YES! He should have been protected as a whistleblower.
NO! He exposed secret information, and deserves what he got.


dianhow 8 years 4 weeks ago

Greedy well connected Jesse Jackson JR and his high living wife steal 750 K . Judge gives them a slap on wrist Our laws -system of ' justice' is seriously flawed . aka a JOKE

Sharon on 2nd Thought's picture
Sharon on 2nd T... 8 years 4 weeks ago


So the military judge sentenced Pvt Bradley Manning to 35 years in the brig. I heard news reporters claiming that is a 'fair' sentence.

Compared to what?:

- Lt William Calley (My Lai Massacre)

- Gen Colin Powell (My Lai Massacre over-up; Iraq invasion liar)

- Karl Rove (retaliation against Valerie Plame)

- Irving 'Scooter' Libby (retaliation against Valerie Plame)

- Adm John Poindexter (Iran-Contra)

- Lt Ollie North (Iran-Contra)

In what world of reality is Manning's imprisonment 'fair'??? Not to mention three years of un-Constitutional torture. Bush and Obama should be making efforts to restore Mannig and his dignity.

There are no signs that the helicopter killers whom Manning exposed will ever be tried, convicted, and sentenced for their murders. 'Fair'???

Manning, you are America's hero exposing war crimes.


sheilach2's picture
sheilach2 8 years 4 weeks ago

Snoden was smart to flee this "land of the free" after seeing how Manning was treated for exposing some of our war crimes. The police state is getting worse each day, people who dare to expose the crimes of this government had better flee before sending the dirty evidence to the press. There is no freedom of the press here, no freedom of speach or the right to privacy or to be secure in our persons, papers, homes or effects, we no longer have any rights not even the right to remain silent unless we carefully say we reserve the right to remain silent.

Isn't it time for another revolution to get rid of the mess in washington DC, split up the United states into smaller countries that have some chance of being under the control of we the people instead of the rich and powerful?This country is now too large to be fairly controlled by a few corporate puppets in Washington DC.

"voting" has become worthless as the voting machines are controlled and hacked by the corporations that own them, the way to clean up this mess will not be through the polls but through the gun, man traps, snares, poison etc.

washnwmn's picture
washnwmn 8 years 4 weeks ago

Considering the military was unable to cover it up, and the number 1 government agency for cover-up for as long as I can remember, has been the military, and the fact that there was a lot of media coverage, he probably got off a lot lighter than he might have. Still, it's a sad state of affairs that the mainstream media can no longer be trusted to report real news or do real investigative journalism, and that freedom of the truth telling press gets minimized, censored or squashed, to the point that whistleblowers are the only means of confirming the real issues.

csobek's picture
csobek 8 years 3 weeks ago

Where is the presidential pardon that was given to Scooter Libby for leaking a CIA opertive

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