YES! It explains why Rove didn't want Romney to concede.
NO! If it’s true they should release evidence to prove it.


HalFonts's picture
HalFonts 9 years 32 weeks ago

I just watched some of the 18-min Fox "Rove Meltdown" video (as much as I could stomach). WTF??? What a phony bunch of self-appointed blowhards. TV News Statisticians have NO AUTHORITY WHATSOEVER to call any election. Who the hell cares what they think, calling Ohio at 77% Returns.

I've also spent a week observing our paper-ballot vote-by-mail ballot processing -- an extremely contientious careful process. The last (legal) ballot from some Soldier, Peace Corps Volunteer or Contractor overseas can still arrive and WILL be properly counted on Nov 26th. Our "County Final Certification" isn't until the 27th of Nov.

Our State Certification isn't until Dec 6th, Electoral College isn't until Dec 17th, and Congress doesn't certify the Presidential results until Jan 6th. So it doesn't make a damn bit of difference what FOX NEWS says -- IT AIN'T OVER, TIL IT'S OVER.

Turn off yer TV, and read the damn law.

LeMoyne's picture
LeMoyne 9 years 32 weeks ago

The series of Anonymous statements read on the show make it sound like they not only took ORCA down, they told Rove and the whole world how they did it. If the vote stealing operations relied on the same secure channels - that all went to Oz - then perhaps it's two birds with one stone and the Ohio flip also failed. Obama and Sherrod Brown both win. :-D

Perhaps the flip went through, but because ORCA was down they were flying blind. So, when the right-wingers say they were 'surprised at the size of the urban vote' - they were genuinely surprised when the flip went through and it wasn't big enough. Perhaps, Obama and Brown won by more and the 'urban vote' remark wasn't a racist statement, it was a true assessment of the error that cost the Rs the win in more than one state.

The influence of a large turnout in communities of color and an echo chamber effect where the Republicans are lost in their own world of privilege and surrounded by their own propaganda explains alot. As a rule, Republicans are given to an excess of self-assurance.

The story that Anonymous are the most patriotic of all white-hat hackers does have the right kind of delicious irony. I definitely agree with Thom that some proof that this charming story accurately reflects reality would be very nice. However, any proof is likely to be entirely electronic and not physically tied to Rove's election manipulation machine.

PS a real key to not flipping Cleveland is a Democratic County Clerk in Cuyahoga County - that way the votes get counted and the count is defended.

2950-10K's picture
2950-10K 9 years 32 weeks ago

Without a doubt I think Anonymous was successful in it's installation of the patriotic firewall. The question I have is, if the Rove/ Romney election theft was a done deal in their own minds, then why spend all of the millions at the last minute, on mass media lie dissemination? Or did some of this Koch/Adelson/DeVos and other oligarchs money, instead of being spent the way these handful of billionaires intended, end up in a couple of offshore bank accounts? It sucks to be Karl Rove right now!

dianhow 9 years 32 weeks ago

Rove is a very powerful wealthy man He is a fixture on Fox . .Rove is greedy, corrupt & has NO honor. However I did not see a Meltdown when I watched Rove on you tube.

dianhow 9 years 32 weeks ago

Question is Why does anyone watch or trust Fox ? Their only fans are folks who hate Obama and want him gone. GOP ' leaders' made that clear from day one by vowing to make Obama fail- lose a second term . Tha alone turned me against this T Bagger led GOP congress.

victory-not-vengence's picture
victory-not-vengence 9 years 32 weeks ago

...why couldn't they twist Gary Johnson to win haha

brwood's picture
brwood 9 years 32 weeks ago

Just because you are paranoid doesn't mean everyone isn't out to get you... So you don't have to be a conspiracy theorist for there to be a conspiracy

liddell's picture
liddell 9 years 31 weeks ago

i sure hope so! like many people, i have often thought that our only effective resistance to galloping corporate Fascism will be in cyberspace. because so much of the oligarchy's business depends on computers, but mostly because of the web's anonymity. torture accomplishes little in terms of getting information. its real purpose is chilling dissent. a lot of us baby boomers might be willing to give their lives to sabotage the war machine, but torture is way scarier than death. That's why anonymity and "Anonymous" are sooooo important. plus i think we have better brains on our side!

jocentaur's picture
jocentaur 9 years 31 weeks ago

I agree that ANONYMOUS probably did create the firewall that blocked ORCA from changing the votes. It's very sad that it takes a hacker organization to thwart the theft of our elections. ANONYMOUS was the "Superman" that came to the aid of our republic.

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