Oil Barons - Short-term profits for oil barons even if it costs everything our species has worked for.
Humanity - the planet is reaching a tipping point – and on the verge of irreversible change - we're getting it!


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gramma blanche 5 years 19 weeks ago

I want so much to vote in favor of humanity. I am an optimist, however, I think things will have to get much worse and it will be too late before humaity will realize the lies that have been spread. Money will be the cause of our demise.

tdarian's picture
tdarian 5 years 19 weeks ago

I've seen the steady and rapid destruction of the world's coral reefs 1st hand. I watched what happened in WI, and with Prop 29 (Big Tobacco $48MM Influence) in CA.

This goose is cooked and tactically has been since Citizens United. On MSNBC (& elsewhere) there is a steady stream of commercials about the social virtues of Exxon/Mobil and Chevron so that you can feel good about it. Don't hear much about that hypocracy, but they learned from WI and Tobacco, and that's how business is done in the United Syndicate of Affluence.

Papillon's picture
Papillon 5 years 19 weeks ago

I am turning 60 this year in September. I never thought that the human race would destroy itself for love of money, this "In God We Trust" lie (first printed upon our paper money in 1957) that remains as ash from the burned out American Dream. I never conceived that I would become this cynical in my life. Yet, while I am discouraged by our ignorance and how we have allowed ourselves to accept the lie as the truth, to be completely distracted by the ruse, to care only about ourselves, I am still an optimist. Not for our human race, but for the salvation of the cosmos. Our grand experiment is nearing the final chapters. What we write as our history is a sham. In 1968 when I was 15, one helluva year, I wrote, "Put being human back into Human Being." I looked around my life then, on Viet Nam, on American Politics, on World Affairs and I look around today on Afghanistan, Iraq, 9/11 and Syria and I see we have not improved one iota. In fact, we have fallen so far from our potential for love that it is becoming difficult to continue actively participating in citizenship. I am sad to agree with you, gramma blanche, in your assessment of our humanity. Without some complete rise in collective consciousness, our time is past. Everything is temporary, but all of it can be so much better than it is. When I take my final breath, I still hold optimism that we can make it better than we have allowed it to become, by simply waking up to the facts and the truth, not fall in front of this design for destruction.

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telliottmbamsc 5 years 19 weeks ago
telliottmbamsc's picture
telliottmbamsc 5 years 19 weeks ago

Loggers of Hideous Obama puppet and Hillary’s Environmental Horror Dilma Rousseff puts Brazilian Amazon indigenous people at risk of extinction along with everything else.

All for Obama’s oligarchs and their 1% owners and executives.

I have nothing but abject Disgust for the duplicity Obama achieves in his foreign dealings…for instance his actions toward Greece!


humanitys team's picture
humanitys team 5 years 19 weeks ago

Papillon i concur my friend but please read the storm before the calm the new book by Neale Donald Walsch ,there is hope for humanity its time to create a new cultural story for humanity ,because the old one can never work and is based on fallacy -the book explains all of this .

We will never give up hope it,s time for repair not despair,the overhaul of humanity has begun !!!


Britt James Fellner's picture
Britt James Fellner 5 years 19 weeks ago

I have been on this planet living and breathing for 49 years. It's hard to believe that in less than the span of my lifetime that this country has gone from a world leader to a has been politically. We used to be a standard bearer for being fair, doing the right thing and being an empathetic people. Today, we resemble little of the country we were 50 years ago. There is an ever greater degree of pessimism about our future prospects--that all the breaks are going to the absurdly wealthy. The power and influence of money has corrupted the edifice of what I used to believe was nearly impossible to corrupt and that was the American Dream. More and more people are disenfranchised by the evils of money that has gone now into the auctioning our governing leaders. People that have absolutely no idea what it is to serve other people....rather they want expect to be served. These are some of the selfish "leaders" we have had to endure for years and years: G.W.Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Limbaugh, Hannity, Gingrich, Canter, Boehner, Walker, Scott, Heukstra, Corker, Sessions, McConnell, ALL are big on mouth and hot air, big on hypocracy but do not know what it is to do for the good for the country like pass a jobs bill, or an infrastructure bill so people can go to work again. Or support unemployment at least, or food stamps. Or actually think. But no, these self serving bastards are smug on betting against America when it needs help. They don't see their neighbors as Americans, instead they see us only as consumers or the next sale and how can I get the rest of their money. There is the Green Party... this green party is the one that wants your green money, and how can they get more. Let's add in the "green partys" real constituents, the corporations like JP Morgan, BP, Exxon/Mobil, Goldman Saks and Health Insurance companies too... There ought to be a law against that, but go tell that to the idiots on the Supreme Court... I hope they collectivley choke on the pollution they allowed with this idiotic Citizens United.

