YES! Walmart should provide workers with a living wage.
YES! And every day after until workers get treated fairly.


jazzyjoy's picture
jazzyjoy 9 years 31 weeks ago

Never shop there, ever.

jcacourt 9 years 31 weeks ago

I try NEVER to shop at Walmart. It's a rip off store to consumers and its workers.

arky12's picture
arky12 9 years 31 weeks ago

I worked at Walmart for awile and saw benefits erode during my 5 years and they contine to slide downhill while corporate profits keep increasing. Unfortunately, no one in the stores near me will walk out because they all fear losing their jobs. I would shop elsewhere, but I'm out in the boonies and not much else around me. I do shope at othere store whenever possible.

washnwmn's picture
washnwmn 9 years 31 weeks ago

I've been boycotting Walmart for some time, since I first heard of the strikes. I don't know if it's a national chain, but I now shop for groceries at least, at Winco which are employee owned stores in this area and I would encourage others to shop at these type of establishments and/or Union stores. We need a national boycott list ...any web nerds out there ....go for it! Also boycotting as many GMO food backers and foods as possible. There are lists around.

On a different note: Agenda 21 - lets call it what it is: the Chicken Little syndrome!

victory-not-vengence's picture
victory-not-vengence 9 years 31 weeks ago

Lol, Target has better prices anyways

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