it is...

mark ahern's picture
mark ahern 8 years 25 weeks ago

It's clear that the Repub aim is to block Obama in every way and convince the people that his administration is a failure. At the same time Obama seems to be answering to secret masters in making decisions that are shockingly opposite to what he told us he would try to do.

It appears he's being told how he will handle Bush's war, and is obliging whoever is telling him what to do. And at the same time, he's being blocked to a drastic degree in domestic matters. This makes me wonder if war for oil and starve the beast domestic intransigence are coordinated. If, as there is good reason to believe, explosives were used to destroy WCT 1,2, and 7---IF they did that, then they would certainly do this in conjunction.

It seems we're in a cold civil war in this country. What are Obama's options and limitations? His decisions appear to reflect deference to people in our government who can tell him what to do.

Uncle Jimbo's picture
Uncle Jimbo 8 years 25 weeks ago

This is what happens when the Democratic party in controll lets an extremely small minority like the Tea Party freshmen take the reins and dictate policy. Sadly to say I think our President, who we put so much faith in bringing about the "Change" we so desperatly needed has turned out to be the Neville Chamberlin of the movement. A capitulator in Chief. He still hasen't learned the the GOP plays dirty, and does not give a rats pituey about the people, it is only Corporate power and profits for them.

Yes its Treason what the Tea Party faction is doing.

dianhow 8 years 25 weeks ago         Speak out now & often Tell them No more caving to Bagger Congress Tell them Stuff IT USe 14 th amendment

dianhow 8 years 25 weeks ago

I blame ignorant gullible voters who gave Baggers Congress which allowed this hostage taking to occur. Voters must accept some take blame for being ill informed and not using logic or reason Just anger.

GypsyO53's picture
GypsyO53 8 years 25 weeks ago

The Congress and Senate Repubs have been blocking everthing since day one of this administration, what would be perfect is if they could get cuts in their pay/benefits for doing nothing but blocking and distrupting the process of government that puts us in this predicament. Yes this should be called treason!

2950-10K's picture
2950-10K 8 years 25 weeks ago

YES.....Guility of Treason!

Sentence......Deportation to Somalia!

jimdec9's picture
jimdec9 8 years 25 weeks ago

This Congress should be put before a firing squad......................A bunch of Self Serving , Scum sucking Parasites , is all they are. I think their pay should stop immediately. Oh and stand the Supreme Court in front of that firing squad as well...............

telliottmbamsc's picture
telliottmbamsc 8 years 25 weeks ago

If not Treason, then certainly it is an impeachable, gross voilation of the spirit and intent of the oath of office taken by these public officials.

What about the charge of anarchy or a unique type of disturbing the peace. If me and a bunch of average taxpayers were to inflict, or even make a credible threat, of inflicting the kind of damage we are talking about on the country that the Congress is what would we be charged with? That would be the same charge that the members of Congress should be charged with.

And althought there may or may not be legitimate reasons to limit the nation's debt, the matter is not being considered in isolation of other courses of action. Whether or not the debt ceiling should be raised if not simply a matter of whether or not a legitimate reason exists to leave it where it is. This option must also be comparied with the competing course of action - raising it.

The other course of action has a stronger economic argument behind it if but only for the principle of the "horn of uncertainty" - a well known quantifiable statisitcal principle. Statistics can be used to silence Economic debate - and I would like to think that is the case even in our corrupt Courts.

So, given the competing course of action, It is not rational to not raise the debt ceiling because of fears that at some unknown future date the debt service may impair the quality of life in America provided a slue of qualifiying circumstances come to fruitition...when not doing so will result in a similarly large if not larger impairment in the quality of life in America.

Becareful not to take the Republican's bait on this issue.

Will in SF's picture
Will in SF 8 years 25 weeks ago

If just 1 in 5 americans all wrote a one-time check made out to US treasury and sent it to the address where they send their Fed taxes

in 72 hours .75 trillion would be raised to pay down the intrest on the debt. Do the math. Write the check--although it is like extortion--and then let's get on with the show. People get mad because they feel helpless. This is a learned helplessness. EVERYONE ... Put you Egos and hurts aside and fix and embarass the goverment all in one fell swoop--in about 72 hours. This has gone viral. Write your check today and forward this idea--tweet it post it on your blogs.... write those checks.

thanks will in sf

PS I have challenged Congress and the President to ALL write 10.00 checks.

ilovebeingalive 8 years 24 weeks ago

The same can easily be said about President Obama and the Democrats. Both sides want political leverage and are using debt talks, as much as possible, in vein attempt, to proselytize the American people toward their side. As of this afternoon I expect the United States to lose the AAA Credit Rating and have interest rates rise. I assuredly do not agree with everything Hartman, Limbaugh, Medved and others push on their programs. One thing I love about Thom is one of the last lines in his show: "Tag, you're it. Democracy begins with you." Outside of being a political genius, he cares immensely about the country and the people in it. He can have a beer with someone he vehemently disagrees with. Very respectable.