When I listen to Thom and Senator Bernie Sanders on Fridays, I am glad there is ONE voice talking about this utter disregard for good of the country... Somebody needs to hold these "peoples" feet to the fire. This has been a really difficult week to digest with the Wisconsin results. But I don't blame the people... I blame the system .... the broken down, corrupted system that doesn't have an ounce of fairness in it. Of one political party that has gone over the cliff of sanity and is threatening to take the rest of the country with it. And when is the Democratic party going to get some kind of proverbial testosterone and actually start playing hardball with the crazies on the right? I am so sick of the spineless Dem's on the weekend shows... It is really difficult to watch sometimes...

I know that I have the power to do something. Even though it looks impossible, it is possible to make pathway. Somewhere along the various shows I listened to this week, came some valuable insight. Be a part of a movement, do not look for a leader. A movement is where future leaders will come from. So I am here to define where my future leader is coming from. I am a liberal, I am a progressive and I believe in the causes of the Progressive Movement. I believe in a single payer healthcare system, womens equality issues, I am prochoice, I am for same sex equality, of earning a living wage, and I also beleive that EVERYONE has to take ownership of the national debt... if corporations are people then they get the same degree of responsibility in paything the National Debt. I believe we do need more protection in our own manufacturing industries and pass bills that protect American jobs. And lets be sensible about consumer advocacy. I want clean water, clean air and the right to assemble or form a union (collective bargaining).

I am not a politician... but I approve all those ideas... And after this week in particular, I want something even bigger. I want CLEAN ELECTIONS and true representation of leaders. PUBLIC FINANCING of elections. And make the campaign for elections only six months, no commericals or ads until six months before the election.. that's it!

am4dems12's picture
am4dems12 5 years 19 weeks ago

way to go , iI am someone whome is not so educated but can still see the truth and warnings facing us in these political crisis and times. we all need to do something (no matter how insignificant it may seem ) to counter the stupidity that effects the concervative party and its leaders, (the corporate World ). My 60s attitude and change the world thoughts can only do good to help us all get a grip on this situation.

brett.iso's picture
brett.iso 5 years 18 weeks ago

Well if my family is a gauge of popular opinions by any measurable sum, and I fear it is. We are all doomed. You see, whenever these topics come up at family get togethers, I always get to hear the same old crusty response; "Well, there's nothing we can do about it." It bugs the living shit out of me when they say it too, and to every social ill that seems to be their final answer. It's like being on some sort of hellbound game of "Jeopardy," one where all the contestants are incorrigible fatalists. And they are not the only ones that come off with that very same rebuttal either. I get it from lot's of friends and strangers too. Also I so very often get this rebuttal in the utmost intensity from either those that have been exposed, or whom are currently engaged in practicing Christianity.

But the worse part is when my family makes me out to be some sort of trouble maker for even questioning the current powers that be. Either that, or they call me a crackpot for even thinking such things, it's infuriating! In example, I told my mother about an email I recieved in reply from the CEO of Kroger. He had read my email regarding animal cruelty on a pig farm, and he was "suspending purchases from that supplier pending an investigation." I was in fact so proud of taking action and getting apparent results that I told by mother about it. My mother's sole reaction was, "Now I'll know who to blame when the price of meat goes up." I was also recently told that "I read too much on the internet" by my mother. This was in regards to the radioactive tuna in the Pacific of which I was trying to warn her about. She makes lots of tuna casseroles you know, just thought she should know what she might be eating, and I guess she doesn't care about it.

So, there we have it! And I know way too many people besides just my mother that either stick their heads in the sand like an ostrich with a severe anxiety disorder, outright claim to be powerless to facilitate change, or just plain dismiss me as a crackpot. It almost has begun to make me lose hope for the future myself, but I'll keep on fighting none the less. Because after all, it at least pisses off my mother which is priceless.

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