YES! They’re organizing & bringing attention to low-wage workers.
NO! Without a union they won’t accomplish anything.


washnwmn's picture
washnwmn 8 years 2 weeks ago

If they get anything from their efforts it would likely be a rise in minimum wage. Unions may be a stretch these days.

Dane's picture
Dane 8 years 2 weeks ago

I hope they are successful, and form a union as well, I admire them for standing up, something many americans forgot to do the last 35 years.

arky12's picture
arky12 8 years 2 weeks ago

Scott Pelly on CBS News tonight did a piece of the iron workers that worked on the new bridge in San Francisco. A 72 year old man went up on the bridge during construction and took photos. The bridge took 15 years to build and is earthquake proof and designed to last 150 years. It was appropriate that labor be shown in this light during Labor Day. Pretty awesome pix's. The retired labor worker said that people just took for granted these beautiful construction pieces and never give a thought to those who build them.

markincorsicana 8 years 2 weeks ago

Good luck to them. Even if we are only individual grains of sand on sandpaper, we can provide enough friction to slow the slide of this country toward total corporatism.


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