To conclude my thoughts:

I wish "we the people", which is no longer "we the people", would retroact and immerse in "tag, you're it". I wish Washington would digress from the confluence of political posturing and red herring populism that has left our leaders catering to corporations to ensure financial support. Perhaps we, the American people, will rise up, more than we are, and take back our country.

I have no idea when.

There are my two cents.

TizLiz's picture
TizLiz 8 years 24 weeks ago

This is treasonous, they are doing nothing but playing games with peoples lives. First and foremost, their wages should be either frozen or eliminated during the time until they finally get this sorted out, make sure the military enlisted are paid first.

Second, these teabaggers have been more concerned with what is going on in a womans reproduction rights than actually govern.

Third, the teabaggers need to realize that the debt limit is mainly based on what has already been spent. Raise the limit then fight out the issue of balanced budget.

Get our politicians out of the pockets of big business, they should be penalized for any and all "bennies" that they had over to their lord and masters (I thought that fighting for our independence all those years ago took care of that problem). If need be, find a way to give some tax break to American companies who bring back the jobs to the US, penalize them for taking their jobs overseas, and kill tax loopholes that gives big business a chance to pay less taxes than the average Joe.

Lastly, get Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security out of this. These are still self sufficient enough to where it can be worked on as we go, not to pay off debts built up over other things, and if these idiotic politicians would create jobs rather than get rid of jobs (which they are doing), then these three could be built back up by the monies brought back in.

(just a thought, maybe if someone wants to opt out of these and local services, thats fine, but should they need any services, they should be obligated to pay up front for it. Imagine having the firetruck at the house but they don't put out the fire 'cause you don't have the money to pay them)

Catana L Barnes 8 years 24 weeks ago

Yes, this could definitely be considered treason. Placing the general welfare of Americans in jeopardy and failing to insure domestic tranquility by failing to raise the debt ceiling and by the kinds of budgetary cuts the Republicans/Tea Partiers are calling for, Congress is indeed committing treason.

David J. Cyr's picture
David J. Cyr 8 years 24 weeks ago


Not raising the debt ceiling can't crash the economy because it's already been crashed by criminals that Democrats considered too big to prosecute, so they rewarded them. Raising the debt ceiling would only postpone again what should have been done long ago — disposal of imperial ambitions.

It's not surprising to see America's neoliberals outraged at the prospect of America's war machine not having its debt ceiling raised.

Anyone who opposes America's serial wars of aggression being waged upon Muslim people, for the control of remnants of fossil-fuels, wouldn't want the debt ceiling raised. If liberals actually opposed the wars they say they oppose (though they vote for them) they would want America's credit card cut up and discarded.

If Americans were the Great People they see themselves to be, then they wouldn't be borrowing money to keep invading and occupying other countries. They'd be disbanding the destruction at any cost imperial military that they can't afford, and then budgeting their peace dividend enhanced tax dollars for spending only upon societally constructive policies. The most progressive nations are those that have suffered defeat, and lost their empires... and became more humane as a result.

The "Principles" of Liberal Voters

gerald's picture
gerald 8 years 24 weeks ago

We, as Americans, should not be hesitant to use the word treason for certain actions and behaviors.

John in IA's picture
John in IA 8 years 24 weeks ago

Not only are the actions of some members of Congress treasonous, but their unwillingness to act in a responsible manner with respect to raising our nation's federal debt limit is an abdication of the very oath of office that they swore to.

Progressive_1 8 years 24 weeks ago

It IS treason. Treason is what the rat party does. They care only for money and power.

Cheney is quilty of treason. Bush, Rumsfeld, Bill Krystal, Dick Army, Kock brothers, Altito, Roberts, the pubic hair judge and many more republicans but what has Eric Holder or Obama done? The population of real people would love some justice. The real people would love to see some sanity. This country has gone to shit all because of the republican party. Some party. Anyone who is not a bilionaire and votes republican has absolutely NO BRAIN. This is why the republicans are against education. They love those stupid people.

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